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Quit Bugging Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds In The ‘Burbs, People … And Try These Exciting Bedford, NY Activities Instead!

Can’t Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds just find some peace in the suburbs? It seems the town of Bedford, New York, may not be the answer to these A-list stars’ attempt to live normal, private lives. Since purchasing a $2.3 million home the Westchester town in April, the couple has been apparently treated more like the celebrities they are and less like the Bedford citizens they are trying to be. Not only have they dealt with noisy neighbors and photographers, but Blake and Ryan were allegedly followed by another vehicle. After Reynolds called the police, the pursuer was identified as a photographer. Maybe this couple is being a tad over-dramatic and paranoid about maintaining their privacy, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that the people of Bedford would want to get in on this beautiful romance. But in the interest of respecting Blake and Ryan’s wishes, we’d like to propose some more, er, productive ways to spend your time in town:

  • If you have a knack for identifying birds, attend Bedford Audobon’s Annual Birdathon!
  • Get in touch with nature and join the Bedford Farmers Club!
  • Catch up on your reading at Bedford Free Library.
  • Start planning for the Historical Society’s treasure hunt on September 8! It’s bound to get pretty competitive!
  • Acquire new interior design skills at Bedford’s antiques and design show weekend on October 14!

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Sofia Vergara Turns 40! Celebrate With Her 40 Hottest Looks

Sofia Vergara is blowing these days, appearing as the face of CoverGirl and Diet Pepsi. She has also continued to delight the world playing the hilarious and sexy Gloria Pritchett on ABC’s hit show Modern Family. A two-time Emmy winner, Modern Family has truly become the TV’s ruling comedy with Sofia reigning as its Queen. Adding humor and a kick of muy caliente Spanish flavor into every project she works on, this Colombian beauty has taken hold of Hollywood and keeps us begging for more — just hopefully no more smoking instances like her one on the cover of Vanity Fair Spain. You worried us Sofia, but you’re still a winner in our minds! We just wish we had gotten on the Vergara train earlier when she was making headlines in Central and South America for her acting and modeling career. But hey, we can at least try to make up for lost time, right?

In celebration of Sofia’s 40th birthday today, we have compiled 40 of her very hottest looks. Trust us: you will not be disappointed. This girl has a remarkable ability to make anything look pretty damn sexy with her killer curves and mile wide smile. Enjoy but look with caution: you may develop a girl crush.

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16 And Pregnant Star Weston Gosa Arrested For DUI, The ‘Reality Teen Parent’ Curse Continues

Some people may be having a little too much fun during this holiday week. On July 4th, 16 and Pregnant baby daddy Weston Gosa got into a bit of a sticky situation behind the wheel. After crashing his car, this winner was arrested when police discovered that he was under the influence of prescription drugs. Though his mug shot is probably one of the most amusing ones we’ve come across in awhile, it falls among the many that 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom stars have consistently provided us.

It appears these shows’ casts just can’t seem to escape the po po and keep on flailing in legal hot water. For some of these young parents like Janelle Evans and Amber Portwood,  their trainwreck days seem far from over. (Portwood did recently choose a 5-year prison sentence over a stint in rehab soo she might be living the thug life for awhile). In light of the fact that so many of these stars have run into some trouble with the law, we have compiled their rap sheets and we gotta say, these teens do not mess around. From beating the bejesus out of their…well, really anyone…to getting DUI’s, these are some hot messes through and through.

Whitney Purvis: In March, 2012, this 16 and Pregnant season 1 celeb was arrested for stealing a pregnancy test from a Georgia Wal-Mart. She later announced that she was not pregnant, yet again. Thank god.

Joshua Rendon and Ebony Jackson-Rendon: This unstable 16 and Pregnant pair was arrested in September, 2011, facing felony charges of maintaining a drug premise and making unauthorized use of another’s property to abet a crime. They also faced misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a minor (their 2-year-old daughter), possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance.  Though they subsequently lost custody of their child, they now claim they are ready for another baby. Hmm.

