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Abby Wambach, Hope Solo Warn World Not To Mess With Women’s Soccer

Abby Wambach
After the U.S. women’s soccer team beat Colombia 3-0 on Saturday, Team USA is one step closer to the victory many expect of them since their near miss at the World Cup last year. Competition is definitely heating up at the Summer Olympics as this soccer match took some serious toughness and sportsmanship to win. U.S. star Abby Wambach was sucker-punched in the face by her Colombian opponent Lady Andrade. Showing the aftermath of this violent incident, Wambach tweeted a pic of her swollen, black eye with the caption, “Thanks for all the well wishes. Eye is healing fine. #reversesmokeyeye #notcool.”

We have all been pretty impressed with how Wambach has handled this dirty play. After being punched, she lay on the ground wincing in pain with a surprised face that said, “What the…?” But instead of retaliating, Wambach continued to play and not respond to Andrade’s alleged taunting. She channeled her anger and frustration into unstoppable motivation to beat the Colombian team. In the second half, Wambach scored a goal, breaking the U.S. women’s soccer record for scoring at the Olympics with a tally of six. Way to go, Abby!
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We Celebrate Sandra Bullock’s 48th Birthday By Remembering Some Of Her Most Winning Moments

Sandra Bullock turns 48Age seems to suit Sandra Bullock quit well. As she celebrates her 48th birthday today, her life appears as exciting and happy as ever. Not only does she have an impressive acting career, but her body is hotter than most 20-year-old’s. (Seriously, check out her flat tummy and sculpted arms). Most important, she rings in her 48th b-day in the good company of her adorable son, Louis, whom she adopted in January 2010. We gotta say, things have been really shaping up for Sandra Bullock.

As one of the richest female celebrities in the world, Sandra has left quite a mark. She first grabbed our attention with notable roles in Speed and While You Were Sleeping. Taking home the 2010 Academy Award for Best Actress, for her entertaining and poignant acting job playing Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side, Bullock continually proves that she is here to stay. While her ambition and funny girl attitude has evidently earned her respect and praise in the film industry, Sandra’s career hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies. Rather, she did warm up her Oscar speech with an acceptance of a worst-actress Razzie for her part in the Rom-Com disaster All About Steve.  Her involvement in movies like The Lake House, Premonition, and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous also did not receive the best criticism. (Let’s be honest: We were totally into her makeover in Miss Congeniality, but it was oh so unnecessary to create a sequel). Her personal life has similarly encountered a few bumps. Bullock’s marriage to motorcycle builder gone reality-TV star Jesse James certainly did not end as a fairytale romance. After being cheated on and dealing with a messy divorce, Bullock hit a depressing low, saying, “I was perfectly content to be permanently broken.” Thankfully, Sandra has gotten back on the horse, and we are pretty sure she is in a more “awesome” place than Jesse James.

In celebration of her 48th birthday, we have put together a selection of some of Sandy’s most winning moments over the years.  Let’s not forget that long before Louis became the main man of her life, Sandra was linked to hotties like Ryan Gosling, Tate Donovan and Matthew McConaughey. Get it, girl! Take a look at her most amusing and striking images. We hope that as Sandra gets older, she continues to keep it just as real. 

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Jennifer Hudson Family Murder Trial Ends In Life Sentence For William Balfour

In the wake of murders in Colorado last week, we have all been a bit on edge and in desperate need of some justice. So, we welcome today’s news about the sentencing for the man who murdered Jennifer Hudson‘s mother, Darnell Donerson, brother Jason Hudson, and 7-year-old nephew Julian King in 2008. Finally, after an overwhelming amount of pain and loss for JHud’s family, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

William Balfour has been sentenced to serve three consecutive life sentences in prison. While Balfour is probably not to keen on his future behind bars, his sentence gives us all some peace of mind. Balfour’s sentence follows his May 11 conviction on three accounts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Jennifer’s beloved family members, along with home invasion, residential burglary, aggravated kidnapping and possession of a stolen vehicle. While such allegations against Balfour have certainly gained him the least popular vote in media, and have evidently not earned him much sympathy in the courtroom, Balfour has continued to proclaim his innocence. After the prosecution cited “overwhelming circumstantial evidence,” including death threats against his estranged wife and Jennifer’s sister, Julia Hudson, this guy still would not let up. He even blamed Jennifer Hudson’s fame for his guilty verdict, to no avail. According to TMZ, during his sentencing hearing, the judge told Balfour, “Your soul is as barren as dark space.”

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Happy Birthday, Anna Paquin! Check Out Her 30 Hottest (And Most Un-Sookie) Looks

Anna Paquin
Calling all True Blood fans: Today is our girl Anna Paquin‘s 30th birthday! She may not get to celebrate today as her vampire alter-ego, Sookie Stackhouse, but at least she’ll have hot hubby and co-star Stephen Moyer by her side. With twins on the way, we are sure that this glowing mom-to-be is in for a magical day sans booze, of course. We hope Moyer bought his pregnant wife a yummy cake!

