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Lindsay’s Girlfriend Addresses Rumors (But Not The Ones You Think)

There’s some new drama in everyone’s favorite family of dysfunction. Lindsay Lohan‘s ladyfriend Samantha Ronson, who makes her living spinning records for the rich and musically tasteless, was recently asked to DJ at Sephora’s anniversary party. According to Page Six, domineering momager Dina Lohan decided to lend a hand with Sam’s set, suggesting she play little Lohan Ali’s brand new single “All the Way Around.”

A source told The Post Sam refused, but now Sam’s taken to the internet to defend her (possible) love’s lil sis. Sam sets the record straight in a four-part diatribe against rumors. “I really like the song – as soon as her myspace page goes up it will be a song of the day,” she outlines in point number one. And while she normally wouldn’t sink so low as to address this rumor, she explains why in a subset of point four: “i wouldn’t be responding to this one- but i’m afraid that people might actually believe that and that’s not fair to Ali. She’s 14 years old- high school is bad enough- do tabloids really need to torture teenagers as well?” Fair enough, Sam.

Sam finishes up the post with a multi-layered nod, saying she’s currently listening to Lindsay Lohan’s Rumors. Though we know its a jab at celebrity culture, maybe it’s proof that Sam did play Ali’s song, as she’s clearly got no taste in music…


Miley Cyrus Fires First Shot In Disney Diva War

It’s like Mean Girls, but the home-schooled, scary Disney version. Folks, you can take your daughters out of school and deprive them of normal socialization as they train to be better soldiers for the Army of Disney, but honestly, the above clip is the best evidence I’ve seen against making your obnoxious offspring the breadwinners in the family.

In the clip, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato (both seen as heirs to the Cyrus crown) put together a video, similar to ones that Miley Cyrus and her best friend Mandy have filmed. Apparently Miley didn’t think it was up to snuff, so she responded with her own mocking video, essentially picking on the girls for their clothing and the gap Lovato had in her teeth. Tsk, tsk, Miles. Not very Christian of you. And also not very smart: those two have an arsenal of material against you, fromyour preference for lime-green lingerie to national magazine photo shoots in which you acted inappropriately.