Aubrey Wolters: In July 2011, Aubrey was slapped with shoplifting charges and ordered to stay away from Wal-Mart for one year after she was caught stealing $29.66 worth of cosmetics from the store. Beware Wal-Mart: Wolters is free to enter the store this month. Let’s keep your hands where we can see them, Aubrey.

Kianna Randall: The 16 and Pregnant season 3 rebel was charged with one count of attempted burglary of a habitation and one count of attempted burglary of habitation-theft in August, 2011. This wasn’t a joking matter as attempted burglary of a habitation is a second degree felony in the state of Texas. Not cool, Randall.

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Alec Baldwin And Mel Gibson: All The Things They Share … And Don’t

It looks like two celebs, Alec Baldwin and Mel Gibson, who have continued to amuse us (and simultaneously terrify us) with their ridiculous public outbursts and angry rants may be teaming up together. No, this is not to plot a fight against anyone who tries to take a picture of these stars or delay their next epic film. (Though a showdown that involves both of these Hollywood tyrants could be pretty entertaining). Rather, Baldwin told Vanity Fair that he recently invited Gibson to be a guest on his biweekly WNYC podcast called “Here’s the Thing.” Baldwin claims that he wants Gibson on his podscast due to his success in the film industry, not because of his antics broadcasted in the media, “And the only thing I want to ask you about the travails in your life is: What did you learn?” Uh-huh.

In anticipation of the possible podcast, we have put together a list of some differences and similarities between these two Hollywood brawlers. They seem to share more than just their prominent acting careers. Check it out, and see if you can guess who’s who:

Different: One fantasizes about killing Harvey Levin, founder of TMZ.

Similar: Both have been caught on tape ranting angrily to a family member.

Different: One probably doesn’t believe that the Holocaust happened.

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Pam Anderson Teaches Us How To Unleash Our Inner Showgirl At Every Age

For over three decades, Pamela Anderson has remained an aesthetic fairytale to pubescent boys. No stranger to surgical enhancements, Pamela has body parts that seem to defy the laws of physics. Although a Canadian brunette by birth, the lovely Ms. Anderson went on to become the ultimate California girl with her permanent tan, bleached blonde hair and astonishingly large chest. Her jaw-dropping looks have earned this sun-kissed bombshell a place on the cover of Playboy more times than any other woman in the magazine’s history and have made her a household name. Clearly whatever this girl is doing is working for her.

As Pam turns 45 today, we take a look back at how her looks have evolved throughout the years, and we gotta say, she has come a long way since her Baywatch time. Her slow-mo beach run may have made her an icon, but her multifaceted career as an actress, model, writer and producer has kept her in the public eye. Never ceasing to make headlines with stories of her skimpy fashion choices, animal rights activism, tumultuous love interests, and hepatitis C troubles (gasp!), Pam has truly become one of Hollywood’s favorite bad girls with a heart of gold. She can still dress in almost non-existent outfits and still definitely knows how to party.

Happy Birthday, Pam! We hope you keep on living the California dream.

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Kendall And Kylie Jenner Get Their Suzanne Collins On, Announce Sci-Fi Novel Series

It seems Kendall and Kylie Jenner are out to prove they’re more than just pretty faces with their latest endeavor: a sci-fi novel series! Though their newfound literary prowess may set them apart from their Kardashian sisters, this undertaking follows the release of mother and manager Kris Jenner’s memoir All Things Kardashian in 2011. If you’ve been Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you’ll know that Kris’ book has sparked some controversy within her famous brood. Maybe the latest family drama explains why the Jenner pair is sticking to fiction.

In an interview with E! News, Kendall and Kylie detail their literary, um, method. Their debut novel, intended for the young-adult reader, is set 200 years in the future and will involve two sisters — shocker! Fans of successful YA series like Twilight, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games, they are hoping their book will draw in a similar following. With such lofty goals, it’s a good thing they’ll have some professional help from writer Maya Sloane and publisher Simon & Schuster (the same as their mom!) Kylie assured E! that we will get to feast our eyes on this creation soon, saying, “I think we will definitely get it done with how fast [the process] is going.”
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John Travolta, Kelly Preston Try To Kiss Our Spa Memories Away


All eyes were on John Travolta and Kelly Preston at Monday’s premiere of Savages in Los Angeles, but not just for the reasons you’d think. Sure it was their first public appearance as a couple since the latest round of massage lawsuits against the actor, but Travolta and his wife of 21 years, seemed to want to change the story entirely by giving us a big PDA show.