In celebration of Anna turning the big 3-0, we’re taking a look back at her evolution through the years. Let’s not forget that long before she joined the vampire universe, the New Zealand native was stealing our hearts at the young age of 11 when she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her work in 1993’s The Piano. She has continued to lead an impressive career with franchises like X-Men under her acting belt and never ceases to amaze us with how many different hairdos she can rock. Check out how many looks this leading lady has experimented with and tell us which is your fave!

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Jessica Simpson, Lily Aldridge And 15 Other Celebrity Mamas Taking Over Twitter With Adorable Baby Pics

Josie Maran's, Hilary Duff's and Tori Spelling's babies

Celebrities have never been shy about showing off their bodies, vacations or friends on Twitter, and sometimes they really go over the line. But there’s one thing they can never share enough of, if you ask us: babies pictures! Earlier this week, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Lily Aldridge gave us the first glimpse of her nearly 1-month-old daughter with husband and Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill, Dixie Pearl. Dixie’s Twitter debut features her tiny feet in pink, bunny rabbit footie pajamas. Can we get a resounding awwww? There is no mistaking that this pic is precious, but it does come as a bit of a tease. When do we get to see this little munchkin’s face?

Following in the footsteps of Lily and other celebs who have chosen to announce the birth of their children via Twitter, Curly Sue star Alisan Porter didn’t waste any time tweeting a pic of her baby boy, Mason, born only yesterday. Other stars like Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson and Alessandra Ambrosio have also recently introduced their bundles of joy on Twitter. These adorable twitpics confirm that celebrities’ children are truly genetically blessed and living the G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S life. We look forward to the possibility of a future modeling or acting career for these youngsters, but for now, we are just happy to get to see their lovable looks. Take a look at some of the cutest celebrity baby Twitpics. They are bound to melt your heart!

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Coco’s Latest Twitter Pic Is Anything Butt Shy

If anyone questioned Coco’s position on nudity, please look no further than the above photo she posted last week. It’s sure to shock even those that understand that “appropriateness” has an entirely different definition for the model/reality-TV star.

“Haha, I have fun taking Thong Thursday pics…That was taken after boxing class,” Coco tweeted on @cocosworld. We have definitely seen our share of provocative photos from Coco, but this latest image is, well, extra unfiltered. On one hand, we gotta hand it to you, Coco: We applaud you for your obvious self-assurance in your body image and give it up to you for your dedication to boxing class…your perky, firm butt definitely confirms your workouts have been paying off. (No cellulite here!) On the other hand, maybe this pic falls more under the category of a photo you text to Ice-T? But whatever is working for you, Hunny. Check out the whole NSFW shebang after the jump, and tell us if you think she should hold back or keep those Thong Thursdays coming.

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Charlie Sheen Quits Twitter: Look Back At His Top 15 Most Memorable Tweets

Well, folks, it appears we may be hearing the last of Charlie Sheen…at least, in our Twitter lives. Earlier today, the actor went out with a bang, tweeting, “reach for the stars everyone. dogspeed cadre. c out” with an airplane pic (see above). Oh, Charlie (or should we call you c?), you have always had a way with words. His tweets have undoubtedly added a unique spunk to the Twitter community and have given us a constant stream of entertainment.

Whether he is tweeting supportive shout-outs to friends and followers, filling us in on his varied plans, or just making up absurd comments, his tweets never disappoint. His decision to quit Twitter also comes at a sensitive time for us, as we had to recently deal with the pain of losing Alec Baldwin’s colorful commentary. Though it remains unclear if Charlie’s departure will be permanent, we hope he will reconsider his decision to leave and decide to get back on the Twitter wagon. Really, we are not looking forward to such inaccessibility from this legend’s most inner thoughts. And, who else will come up with hashtags like #winning?? To help ease the despair you might be feeling upon hearing this nightmare, we have put together some of his most memorable tweets:

@charliesheen: “Might be time for an “I’ll do anything party…” Vegas Anyone?”

@charliesheen: “thinking about joining the Navy today…. debate me!!”

@charliesheen: “I’ll bring the epic. you supply the awe. c”

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Who Would Win The Relationship: Selena Gomez Or Justin Bieber?

Everyone is talking about the possible break-up of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. One week ago, TMZ reported that, after one and a half years together, these young lovebirds were on shaky ground. The story goes that this duo is currently still on but have been breaking up and getting back together faster than we can change our Facebook statuses. Guys, they are teenagers so this totally doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. But, that still doesn’t mean that their unstable romance isn’t causing us to have a little bit of anxiety. In order to mentally prepare ourselves for a sudden end to this steamy chapter, we have decided to contemplate who would “win” this relationship. Let’s be honest, everybody knows that there is always a winner and loser post break-up.

