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Happy Birthday, Mila Kunis! Celebrate Her 29th With Her 29 Hottest Looks

Mila Kunis
It’s no secret that birthday girl Mila Kunis is one of Hollywood’s hottest celebs. As evidenced by her July Interview spread, the 29-year-old seems to be getting even more gorgeous with each passing year. We’ve previously discussed how her perfectly shaped and bold eyebrows may totally be putting Mila on a whole new level of beauty, but this girl seems to be pretty much working everything she’s got. She is striking in an unconventional way that makes us ever so intrigued about what’s going on behind her large, dark eyes. She is mysterious while simultaneously being the girl-next-door … well, if you live near extremely attractive people.

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OK, so clearly we have a girl crush on Mila but please tell us how it is possible not to. Not only is she one stunning lady but she radiates a refreshing confidence that is hard not to admire. Starring in successful movies like Ted, Black Swan, Friends With Benefits and The Book of Eli, Mila has demonstrated a unique amount of depth in her acting, talent that may just be the cause for her unflinching self-assurance. Not only can she completely transform into a manipulative ballerina in Black Swan but she also has a knack for comedy, apparent from her long-term involvement in shows like That ’70s Show and Family Guy.

While we might still have mixed feelings regarding Kunis’ recent romance with Ashton Kutcher, we definitely are not confused about how we feel about Mila. This girl is a winner. So without further ado, take a look at 29 of her hottest looks to celebrate the day this wonderous woman was born.

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Ryan Lochte, Here Are Some Reality-TV Ideas To Give You The Edge Over Michael Phelps’ Golf Gig

Uh-oh, it looks like Michael Phelps beat Ryan Lochte at something else this week. While Lochte is reportedly fielding offers for a reality TV show as he makes his move to Los Angeles, his retired pal Phelps is already set to begin filming his episodes of Golf Channel’s The Haney Project, in which he’ll get tips on improving his game from Tiger Woods’ former coach Hank Haney.

Don’t worry, Ryan. We can give you an extra edge in this (made up) race. We know you’re considering Dancing With the Stars, which has made ballroom dancers out of many an Olympian before, but how about some less predictable choices? Here are our own outlandish ideas:

1. Lochte is a huge Lil’ Wayne fan and tried to wear a diamond American-flag grill on the podium while receiving a gold medal. This makes us hope MTV will up and revive Celebrity Rap Superstar just for him (and maybe Tom Hardy). We’re sure his tooth jewels will make up for any talent shortages he has as a rapper, and we have no doubt it would be wildly entertaining to watch this legend try to drop some beats. We wonder how many times he would throw “Jeah!” into his raps.
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BMX Racer Alise Post Makes Us Happy The Olympics Are Dipping Into X Games Territory

Alise Post
Let’s not lie, the Disney Channel’s original movie Motorcrossed made us want to defy gender stereotypes, cut our hair, and become bad-ass BMX racers. Thankfully, U.S. Olympian Alise Post from St. Cloud, Minnesota, has brought our dreams to fruition, while even managing to keep her long locks and girly fashion (bonus points!) At 5’2″ and 128 pounds, this fierce 21-year-old has a body of a gymnast, and while gymnastics is yet another area she excels in, don’t let her petite frame fool you. After finishing with the eighth best time of 39.890 in her Olympic BMX seeding run on Wednesday, Alise continues to prove that she is a staunch competitor and that this sport is not exclusive to boys. We hope she flies around the race track today during the women’s cycling BMX finals. And while you watch her tear it up, be sure to check out the reasons why we love Alise Post.

Alise Post has so much swag that she has earned the nickname, “The Beast”
Alise is way more accomplished than most her age, and she has a winning streak, including being the youngest to win the pro championship, to show just how unstoppable she is. She’s also has been called the most successful modern-day female BMX racer. Casual.