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The latest allegations against him seem to have taken curiosity about Travolta’s sex life to new levels. Here’s a little recap of the scandals that have followed the actor since May: Two unnamed masseurs charged him with sexual harassment and battery. Though these two men have since asked to dismiss their cases after holes became apparent in their claims, both have hired attorney Gloria Allred. And now other accusers have come forth, including Fabian Zanzi, a Royal Caribbean cruise steward who also contends Travolta asked and received an inappropriate neck message from him. Robert Randolph, the author of You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again is also suing Travolta for supposedly trying to discredit him as an author. Randolph argues that Travolta and his lawyer, Marty Singer, slandered him in attempts to undercut his book’s claims that Travolta was a gay spa frequenter who hooked up with other male spa visitors.

So, yeah, maybe it’s a good idea for Travolta to stay closer to Preston and away from cozy spa robes.

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Did Kris Humphries Tell Myla Sinanaj That Kris Jenner Staged Kim’s Sex Tape? Ewwwws All Around

Kris Jenner Rumored To Have Staged Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

The Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries divorce proceedings just keep getting juicier. According to TMZ, Humphries’ alleged former girlfriend Myla Sinanaj has evidence that Humphries bashed Kim numerous times throughout their conversations and text messages. Apparently, the NJ Nets player told Myla that Kris Jenner staged Kim’s infamous sex tape with Ray J — as in, the one that made Kardashian a household name — and even took a double take to get the perfect shot. If this weren’t bad enough, TMZ also reports that Myla has texts in which Humphries calls her “the love of his life” and tells her he wants to hurry the divorce so they can “spend the rest of their time on earth together.”

As we reported earlier, Kardashian has subpoenaed Sinanaj to get just this kind of damaging info. And if any of these texts turn out to be real, they could have serious repercussions for Humphries in the divorce proceedings, as Humphries’ whole argument rests on the fact that Kim ruined him emotionally by faking what he thought was a real marriage. Not to mention that they seriously add a whole new ew factor to the 72-day union.

Humphries’ questionable relationship with Myla is also kind of ruining any sympathy he could have gained as the heartbroken husband. While Kim has been out flaunting her relationship with Kanye, Humphries has not only left a voicemail for Myla asking her to stop calling herself his girlfriend, but has also claimed that she was prostituting herself to clients at the hotel where she works. Between that and these sex tape allegations, we kind of want to take a shower right now and scrub our eyeballs with bleach.

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Happy 45th Birthday, Nicole Kidman! We Celebrate Her Ever-Changing Face

Nicole Kidman's face through the years

Looking back over the years of Nicole Kidman’s impressive acting career and closely followed love interests, we can see how many times she’s changed roles, husbands and hometowns. We can also, for better or worse, see a definite evolution of her face. When she broke into the industry at the ripe age of 16, the Australian actress had more of a quirky girl-next-door look, with those red curls and that open face. As her hair has become sleeker and blonder, she seemed to be waging war against any kind of

After continuously boasting that her face was “completely natural,” Nicole finally admitted to using Botox in an interview with German TV Movie magazine in 2011. “I even tried Botox but I didn’t like how my face looked afterwards. Now I don’t use it any more –– and I can move my forehead again.” OK, we’re not sure how that explains her continued lack of wrinkles, but maybe she’s discovered some other beauty secret not yet available to regular folks?

Whatever is the case with her new face, Nicole is still definitely killing it, recently playing alongside hot co-stars like Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey and Clive Owen. Efron did tell reporters of his role in The Paperboy, which made quite a, um, splash at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival that doing love scenes with Nicole Kidman “was the highlight of my life.” Meanwhile, she’s got a happy home life, with hubby Keith Urban and their two young daughters. All teasing aside, we’d like to wish Nicole a happy 45th birthday today, and hope for many more interesting pics of her to come!

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