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TRAILER MIX: Just In Case You Wanted All Of Iron Man 2 Ruined For Yourself, Watch This

Now that the Oscars are behind us, we never had to hear the words “Avatar” or “The Hurt Locker” or “The Novel Push By Sapphire” ever again for the rest of time. We do, however, have to hear the words Iron Man 2 for another few months, and a new trailer was dropped on an unsuspecting public last night. Not to give too much away, but this trailer gives too much away:

I’ll still be there opening night, even though I know how it ends now: Tony Stark replaces Don Cheadle with Gabourey Sidibe.


While You Were Queen Of The World

  • Kathryn Bigelow won Best Director at the Oscars and her film The Hurt Locker took Best Picture. As per the new Academy rules, however, she has to let James Cameron lick both statues.
  • Despite lasting over three hours last night, the Oscars had to cut the traditional number of Hitler jokes down to just two.
  • Christoph Waltz won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in Inglourious Basterds. If history has its way, he should be starring in the Boat Trip sequel by this time next year.
  • At the Vanity Fair Oscar Party last night, Jennifer Aniston was spotted making out with one of the prawns from District 9. She’ll never learn, that one.
  • In one of the biggest snubs of the night, Fisher Stevens, producer of the winning documentary The Cove, forgot to thank his Short Circuit costar Johnny 5. It was sooo awkward.
  • Tim Burton‘s Alice In Wonderland made $116,000,000 this weekend, making it a shoo-in to lose to The Hurt Locker 2: Locked N’ Loaded next year.


Mystery Solved: Law & Order‘s Detective Bernard Really Seems To Like Porn

This past Monday, NBC aired two new back to back episodes of Law & Order. They weren’t related to each other or anything, but there was definitely one subtle undertone that ran through both I noticed: Anthony Anderson‘s character Detective Bernard loves him some porn. There were two separate moments where the guy casually tosses in his appreciation for smut, which we put together right here (sorry for the 15 and/or 30 second ad):

Will his love of porn actually help them solve a murder on an upcoming episode? I will continue to monitor the situation.


TRAILER MIX: The Runaways, It’s Almost Famous Without All The Wangs

The new trailer for The Runaways, the new rockudrama about The Joan Jett & The Jetsons (note: fact check this) starring Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart, premiered today. Hopefully this inspires a whole new generation of girls to start some new hard-living lady rock bands, because quite frankly, my Veruca Salt CD is wearing pretty thin.

Also, I’m pretty sure Dakota Fanning doesn’t age like a regular human. I can’t tell if she’s twelve or forty-eight now. She doesn’t age backwards, but more like in a circle.

Movies like this always make me sad my high school band broke up. We were going to light the world on fire with our covers of Incubus and 311 songs. We would have been huge.


Jimmy Fallon Scores The Cast Reunion We Never Knew We So Desperately Needed

Jimmy Fallon gave up his dream of a Saved By The Bell reunion last night, but like Dan Marino‘s Superbowl ring or Charlie Sheen‘s functional marriage, some things are never meant to be. However, Jimmy didn’t dwell on failure. Instead he dove right back in to the 90’s nostalgia pool and reunited the cast of another great NBC Saturday morning teen show many of us had probably forgotten about: California Dreams.

Glad to see that Tiffani is still a total surf babe.

I hope next Fallon reunites the cast of City Guys or possibly the original Power Rangers. Too bad Zordon died from that overdose.


Jon Stewart Discovers That The Real News Just Discovered ChatRoulette

On The Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart entered the genitalia firing range known as ChatRoulette, only to discover several other real news anchors beat him to the punch. Diane Sawyer, Brian Williams, Keith Olberman, and Katie Couric all show up in what is basically the news industry’s answer to that SNL Presidents reunion from the other day. It’s too bad we lost Walter Cronkite. That guy would have been all over ChatRoulette.

Also, Brian Williams once again proves he could take over The Daily Show, and we really wouldn’t skip a beat.

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Jon Stewart seems to agree with me that the legitimate news organizations are entering a world of pain when they decided ChatRoulette should be a story. It will only end in tears.


SPOT THE DIFFERENCES: New Photo From Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” Video

Lady Gaga posted another photo on Twitter from her upcoming video for “Telephone.” Between this ¬†one and the three previously released photos, you now have enough to construct the entire video yourself (remember… “Telephone” is only a half second song to begin with).

While we wait for the the rest of Gaga’s not hyped in the least bit epic, I thought we could play another installment of Photo Hunt. Can YOU spot the differences between these two pictures?

I know this one is tough. I’ll give you until tomorrow.