She doesn’t let her involvement in a male dominated sport affect her girl time
According to ESPN, Post manages to be a typical young woman, obsessed with Gossip Girl and shopping.
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Bobbi Kristina Brown Gets A Tattoo To Celebrate Mom Whitney Houston’s 49th Birthday

Bobbi Kristina Brown has taken to ink and needle to honor her mother’s on what would’ve been Whitney Houston’s 49th birthday today. Late on Wednesday, the budding singer/actress had the initials WH and four doves tattooed on her wrist in a body art parlor in Atlanta. Houston’s 19-year-old daughter commemorated her mom’s b-day alongside her 22-year-old boyfriend/adopted brother Nick Gordon (yes, that’s still happening). Nick likewise showed his love for the legendary singer by also tattooing a matching design. The pair told the Twitterverse about their tattoo plans and shared a picture of their finished products. Bobbi Kristina tweeted: “On the way with MYbooboo @nickdgordon :)heading2 #Inksomnia for our TATTSSS !this is for you mommy (: we love you, happybirthday OurladyXxo.” She followed up with a tweet today, writing: “Tat tat tatted YURP.. ;) now your truly ALWAYS with us mommy (: we love you @nickdgordon always&forever.”

Meanwhile, another late megastar’s famous daughter has also taken to Twitter to discuss impending plans of getting a tattoo in honor of her late father. On Tuesday, Paris Jackson tweeted: “i kinda want to get August XXIX tatted on my back..” August XXIX stands for her father Michael Jackson’s birthday (August 29) and would serve as a permanent reminder of the king of pop.

Getting a tattoos is sometimes a risky thing, but in these cases, we are completely onboard. We are sure Whitney is looking down and smiling at her daughter today. R.I.P., Whitney Houston, and happy birthday!

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Possible Dawson’s Creek Reunion On Apartment 23 Inspires This Latest Nostalgia Check-In

Dawson's Creek stars then and now
If you are a true Dawson’s Creek fan, you may have been walking around lately with a huge grin on your face because … drumroll … Dawson’s Creek is having a reunion! Sort of! shared the exciting, pee-in-your-pants-worthy news that Busy Philipps will guest-star on Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23‘s second-season premiere. Busy, who played Joey’s roommate and Pacey’s love interest Audrey Liddell on Dawson’s, will play herself alongside her former castmate, James Van Der Beek, who also plays himself on the show. In the season premiere, James will attempt to reunite his Dawson’s co-stars, who, according to Apartment 23‘s creator Nahnatchka Khan, could (hopefully) include Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson and our homegirl, Katie Holmes.

The potential get together of such definitive ’90s TV characters seems quite overdue for those of us who’ve cried, screamed, laughed and awwwed throughout Dawson’s Creek‘s six seasons. But let’s not complain, guys: We gotta take what we can get. This series’ cast certainly impacted us from crushes to heartbreak to the constant love triangle of Joey Potter, Dawson Leery and Pacey Witter, and we cannot wait to see how the actors might interact on Apartment 23. They may be playing themselves rather than their high school alter-egos in this new TV series but we are thrilled to see just how strong those Dawson’s bonds truly are, and if any lingering chemistry between these stars remains.  

In our anticipation of this reunion special, we are taking a look at the actors of Dawson’s Creek, where they were then and where they are now.

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Michael Phelps’ Childhood Photos Win All Of The Medals

Michael Phelps

It’s been a pretty epic week for Team USA’s Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. His 19th Olympic medal win makes his record-breaking career incredibly inspiring to those of us whose swimming skills consist of doing the doggy paddle and clinging onto a noodle. While Michael’s swimming abilities have been making us all extremely proud ever since the day he stepped foot in Sydney, Australia’s Olympic pool in 2000 at age 15, his good looks have made us all simultaneously fantasize about, um, taking swimming lessons with him (let’s not get too ahead of ourselves). Since a girl can only dream, we have decided to get to know Michael a little better by taking a journey down his adorable childhood photos that his mother Debbie so kindly put together as part of his page in Towson High School’s 2003 yearbook. If we are going to go on a date with Phelps, we should know more about him than his swimming achievements, right?

Join in on the celebration of Michael Phelps’ Olympic victories by getting acquainted with Michael on a more intimate level. Check out just how adorable he was as a little kid and swimmer-in-training. Caution: You may become even more obsessed with the man, the legend Michael Phelps.

