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Ashley Dupre Is On Fire In Playboy (Quite Literally!)

*Apr 12- 00:05*

Those of you out there who generally read Playboy for the articles –that’s all of you, right?– will finally have a reason to flip past those boring, boring words when the latest issue hits newsstands later this week. In what is being heralded as the magazine’s most anticipated celebrity pictorial since Marge Simpson shed her lime green dress last October, Ashley Alexandra Dupré (aka “Kristen”) will be appearing nude in an eight-page layout in the May 2010 issue. And just in case any of you out there have doubts that the photo spread will be anything less than hot, it’s worthwhile to note that Dupré literally caught on fire during the shoot.

Oh, and for those of you who actually do read the printed words that appear in the magazine, you’ll have this choice quote from Eliot Spitzer’s main squeeze to look forward to: “I love sex and I’m very good at it, but I’m saving that. That’s for my future boyfriend from now on. And it will be fabulous.” Well, alrighty then!

UPDATE: The Village Voice has a first look at some of the EXTREMELY NSFW Ashley Dupré nudes from the issue. Click if you dare, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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[Photos: Steven Wayda/Playboy]

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The KFC Double Down “Sandwich”: Revealed and Reviewed!

Your loyal and friendly (if not necessarily health conscious) staff here at have had the date April 12 circled on our calendars for some time now. No, not because Two And A Half Men is returning from a brief hiatus; rather, because it was the day that Colonel Sanders’s glorious vision would at last come true. Finally, the world would move past its childish fascination with loaves of bread and realize that, once and for all, all sandwiches should be cased within two pieces of fried chicken!

Yes, that’s right, today marks the day that KFC unleashed the Double Down sandwich upon this God-fearing nation of ours. And being the gluttons for punishment that we are, we trudged through waves upon waves of unwashed tourists in Times Square en route to ordering up one of these calorie-laden masterpieces. Follow along, if you dare, for our review.

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Tina Fey Plotting To Seduce Justin Bieber This Weekend

What have you got going on this weekend? Your friendly FABLife staffers are planning on spending most of our time searching through our junk drawers for errant receipts as we hastily fire up our TurboTax software, lamenting all the while our inability to grasp even the most basic tenants of fiscal planning. Tina Fey, on the other hand, has quite the weekend lined up: Her new film with Steve Carell, Date Night, opens in theaters nationwide, she’s hosting Saturday Night Live for the second time tomorrow evening, and, perhaps most importantly, she’s going to be hanging with Bieber! We cornered Fey at the Date Night premiere here in Manhattan the other night and asked her for her thoughts on the gloriously-banged wunderkind and, to the surprise of no one, she (jokingly) confessed that she’s got the hots for him.

Well, if Fey happens to change her mind and does, in fact, decide to put the moves on Bieber, she’s got one thing working in her favor. After all, we did learn just last week that Bieber likes older women. So, you got that going for you, Tina!

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Jesse James Inducted Into Adultery Hall of Shame

Adulterers Hall of Fame: Jesse James, Tiger Woods, Jon Gosselin

While Jesse James still has quite a long way to go before he catches Tiger Woods’s record of sixteen (and counting!) extramarital affairs, his recent shenanigans with heavily tattooed webcam models have quickly skyrocketed the Vanilla Gorilla into the Adultery Hall of Shame. It’s an exclusive club —from what we hear, there’s a secret handshake and everything— that is made up of some of the world’s most famous actors, athletes and politicians. Past inductees into the hallowed club include the likes of Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton, Michael “Air” Jordan and Jon “Still in Search of a Catchy Nickname” Gosselin. Take a gander at our photo gallery below to see what other lecherous lotharios made the list.

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