First of all, according to one source’s opinion, Justin Bieber is in his prime and can tap any girl he wants. We are pretty positive that Biebs would not have too much trouble finding another girl to hang out with…let’s just take a look at all of his adoring fans. Based on how these girls react when they see him (hysterically crying, unable to form coherent sentences), he could probably get one of them to donate their left arm, if need be. His looks have always done him well and at 18, he considers himself to be a “swaggy adult!” Really, who wouldn’t want to get on that?

Well, apparently, Selena is not so into his charm lately. A source says, “Justin’s too clingy and delusional and she wants to be with someone a bit more mature.” So maybe Selena earns some points in the maturity department. She also seems capable of throwing some major game. She did go from telling everybody she couldn’t wait to have Justin’s babies to meeting James Franco on the set of Spring Breakers and suddenly not having time for Biebs. She clearly has a way of keeping boys on their toes.

Who do you think would win this relationship? Tell us what you think in anticipation of the end of this love story. Who knows, Biebs could be singing, “If I was your boyfriend” to you one day.


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Rihanna Vs. Jessica Simpson: Who Would Your Rather Have As Your Fashion Mentor?

Have we mentioned that we are obsessed with Rihanna? Her I-don’t-give-an-eff attitude and looks have clearly won a warm place in our hearts but it looks like her edgy style has also earned her admiration from the Brits. The U.K. is welcoming Rihanna with open arms, and an opportunity to produce and star on an upcoming fashion reality competition series called “Styled to Rock.” This career move seems like the next natural step for RiRi — as she already is stylin’ and rockin’, duh. And who wouldn’t want to be able to watch her do her thang on a more regular basis? With Sky Living HD  so kindly offering this experience to London, we may all have to start to seriously consider making more frequent trips to England.

The only doubt we have regarding this new gig as an official fashion mentor (let’s be real, we’ve been taking unofficial fashion tips from this celeb for awhile) is that the new series seems quite similar to NBC’s “Fashion Star” and evokes some, “been there, done that” sentiments. Pop singer turned fashion mentor appears to follow in the footsteps of Jessica Simpson, who is a judge on “Fashion Star.”  While Jessica’s style is way more, well, subdued in comparison to Rihanna’s aesthetic choices, she has built a billion-dollar fashion empire and we gotta say, her shoe line is pretty damn cute. On the other hand, we anticipate that Rihanna will offer some pretty respectable pointers to her mentees. So, who would you rather learn the business of fashion design from? (Disclaimer: The winner of “Styled to Rock” gets to design an outfit for one of Rihanna’s live performances!)

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ESPN’s Body Issue Confirms That We Want An Athlete’s Body

ESPN‘s fourth annual Body Issue is out and we are all drooling over this year’s athletes. Honestly, who even knew that the human body was capable of looking like this? The English dictionary needs to seriously be updated to include a word that fully defines just how really, really ridiculously good looking these champions are, because calling them “toned” or “hot” seems like the understatements of the century. Regardless of their sport, from golfing to surfing to running, these athletes show how exercise does miracles for one’s physique and confirm that we all need to really start using our gym memberships…or better yet, purchase a gym membership.

While looking at ESPN‘s photos may make you want to never wear a bikini again, don’t lose all hope: these sports’ superstars actually give us a pretty refreshing view on body image. Rather, viewing their bodies as machines that must perform at the highest level possible, the Olympians seem more accepting of their figures and less concerned about their weight — it’s really refreshing to see bodies in a magazine that aren’t stick thin. Check out what some of these athletes have to say about their bodies. It seems some of them have more than just athletic skill but also have a pretty good knack for inspiring and entertaining us.

Maya Gabeira: “Most women are afraid of being too strong. When you surf, your muscles get bigger, especially your shoulders.”

Danell Leyva: “After I’m done training, all I want to do is eat a huge meal and go to bed. But sometimes I think about trying to get better abs.”

Tyson Chandler: “I’m pretty much a normal person’s size — just stretched out.”

Abby Wambach: “Female athletes are getting very, very thin, but I’m a bigger woman — I have bigger muscles, and that’s OK.”

Maurice Jones-Drew: “I’m a cross between the Hulk and Iron Man.”

Carlos Bocanegra: “We hear from members of the opposite sex that they enjoy our legs.”

Ronda Rousey: “People made fun of my arms and called me ‘Miss Man.’ It wasn’t until I got older that I realized: These people are idiots. I’m fabulous.”

Jose Bautista: “It’s pretty funny that people think I’m supposed to have big arms just because I hit home runs.”

Candace Parker: “The last time I was on the cover [in 2009], I was pregnant, so it’s nice to see the body transform.”

Megan Hodge: “The bodies are different because the positions we have are so different. You have little people, tall people, big, skinny — you have everything.”

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