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Larry King Calls Johnny Weir “Fierce” And Is Now No Longer Old

Last night on CNN, the big man Larry King asked Olympian Johnny Weir the question that has been on everyone red-blooded American’s mind: “Johnny? How does it feel to be so fierce?” Watch as decades of hard living just disappear from Larry’s face. He should bottle this effect and sell it to housewives:

I really hope this will be Larry King’s new catch phrase and we get to hear things like “Animal expert Jack Hannah, how does it feel to be so fierce?” and “Akio Toyoda, president and CEO of Toyota… How does it feel to be to fierce? Also, your cars are killing people. I heard that on The Facebook.”

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Stare At This Photo Of Lady Gaga And Cyndi Lauper And See A Hidden Picture!

Remember those Magic Eye books where you would stare at an abstract image and a hidden picture would appear? Well the same effect actually happened today when Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper got together for photographers at an event in London.

Relax your eyes. Now stare at the photo below. Do you see it yet?

If you still can’t see the hidden picture, fear not. I have it outlined for you after the jump.

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This Hurt Locker Parody With The Jersey Shore Cast Will Also Make Your Heart Hurt

I love The Hurt Locker, and I love Jersey Shore. I also happen to love oysters and Pop Tarts but would never consider having the two together. Nothing good would come of that.

Too bad the people at Lopez Tonight don’t get that sometimes it’s best to just let two awesome things to exist separately. Like when, say, you introduced your high school friends to your college friends and it ended in disaster? This is like that:

Oof. I hope that didn’t just kill Jeremy Renner‘s Oscar chances.

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Have All Of The Fun Of Sleeping Inside A Dead Camel With None Of The Mess

On to the streets of Sydney, Australia today, The Discovery Channel rolled out a replica of a dead camel carcass that Bear Grylls once used to survive in the Saraha desert during an episode of Man Vs. Wild.  Now any regular Joe Six Pack of Fosters can experience all the comfort, warmth, and style they’ve come to expect from a dead camel carcass.

Hopefully the next Man Vs. Wild promo will let people finally experience the thrill of getting a guano enema while on their lunch break. See more pictures below of some lucky Australians with that “I’m laying in a dead camel carcass” glow. [photos via Getty Images]

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Dave Grohl Totally Agrees With Me That He Looks Like Shelley Duvall

A couple weeks back I suggested some casting ideas for the new Kurt Cobain biopic, and in an attempt to be all hilarious and stuff I said that current Them Crooked Vultures drummer Dave Grohl should be played by Shelley Duvall from The Shining. Well it turns out I was right on the money. Grohl told People:

The proposed Kurt Cobain biopic will undoubtedly proceed without his blessing, but Dave Grohl, former Nirvana band mate and Foo Fighters frontman, is taking a stand when it comes to who should portray him.

“I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m crossing my fingers that Shelley Duvall plays me,” The musician deadpans to PEOPLE. And though it may seem to be an odd choice for casting directors, Grohl explains why the actress made famous by being chased around by an ax-weilding Jack Nicholson is the right “man” for the job.

“Shelley Duvall in The Shining …” he says, laughing. “That is MY face, you cannot get any closer than that.”

Dave, I’m glad I didn’t offend you, but how about throwing a little credit my way? You stole my bit. Not cool. I’m going to start telling people the “Big Me” video was all my idea.

Also, we should totally hang out, man. We’ll be best friends.


The Greatest Mystery Of The 20th Century Finally Solved: David Geffen Is So Vain

It was the question that had eluded scientists for decades and fueled countless massive biker bar brawls. Dan Brown even tackled the question in an early draft of Angels and Demons. Who exactly was Carly Simon singing about in the 70’s hit “You’re So Vane”? Mick Jagger, Kris Kristofferson, Cat Stevens and Warren Beatty were all prime suspects. A small faction thought maybe it was Dr. Teeth from The Muppet Show. But were any of them vain enough?

A definite answer had never been found… until now. The Daily Mail reports:

Simon, 64, ended the 38 year guessing game by whispering the name backwards on a reworked version of the song for her new album Never Been Gone, out next week.

Previously Simon had always claimed the song was a ‘composite’ of people she knew.

In 1972 when she wrote the song billionaire Geffen was the head of her Elektra record label.

It is thought she was inspired to write the damning lyrics after Geffen put all his time and energy into promoting her rival, Joni Mitchell, over her.

So there you go. Our long national nightmare is over. It is official:

Now we can finally start tackling the question of who let those f*#%ing dogs out.


While You Were Buried In Sixty Eight Feet Of Snow At This Point

  • John Mayer apologized for being “an A-hole” at a concert at Madison Square Garden last night. He added, “From now on, I will only ever be a d-bag and a bit of a prick.”
  • The Canadian women’s Olympic hockey team won the gold medal last night and celebrated with beer, champagne, and cigars on the ice. That may explain why Rip Torn was with them.
  • Jerry Seinfeld is in trouble with the NYPD for using official police parking credentials on his car. He tried to explain it was just a plot device to connect George and Elaine’s storylines.
  • Actor Seth Green got engaged to girlfriend Clare Grant. Sorry ladies, you had your chance. Should have locked him down after Airborne.
  • Simon Cowell also reportedly got engaged. However, in five years he can opt out and be replaced in the marriage by Howard Stern.
  • Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer was allegedly the target of a hit from his ex-wife. Charlie Sheen isn’t looking so dysfunctional now, is he?


Anne Hathaway Has GOT To Learn How You Dress For A Tim Burton Premiere

Anne Hathaway showed up to the London premiere of Alice in Wonderland today looking all beautiful and shiny. Too bad she looks like such a trampy FOOL compared to the other ladies that showed up to the green carpet. Man, she must be so mortified she didn’t wear something a little more dignified, like Helena Bonham Carter here.

How embarrassing, Anne. See more Burtonanian fashions after the jump [photos via Getty Images]

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BREAKING: Conan O’Brien’s Second Tweet

We interrupt our regularly scheduled hilarious Photoshopped picture of John Mayer‘s head on the VHS cover of Sister Act to tell you that new Twitter user @ConanOBrien has written a second Tweet.

Conan is about to cross the 300,000 follower mark. Meanwhile Jay Leno just learned what a text message is. We will bring you more as this story develops.


CNN’s ChatRoulette Story Glaringly Omits One Key Word (Hint: Rhymes With ‘Wicks’)

So this ChatRoulette thing is catching on quick. Remember back when your parents asked you about that “book face thing” or if you’re on “the twitters”? Well strap in, because I’m guessing it won’t be long until they innocently enter the Thunderdome known as ChatRoulette because Kathy Lee Gifford mentioned it on the Today Show one morning.

CNN did a story about the website and tip-toed around the fact that you’re 158% likely to see some kind of genitalia. They did say you might see some “inappropriate content,” but just used the now famous man in a cat suit as their example. I’m telling you, this won’t end well.

I’m already bracing for the day we get the first “This couple met on ChatRoulette and then got married” story. I just hope it coincides with the first Avatar theme wedding so we get it all out of the way at once.