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Here’s Why We’re Totally Okay With Starz Canceling Party Down

Today, a very vocal minority slice of the Internet is bemoaning the decision that the Starz network made to cancel their beloved show about the Hollywood catering circuit called Party Down. The show went from being all but ignored during its first (brilliant) season to becoming a critical darling during its second (quite excellent) slate, but thanks to a combination of mass viewer disinterest (the show’s finale scored a dismal 0.0 Nielsen rating with adults 18-49) and poor succession planning on the network’s behalf, last Friday’s second season closer ended up being the series finale. And you know what? I’m totally okay with that!

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Old Spice Guy Ditches His Trusty Horse For A Motorcycle

Got smelly pits, fellas? Now that it’s summer, it’s high time to step up your deodorant game! Or, then again, maybe your body wash game? Pardon our confusion, it’s just that it’s so hard to remember what we need to do to smell attractive to the ladies these days. Good thing Old Spice has released another commercial featuring Isaiah “I’m On A Horse” Mustafa, a guy who is so beloved that he landed a development deal with NBC (!) after his Super Bowl spots went viral. This effort isn’t quite as delightful as the original spots — the sloppily overdubbed V.O. seems to be a particularly egregious offense — but it does feature Mustafa logrolling, baking cakes, doing construction work, swandiving off a waterfall into a hot tub and straddling a motorcycle. All in a day’s work, right?

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Wax On, Wax Off: Wayne Rooney’s Chest Shaving Fetish Costs England World Cup, Might Dethrone Monarchy


Of course, our headline contains a heavy dose of sarcasm. That said, if you have been keeping up with the British tabloids in the wake of England’s disappointing performance in the 2010 World Cup, you would recognize that it’s indicative of the amount of vitriol directed at England’s premier striker, Wayne Rooney. Rooney —who, not so coincidentally, did not make our list of the Top 25 soccer studs— is widely considered to be England’s best player and, as such, has been facing the lion’s share of criticism for his team’s poor effort this year. In a hilarious turn of events, the notoriously judgmental Fleet Street tabloid, the Daily Mail, is pinning the blame for Rooney’s failure to score goals and lead his team to victory not on his conditioning or mental focus, but rather on the fact that he SHAVED HIS CHEST prior to this year’s World Cup.

We haven’t seen a haircut this widely derided in the press since Felicity chopped off her signature ‘do before sophomore year! What do you think, dear readers: Is the British press being unfair to Rooney for his personal grooming habits, or do you think it’s weird that he took time away from preparing for the World Cup to spread Nair all over his pasty chest? Or do you share the opinion of the New York Post and just think that soccer is stupid, anyway?

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Exclusive: Todd Bridges Puts Gary Coleman’s Ex-Wife On Blast

While most of the chatter about last night’s BET Awards has been focused around Chris Brown’s emotional breakdown during his performance of “Man In The Mirror,” it’s worth noting that there was also a lot of action on the red carpet before last night’s festivities, too. In particular, VH1 News’ own Janell Snowdenfollow her on Twitter! — was able to get a few moments with Todd Bridges, former Diff’rent Strokes star and longtime confidant of the late Gary Coleman. Bridges was there, of course, to honor the memory of his old friend, which he accomplished when he got the whole crowd to shout “Whatchu talkin’ about, Willis?” But on the red carpet, Bridges appeared to be a bit angrier at the chain of events that led to Coleman’s unexpected passing. He had stern words for both Coleman’s parents and his ex-wife, Shannon Price, telling Janell that “something’s fishy” and that he hopes that “God looks into [his death] and the police look into it.”

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Does Anyone Remember Asking For Another Fockers Sequel?

Because I certainly don’t! After all, I’m still working with a therapist in an attempt to get over seeing Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand getting it on during the insipid 2004 sequel, Meet The Fockers. Sadly, it looks as if I have to schedule more sessions with Dr. Melfi later this year when Little Fockers invades multiplexes just in time to ruin Christmas.

From the looks of this trailer, viewers can expect more painfully awkward encounters between Gaylord Focker (Ben Stiller) and Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro), a duo whose comedic chemistry expired immediately following the wrap party for the first film way back in 2000. It’s tricky to get a read on the storyline from this teaser trailer alone, but one thing you can expect to see is an extended set piece revolving around Robert De Niro’s accidental overdose on boner pills. Now that’s what we call comedy!