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Taylor Swift Gets Ethel Kennedy’s Seal Of Approval

Conor Kennedy Taylor Swift
As we previously reported/celebrated, 22-year-old Taylor Swift has been inching her way into political royalty with her new possible flame, 18-year-old Conor Kennedy.  This is one cougar tale we are definitely rooting for, and it looks like family matriach Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, is in agreement. While promoting daughter Rory Kennedy‘s new HBO documentary Ethel, which happens to be about her, Ethel Kennedy showed her approval of T-Swift, according to RadarOnline. She denied rumors of playing matchmaker between her grandson, Conor, and Taylor but said that the Kennedys would be “so lucky” to have the country pop star in the family. Though Rory Kennedy wouldn’t speak to the romantic relationship unfolding between the young lovebirds, she bolstered the Kennedys’ endorsement of Taytay, commenting that Swift is a “great friend of all of ours.”

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Meet Archer Brady Ellison: Does Today’s Olympian To Watch Have Anything In Common With Katniss?

Brady Ellison
Up until this point, we’ve been super mainstream with our Olympians to Watch features, going on and on about the gymnasts and swimmers who dominate prime time. Today, we thought we’d take a minute for some old-school Olympics, though, and rally behind the world’s #1 archer, Team USA’s Brady Ellison. He’s here to remind you that this sport is not only played by Robin Hood, Legolas and Katniss. While he might not be honing his bow and arrow skills to survive The Hunger Games, Brady is shooting for gold today in the individual round of 64. As we “let the games begin,” we hope Ellison continues to rake in medals after his silver win in Saturday’s team competition.

Who is Brady Ellison, anyway? Since he’s not plastered all over every magazine cover in America, we’ll give you a little introduction with these fun facts about the 23-year-old from Glendale, Arizona:

1. He has his own wave

Yes, Ellison has become such a big deal in the archery world that he has his own signature wave that he does at competitions and crowds wave in return. Cultish? Miss America-esque? He assures us that he is keeping it manly with the “Brady wave,” saying, “It’s not a side-to-side wave or a pageant wave or nothing like that.”

2. His tattoo makes him an Olympian for life
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The U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team Wins The Gold Medal — In London And On Twitter

U.S. Women's Gymnastics team wins gold
The U.S. women’s gymnastics team has made us pretty damn proud to be Americans today. Sorry, the entire Internet spoiled what won’t air on TV until tonight, but spoiled it with amazing news! You can now officially jump for joy because the Fab Five have just won the gold medal in the gymnastics team final! This triumph marks the first time that the U.S. gymnasts will take home the team gold since the “Magnificent Seven” won in Atlanta’s 1996 Olympics. With impressive floor performances given by Jordyn Wieber, Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman, the team beat out both Russia and Romania with an overall score of 183.596. (Woo!!!)

To celebrate the team’s gold medal and give ourselves a little background on what winners look (and act) like, we have put together some of the best Olympic photos and tweets from these fabulous girls. Take a look and get ready to be stunned. Seriously, some of the positions they get themselves in are pretty unbelievable and make us realize just how uncoordinated and inflexible we are. If their moves aren’t enough to make you fall in love with them, these gymnasts’ fun, charming sides surely will.

Way to go, Fab Five! GO TEAM USA!

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Aly Raisman Is Today’s Olympian To Watch … On Twitter And On Tonight’s Gymnastics Team Finals

Aly Raisman
During the Olympics Women’s Gymnastics qualifying round on Sunday night, we were highly amused by Aly Raisman’s enthusiastic parents, but we now turn our attention to the promising gymnast herself in preparation for tonight’s team finals. Aly Raisman of Needham, Massachusetts, stands out as the team captain and eldest member, at 18 years old, of the “Fabulous Five.” Her leadership helped place them at the top of the team rankings for the qualification round, with higher scores than their tough competitors, Russia, China and Romania. Aly’s rock-solid, dazzling performance also allowed her to qualify for individual event finals in uneven bars and floor exercise, along with the opportunity to compete in the all-around finals. While everyone is still reeling from the shock of her knocking reigning world champion Jordyn Wieber out of the all-around competition, we’re going to take a moment to tell you all reasons we love Aly. The girl’s earned some appreciation, don’t you agree?

1. She’s got her teammates’ backs!

She shows her love for the U.S. men’s gymnastics team, tweeting: “I’m so proud of the guys. They represented our country so well. Can’t wait to give them all a huge hug. They have so much to be proud of.”

2. She is photo-happy.

Aly is always smiling in pics and even indulges Ryan Seacrest‘s gymnastic ambitions by happily showing off her splits.

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