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Robin Roberts Playing The Kid From E.T. Makes Us Very Uncomfortable

So, uh, Robin Roberts of the morning team on Good Morning America, appeared as Elliott from E.T. in the film’s iconic flying bike scene as part of the show’s Totally Awesome 80’s Week. Okay!

Is it fair to say that, although she seems like a very nice lady, something about this whole thing is kind of …off? From the little we’ve seen of Good Morning America, the tension between her and Sam Champion and George Stephanopoulos couldn’t be more palpable, as if these guys would never even share a chicken nugget at McDonald’s (to be fair, though, George Stephanopoulos doesn’t know what McDonald’s is).

It’s all very weird to us, but maybe we’re reading too far into it. Maybe we’re just imagining the awkward coughs from camera operators every time Stephanopoulos steps on a milk crate to stand next to his co-anchor. Or maybe it’s that, in looking at half the morning team, our gaydar goes off-the-wall berserk. Or maybe — just maybe — we’re imagining everything and these guys are the best of buddies?

Just have fun, Good Morning America!

[via The FW]


Danny Glover Is Hardcore

Following in the footsteps of Penn Badgley and Susan Sarandon is Danny Glover, the most recent celebrity to show up at the Occupy Wall Street protests, this time in Los Angeles. And he didn’t enter quietly, either.

We have to stand up as our brothers and sisters have stood up. In Haiti. In Tiananmen Square. In Egypt. We will stand up and accept nothing less than a change! Right now! For the future of our children, and the children of the world. We have to stand up for the precious Mother Earth.

Whoa. Turns out Danny Glover is, like, hardcore.

So now you can add his name to the list of dirty hippies pooping in the streets or using their voices to change the world in the face of the evils of greed and corruption, depending on your politics in general.

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Finally, A Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion Reunion!

It’s been nearly fifteen years (BTW KILL ME) since Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion became a beloved 90’s classic that quietly usurped any comic relevance Austin Powers had before Mike Myers turned it into one long fart joke. People love Romy And Michele for its particularly weird characters, the demented, darker spawn of Clueless‘s Cher and Dionne, appropriately complimented by Alan Cumming.

Now, the girls — ahem, ladiesLisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino have reunited for the Entertainment Weekly Reunions Issue, and they look amazing. Oh, and they’re also wearing dresses made out of Post-It notes (remember?). You can evem place a bid for the dress if you want.

Let’s be honest: you already know that “this dress exacerbates the genetic betrayal that is [your] legacy.”

[Entertainment Weekly via Buzzfeed]


Bad Romance? More Like Bad Ro-Mensch!

It’s that time of year when Jews hunker down for the High Holy holidays. Rosh Hashanah has passed and Yom Kippur begins tonight, meaning we’ve already celebrated the New Year, and tomorrow will be all about staving off inevitable halitosis as we fast until sundown so that we can atone for our sins. If that already doesn’t already sound like a blast, bear in mind that the music played throughout services at synagogue services all sounds like one long death march left on the cutting room floor of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s in-house studio.

But for some lucky Jewish kids at Temple Shalom, they might very well have a good time on their hands, at least if Avi Wisnia stops by. The musician already made Rosh Hashanah pretty sweet (no pun intended) (oh yeah, we eat honey on Rosh Hashanah) when he turned Lady Gaga‘s “Bad Romance” into a ch’adorable Jewwed-up singalong.

So who knows what will come with tomorrow’s festivities? One thing’s for sure, though: one verse in, and everyone’s breath is gonna REEK (#jewproblems).


It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s …Michael Jackson? What Is Up With That Guy’s Face?

Don’t you wish you had super powers so you could FLY? Just like Superman? Herbert Chavez sure does!

In fact, the 35-year-old adult Filipino wishes so bad that he were Superman that he’s spent a ton of time and money letting people chop up his face and apply fake parts so that he can closely resemble Superman. And by “Superman,” we mean Christopher Reeve 33 years ago.

For the record, the Michael Jackson/Elizabeth Taylor lookalike is the proud owner of a cleft chin, a thinned nose, silicone-injected lips and — bring it home! — thigh implants!

And, as expected, his apartment is covered in Superman-themed paraphernalia. Pillows, too. So…BEST OF LUCK, FUTURE MRS. CHAVEZ!


[via ABC News]


Celebrities Drop The F Bomb In The Name Of Charity

Sometimes, good people come together to fight bad things, like USA For Africa of E!’s Fashion Police.

Good people like Bono, Idris Elba, Annie Lennox, Joe Jonas, and Kristin Davis have all banded together to raise awareness about the wave of famine that has hit the Horn Of Africa. It’s devastated thousands upon thousands of lives, and the numbers are only getting worse.

So, if anything will make you do your part to help curb the food crisis that kills children (and that sentence should really have done it on its own), let a furious Gov. Mike Huckabee dropping an F bomb do the trick.



[via Vulture]


5 Steps To Dressing Like A Visionary

In Steve Jobs, we’ve lost a legend. The man behind Apple was not a true revolutionary who single-handedly shaped the way we digest music, human communication, and the way we live our lives in general. His stamp on humanity is of mammoth proportions, and he will not be forgotten.

Another point of interest regarding Steve Jobs’s legacy, however, is the seldom spoken-of fashion sense he followed closely. As far as we knew, our collective understanding on the guy was that he knew how he liked to dress, and there was never a need to veer of the path of what worked.

So here are five simple steps to dressing like a visionary. Or, y’know, Steve Jobs. Same thing.

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Mad Men Covers Playboy

In today’s Why Didn’t I Think Of That? moment, we are treated to beautiful, wildly authentic-looking retro Playboy covers featuring the ladies of Mad Men: January Jones, Christina Hendricks, Alison Brie, and — OH YES — Miss Blankenship herself!

On the one hand, it’s a no-brainer: HOT LADIES BEING SEXY IN VINTAGE PORN. That, right there, is the dream of so many brainy dudes, always eager to see Christina Hendricks’s boobs in any medium.

On the other hand, can Playgirl catch up with a little Slattery-Hamm-Sam Page action? Sure, Playgirl wasn’t around back then, nor did anyone have the opportunity to claim the mag was anything but smut. But, c’mon, get on the stick, ladies/gay overlords/Photoshop enthusiasts.

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BIG STUFF HAPPENING IN THE WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT! Screaming law dragon/pantsuit model/maybe-nipple-flashing Dancing With The Stars contestant Nancy Grace MAY HAVE FARTED on live television last night.

After waltzing to “Moon River,” someone — let’s assume it’s Nancy because why not? — let it rip, leaving Brooke Burke to fend for herself, nostrils wide open as she remained steadfastly professional in the face of duty/stank of doody.