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Robert Pattinson and Dracula Have More In Common Than Previously Believed

pattz-dracrnrnAnyone who’s anyone already knows that Robert Pattinson (photos) is the hunkiest actor to have ever played a vampire. But what you DIDN’T know is that Robert Pattinson might also be, gasp, an ACTUAL vampire (!!!). Well, sort of. Let us explain.rnrnAccording to the publicity seeking research team over at, Robert Pattinson’s sexy bloodline traces all the way back to Vlad the Impaler, the fifteenth century Transylvanian leader who is the original inspiration for the character of Dracula and was widely rumored to have drank the blood of his enemies. It also turns out that R. Pattz is a distant cousin of two members of British royalty, Prince William and Prince Harry. This is slightly distressing, as it signals that there may have been some inbreeding on one of the branches in Pattinson’s family tree a few generations prior.rnrnNo wonder R. Pattz is so brooding and bothered!

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The Bachelorette Ups The Ante For Humiliating Reality Show Dumpings

There are no doubt a great many of you out there who, like me, are compulsive watchers of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Well, last night, those of us who suffer through the program week after week were treated to one of the most deliciously humiliating rejections EVER captured on camera. But just in case you haven’t caught up on last night’s episode yet, we’ll keep all of the SPOILERS safe after the jump. Continue if you dare! (And you must, really!)

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True Blood Recap: I Was A Teenage Nazi Vampire

If you, the loyal Best Week Ever reader, is anything like me, the Best Week Ever contributor, you’ve come to recognize that there is a dark side to the otherwise joyous time of the year known as summer. Yeah yeah yeah, there’s little sense denying the awesomeness of beaches, picnics and BBQs, but those of us who suffer from a paralyzing addiction to pop culture recognize that this otherwise joyous season is notable for its stunning lack of quality television. The major broadcast networks have long since given up on trying to launch anything compelling during the summertime months, instead choosing to flood the airwaves with tired repeats and substandard dreck like America’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance and Wipeout. However, over the last few years, the creative sloth of the major broadcast networks has opened up some room for cable networks to counterprogram against the crap, a trend which gave birth to a few notable hits like Mad Men, Burn Notice and The Closer. And, as hinted at in the subject line above, True Blood!

With that in mind, we figured that more than a few of you have been staying up late the last two Sunday nights to catch the third season of True Blood. Hence, the following recap! Hope you enjoy…

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Ron Artest Thanks His Shrink In World’s Most Awesome Post-Game Speech, Ever

Ron Artest’s long journey from being known as a mentally unstable thug to being known as a mentally unstable basketball champion was completed last night when his Los Angeles Lakers trumped the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the NBA Finals (an event which, as tradition demands, was capped off by a feverish post-game makeout session between the two heated rivals). Artest, whose skill on the court has never been called into question, has long been maligned in both league and fan circles as a head case, a reputation that was solidified after he maniacally charged into the stands during a game and started brawling with fans back in 2005.

So how was Artest able to make the transition from being the most hated/feared man in sports to winning a coveted NBA championship ring? Simple! He spent some QT with a psychiatrist. And while it’s no longer taboo for athletes to admit that they confess their deepest fears to sports psychiatrists, most athletes tend keep their participation in these therapeutic sessions private. But not Ron Ron! He let his strong feelings for Dr. Melfi Dr. Sandeep be known last night during a euphoric post-game interview with the mildly shellshocked ABC sideline reporter, Doris Burke, a moment that felt less like an interview and more like an Oscar acceptance speech:

“I definitely want to thank my doctor, Dr. Sandeep, my, uh, psychiatrist. She really helped me relax a lot. Thank you SO much. It’s so difficult to play with all this focus, and so much emotion in the playoffs. And she helped me relax, I thank you so much.”

And if that wasn’t shocking enough, the unfiltered Artest deftly transitioned from confessional mode into promotional mode and plugged his new rap song, “Champion,” that hits the streets soon. Most awesome post-game interview ever? We say yes.


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Zach Anner Earns Our Vote As The Next Oprah

While the Internet is generally an unforgiving medium where cynicism and bad taste reigns, we here at Best Week Ever would like to borrow a few moments of your time to watch something that is genuinely heartwarming and altogether awesome. Over the weekend, when our ears weren’t ringing with the sound of vuvuzelas, we caught our first glimpse of Zach Anner, a young man who has dreams of hosting his own TV show someday. While the streets are cluttered with delusional people who fool themselves into thinking that they have the kinds of charisma and talent necessary to become a television star, Zach — who also happens to have cerebral palsy — seems to have the kind of unique talent that just might allow him to succeed where so many others fail. To wit, his undeniable enthusiasm and winning spirit have placed him in a good position to win the Your OWN Show contest that Oprah Winfrey is currently sponsoring.

If you agree that he has what it takes to earn a tryout with Queen Oprah, you should head on over to Zach Anner’s audition page and vote. And if you’re in the mood for your heart to get even warmer, we’ve got another video he made after the jump, one in which he thanks all of the fans who turned out over the weekend to support him. Awesome, awesome stuff.

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