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Nori the God Travels Through the Airport on the Back of Her ‘Frozen’ Suitcase

North West Rides Suitcase Airport

As a baby celebrity on the go, North West is all about getting stuff done. She doesn’t have time for boring fashion shows and she’ll give someone the stink eye if they get in her way. She’s not above carrying her own luggage, but she prefers to ride on the back of her Frozen suitcase, while her handlers flitter about and play with their phones. Read more…

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Mini-Boss North West Takes Care of Her Own Bags at the Airport

After a week of slaying and serving face in Paris, the Kardashian-Wests are coming home. On their way out, North West proved she’s not a spoiled rich kid, and not just her mother’s accessory, by rolling her own suitcase through Charles De Gaulle airport. And just like Kendall Jenner, she needs no help from Kim.

North West airport

Nori’s either submitting an early audition for a reality spinoff, or attempting to run away from it all. So who did she get all this bossness from: Mom? Dad? Grandma Kris? I think the answer is clear.

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President Obama Responds to the Haters, Reads Mean Tweets on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

In effort to continue to prove he’s cool and relatable, President Obama stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to read his own mean tweets. Like celebrities, politicians are used to getting criticized by the general public, and the Commander in Chief is most definitely the person you should humiliate on social media when the price of your beer goes up. Read more…

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This Formerly Obese Dog Dropped More than Half His Body Weight, So Now You Have No Excuse Not to Go to the Gym

Dennis the Dachshund 15 Minutes of Fame

Need some new #fitspo in your life? Look no further than Dennis, the once-obese dachshund, who gained notoriety after reaching 56 pounds (four to five times the average size of a dog his breed) in 2013. Less than two years later, Dennis has dropped the weight, proving that body transformations are possible, and some people just shouldn’t be dog owners. Read more…