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Top 10 Most Effed Up Celebrity Families

For these infamous households, drama runs in the family like a bad gene. Here is Scandalist‘s Top 10 Most Effed Up Celebrity Families featuring The Lohans, The Spears, The Hiltons and more!


What Angelique Wants, Angelique Gets: An Office Worker’s Brush With Reality TV Fame

Yesterday, Rock of Love 2 resident and upcoming Charm School contestant Angelique (a.k.a. Frenchy) stopped by our office. On a press jaunt that included telling Howard Stern that she hadn’t had sex in eight months, the French-bred, Vegas-based stripper decided to remedy that when she came to our offices.

You see, our offices, in addition to being located at the crossroads of the world, contain some eye candy, in the form of resident ladies man Shawn Mahoney. Upon laying eyes on Mahoney, Angelique — in quick succession — asked for his number, told him she wanted to “f*ck” him, and promptly started sending him sexy texts. After sending 13 text messages in two hours, the buxom blonde switched to email. We’ve included the texts after the jump as well as hot photos of Angelique and a voicemail she left.

Submitted for your pleasure, please read the unedited raciness of a woman who wants to get laid.

11:46 a.m.
Angelique: What s up? It’s Frennchy. U r so hot & sexy u need to come and see me in vegas :)

11:51 a.m.
Shawn: For sure. Would love to, but I’m busy. But let’s see what’s up. How bout I text you tonight and you call me back and well talk about it;) talk to ya then :)

11:57 a.m.
Angelique: I live in vegas hot stuff, I would love to f*ck you!! Ur sssso hot..grrrrr.

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Aubrey O’Day Takes Slutty Shots, Says Not A Slut

Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day is on the cover of Complex Magazine this month — wearing little more than a bra, down on all-fours and hanging off a stripper pole — talking about what a slut she isn’t. Of the many revelations in the interview: she loves porn, prefers dirty texting to having sex and disses Cassie and Diddy – implying they’re in a relationship. Some of the gems:

On dirty texting:
When you’re at dinner and you are listening to everybody but you’re actually writing some dirty shit, I love it! I’m so into that.

On her porn preference: I usually watch black guys doing white girls, that’s my little fetish, even though in real life race isn’t a factor for me. Really, I’m more turned on by watching the girls than the guys. I love someone who looks like they’re really into sex.

Check out to read the rest of her racy interview.


The 10 Most Scandalist Girl Groups

Girls, girls, girls. Pop divas can be bad enough alone, but put into packs, the real drama is unleashed. The upcoming release of the Pussycat Dolls brand new album got us thinking about some of the more scandal-ridden girl groups. From meth addiction to a home-made porno, check out our list of the girl groups with the most inter-band strife.


Brit Bounced from Vogue, Still A Cover Girl

Recently, shots of Britney Spears and her weave looking pretty damn respectable circulated the web, with the rumor that Ms. Spears and all her head-shaving, drug-taking, unfit-parenting glory would be on the cover of the next issue of Vogue, the beyond-venerable fashion publication, with a highly discerning editor who doesn’t allow just anyone on.

Then we heard that Brit wasn’t going to appear on the cover of an upcoming Vogue….Boo! But that’s alright too! We here at Scandalist only want for Britney to succeed, so we’ve lined up a few more cover options for her. Vogue wasn’t right anyway — too into hygiene and having stuff like nice clothes and sanity and a shot at a career. Here are a few other publications we feel Britney is much better suited.

[Photos: Getty Images and Splash News Online]


Jenny Gets Rid of John’s Piano, Moves On

Looks like both Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are moving on after their much-gossiped about relationship. Recently, John Mayer was spotted with Spanish waitress Maria Marin, who he dated before Aniston. Allegedly at the final show of his two-month world tour (of which Jen was a stage-side fixture), John was stealing glances at his blonde friend.

But two can play at that game. Jennifer is now linked to 300 actor Gerard Butler. At this past weekend’s Toronto Film Festival, Butler was spotted with his hand on Jennifer’s thigh, then proceeded to give her a back rub.

