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Hef’s Ex Finds Love With Philly Football player

First it was Criss Angel and Holly, and now this. We’ve heard rumblings of Hugh Hefner‘s third girlfriend, Kendra Wilkinson, hanging around with Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett, but they weren’t confirmed until Hugh Hefner announced that not only were they together, but they’re engaged!

“Kendra Wilkinson has met someone who she would like to spend the rest of her life with,” Hefner told UsWeekly. “He popped the question last Saturday.” And while it might seem weird to you that Kendra’s ex-boyfriend is announcing her engagement to the new man in her life, wait ’til you hear who’s walking her down the aisle. That’s right, Hef himself. The wedding will be at the Playboy residence in June.


Wino’s Hubby Out Of Jail, She Attacks Paps To Celebrate

What a difference a year makes. At Amy Winehouse‘s husband’s trial, the singer was a constant fixture during proceedings, often showing up late, throwing a fit and then having to be asked to quiet down as she moaned “Blake, I love you.” But when husband Blake Fielder-Civil was released from jail this morning, she was nowhere to be found.

Just two weeks ago the bee-hived belter was telling a French reporter just how much she missed her “Blake Incarcerated,” but when Blake busted out of the pokey, after serving a year for tampering with a witness and obstructing justice, Wino wasn’t there. The singer’s been in and out of the hospital this week with a “Chest infection,” and we’re sure that Blake popped right over to bring her some tea and sympathy.

However, she obviously had her strength up enough to do battle with the paparazzi outside her London home. As you can see from the photos, Amy’s still not looking so good. [The Mirror; Photo: Splash Images]

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Taylor Swift Disses Ex Joe Jonas (In Doll Form)

November 11th.

Country cutie Taylor Swift just proved she’s more than just a pretty face with great pipes — she’s also a quick wit. In a MySpace video she made specifically to show the world what a few days in her life is like, Swift cleverly disses ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas. Swift, who reportedly was dumped by Jonas over the phone, holds up a doll of the middle Jo-Bro, and addresses why the doll comes with a phone. She then holds up a Taylor Swift doll and implores it to “stay away from him.” Watch the claws come out at the 4:20 mark!


Gruesome Twosome: Tila Tequila And The Mac Guy

Poor Justin Long. We here at Scandalist suspect he’s experiencing a post-Barrymore downward spiral. Since their break-up, Long’s been spotted with actress Kirsten Dunst, but even she wouldn’t admit they were dating. Now he’s resorted to picking up reality television leftovers, in the form of one pint-sized bisexual sexpot, our very own Tila Tequila.

A source told Page Six that Tila and the Mac Guy were spotted together in Vegas, once at the airport and again at a club. Apparently, Long wanted to drown his love sorrows in Tila’s crotch, so he “asked her to straddle him while making out. Eww.” And honestly, we feel the source put it best: Eww, indeed. So does this mean Tila’s done with ladyfriend Courtenay Semel? [Photo: Getty]


Carrie’s Really Sorry (Tony Called Her)

Remember way back when we told you Jessica Simpson‘s boyfriend Tony Romo was still calling his ex, Carrie Underwood? Yeah. Well Carrie’s super-sorry she let that cat out of the bag. Not sorry that he was still calling her, mind you. But sorry that she said anything.

In next month’s Elle, Carrie opens up about the remark, saying “It was something that was said in passing, and I would never mean to say anything to hurt anybody or stir up anything, because I’m just not about drama…at all.” Jess quickly refuted the claim, saying that she regularly checks her boyfriend’s call log, which doesn’t sound like a psycho girlfriend thing to do at all. [Photo: Getty]


Wonder Women: Kim Vs. Cassie

What’s better than a sexy lady dressed up for Halloween as Wonder Woman? How about two gorgeous girls dressed up as Wonder Woman! That’s right — reality television star Kim Kardashian and singer Cassie both had the same idea for Halloween this year when they got suited up as the superheroine made famous by the ’70s television show. Who wore it best?

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Divorcing Madonna Can Be Hazardous For Your Health

As if going through a very public divorce from wife Madonna wasn’t bad enough, Guy Ritchie has something else to contend with: her fans. In two recent incidents, the director has been attacked verbally and nearly physically by Madge’s legion of dedicated fans, one of which was wielding a knife.

While drinking in his pub The Punchbowl this weekend, the first fan approached Ritchie, ranting about his break-up. “He got a drink and started shouting about being a Madonna fan and ranting about the divorce,” said British tabloid The Sun. The fan allegedly continued to shout about having connections to the CIA before he was hauled off by the police.

In the second more serious attempt, Ritchie’s film set was invaded by a 16-year-old boy, screaming “I’m Madonna’s biggest fan!” and “I’m gonna kill Guy.” The boy, who was carrying a knife, was restrained by four security guards and arrested. [DListed; Photo: Getty]


Ash & Pete Have Baby Shower, But Are They Ready?

With Ashlee Simpson-Wentz set to pop any second now, the less embarassing Simpson sister and her husband Pete Wentz had a last-minute baby shower this weekend.

According to sources, the co-ed Winnie the Pooh-themed baby shower was held at the Bel-Air Hotel and was hosted by Jessica and their mother, Tina. Guests received jars of honey that said “Baby Wentz” and “Thank You For Celebrating My Life.”

Sounds like a joyous occasion, but if Pete’s twittering is to be believed, the cute couple might not be ready. Posted to his blog late last night, Wentz wrote, “Lonely circuit. Can’t tell if I wanna be plugged back in or remember whether it’s even worth it. I’m a charlie horse don’t bet on me. Must leave me be.” Yikes. Doesn’t exactly sound like someone who’s pumped about fatherhood. News flash Petey — babies don’t heed your tweets, and they certainly don’t leave you be. [Star Magazine; Photo: Getty]


Sienna Runs Around Half-Naked, Cries In Video

The Hours - See The Light

Too bad they don’t give Oscars for music videos. If they did, alleged homewrecker and occasional actress Sienna Miller might get one for her work in “See the Light” by British band the Hours. In the seven-minute video, the tabloid tart gets trapped in a Prada store, runs around in a hospital gown, and “acts.” The song is interspersed with dramatic monologues, with Miller delivering lines like, “I’m not supposed to do this, I’m not that person I don’t come from that family…I don’t have any reason to behave like this and I don’t know how to f*cking get out this.” Wonder whether she used some of her recent real-life drama as inspiration. [People]


Five Music Videos For Voters

Election Day is just around the corner, and although we didn’t think it was possible, we’re hearing about Barack Obama, John McCain and the race to the White House more than ever. Between Obama’s primetime infomercial and McCain’s rumored appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, we here at Scandalist are getting more excited by the moment. And though we’re not sure who’ll be our next president, we do know one thing: it’s vital that everyone head out to the polls on November 4th. So whether you’re for Obama or McCain, we’ve got the soundtrack to your election day countdown.

James Brown — “Living In America”

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