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Emily Blunt Backs It Up on Anne Hathaway While Crushing “No Diggity” on ‘Lip Sync Battle’

If you love Emily Blunt for her performance in Into the Woods or adorable marriage to John Krasinski, you’re in luck: the actress has yet another awesome talent in her arsenal. Blunt took the stage on episode three of Lip Sync Battle, and while Anne Hathaway’s performance of “Wrecking Ball” got a lot of pre-show buzz, it’s Blunt’s take on “No Diggity” that we could watch over and over again. Read more…

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Kendall Jenner and Her Bare Butt Celebrate Easter Sunday

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On one of the holiest of holy days, Kendall Jenner wants the world to know that she’s done wearing pants. Forget Easter dresses, Kendall is opting for a pantless spring and we’re just going to have to deal with it. Read more…

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‘Weird Loners’ Star Zachary Knighton on the Fun of Playing Despicable Characters and the Future of ‘Happy Endings’

Weird Loners Zachary Knighton

Sometimes you’re single because you haven’t me your counterpart in the Nicholas Sparks movie of your life, and sometimes you’re single because you’re an odd bird. The latter is more or less the deal with the central characters on Weird Loners, FOX’s new comedy series which premiered Tuesday night. Read more…

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Chrissy Teigen’s Awesomeness Makes Nick Lachey Burst Into Song

We’re not the only ones filled with love for Chrissy Teigen. From her mouth-watering Instagrams to late-night hangs with Kimye or the fact that she’s married to a sexy Oscar winner, Teigen is simply the best. And Big Morning Buzz Live host Nick Lachey agrees — so much so that he couldn’t help but sing about how great she is upon her arrival. Read more…

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Stop Worrying About What Other People Think — Hilary Duff Says You’re Awesome

For someone who’s grown up in the spotlight, Hilary Duff has managed to make the transition from child star to working mother controversy-free. Only now are we seeing bikini selfies and experimental hair color — barely racy yet stuff that would have sent the gossip rags running if she had done it at 17. So what — if anything — does the Younger star regret from her past? Caring so damn much. Read more…