This is a far cry from the Jennifer Star Magazine reported about last week. Allegedly, during the course of their several-week relationship Jennifer bought tomcat Mayer a piano. The $80,000 piano sat in her house for his enjoyment, but now that they’re no longer together, Jen couldn’t look at it without getting upset. Rumor has it she gave it to her father. [Photo: Getty Images]


Dull Plastic Woman To Be Made Into Dull Plastic Doll

“If at first you don’t succeed…” goes the old adage, and Heidi Montag is definitely adhering to it. After trying her hand (and failing) at both playing herself on a reality television show and a singing career, Heidi’s trying for something a little bit more believable to the consumer public — being an inanimate object with fake plastic hair. That’s right, Heidi’s getting her very own Barbie doll.

“We just talked to Mattel yesterday, and we are already working on our own Ken and Barbie,” Spencer Pratt, Heidi’s creepy svengali boyfriend, confirmed. And while both can’t sing, there are several upgrades Doll Heidi will undergo that Real Heidi lacks. Just to name a few:

* Better taste in men
* More expression in eyes
* Reproduction not an option


Lil Wayne Acts Shady, Blows Off Show

Uh oh. Sounds like sizzurp sipping rapper Lil Wayne is up to no good again. Page Six is reporting that Wayne — who’s facing some jail time after a few guns and lots of drugs were found on his tour bus in Arizona recently — acted pretty shady on Friday night, when he was supposed to perform at the star-studded Fashion Rocks concert.

“When Lil Wayne showed up to perform in the show — and he showed up on time — he was carrying a bag and refused, point blank to go through security,” said a source involved with the show. Wayne became irate, then promptly left, saying “I don’t need your [bleeping] show — I’m leaving if you make me do this.” A few minutes later, however, Wayne’s people called, saying they still wanted him to perform, but couldn’t get it together in time. Wayne called back hours later, saying he was ready, but at that point the production team decided to “pull the plug” on his performance. Ouch!

At least Wayne did show up to something yesterday — court, for an outstanding case on whether cops lawfully boarded Wayne’s bus last November. Allegedly cops found Weezy in his boxers with a 9 mm gun. [Image: Getty Images]

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Pete Wentz Turned Political Pundit, Secret Republican?

Pete Wentz is pretty busy lately — in addition to wearing some serious mom-pants to the VMAs last night, he also had to deny the completely ridiculous rumor that his wife Ashlee was pregnant with twins.

But that doesn’t mean that Pete’s too busy to participate in the time-honored tradition of celebrities remarking upon the current political climate. And really, who better to contribute to the current dialogue than the kid that posts about dolls, sneakers and Kanye West? In his latest blog post, Wentz likens Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin to child star Danny Cooksey, who played Bobby Budnick on Nickelodeon staple Salute Your Shorts.

More bizarrely though is the fact that Wentz states that Palin has been brought in to “shake up the narrative and inject new, younger ideas into the game” — a surprisingly complimentary choice of words for someone who hosted an Obama fundraiser back in January. Sadly though, Wentz must be privy to the “new, younger” ideas Palin is set to introduce — so far she seems like an old white dude trapped in a hot soccer mom’s body.


Timberlake Blows Off Interviews, Breaks Glass

Of all the hot divas present at this year’s New York Fashion Week (Beyonce, Rihanna, Mariah), it appears Justin Timberlake is the biggest one of all. Last night, Justin’s line William Rast had a show at Roseland to showcase their latest, but apparently Justin wasn’t up to doing interviews or performing. According to Women’s Wear Daily, “press with scheduled interviews with Justin Timberlake before the show were shooed away with a ‘Justin isn’t feeling up to interviews.'”

Could it be that Justin was feeling a little under the weather from the bodyguard brawl he was involved in the night prior at the Fashion Rocks after-party? According to sources, Justin was sitting in the VIP section when a fan snapped a picture on her camera phone. JT went ballistic, and his bodyguard reacted with force, attempting to snatch the phone away. When the fan’s friends stepped in, all hell broke loose — with Justin sent scurrying for cover among broken champagne glasses and overturned tables. In an oddly fair twist, Justin’s bodyguard was tossed from the party for overreacting. [Image: Getty Images]