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A Very Adorable Video Of The Beastie Boys Playing In The Snow In 1987

Beastie Boys Playing In SnowBecause we really can’t do much else today besides watch old Beastie Boys videos, here’s a really inexplicably great one-minute video of the Beastie Boys guest-VJing for MTV in 1987, introducing a Madness video.

Basically, it’s just the Beasties frolicking around in the snowy streets of New York for a minute while making Pee Wee Herman scream-noises, so in a way, it may be the most adorable (and adorably accurate) non-music video of the band ever recorded.

Watch the video below, and good luck not cracking a smile on this otherwise sad day:

(Thanks, @laurenkaye!)


Here’s The Beastie Boys Performing Live On The Joan Rivers Show In 1987

Beastie Boys 1987

As you’ve likely heard, Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys died of cancer today at the age of 47.

Surely, the internet will more than do its job of conveying the enormity of this loss, as the distraught Tweets and blog posts have already come pouring in, but in the interests of positive reminiscing, here’s an awesomely 80s clip of the Beasties performing “Fight For Your Right” on The Joan Rivers Show in 1987, followed by an interview with the band:

(“Mommmm, it’s not called License To Killllllll…..”)



The Greatest List Of Bullet Points In Local News History

BWE pal Sara Schaefer Tweeted this screen from a New York local news broadcast this afternoon, and it may be the most adept usage of bullet points in the history of local news bullet-points screens:

Perfect. Not gonna risk ruining this by figuring out the context – let’s all just enjoy this internet-sunset. [Initiate Group Makeout]

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13-Year-Old Corrects Mistake At Metropolitan Museum Of Art

13-year-old Benjamin Lerman Coady visited New York’s Metropolitan Museum Of Art (or as us locals call it, “The Mart”), and noticed a factual mistake in one of the exhibits, eventually succeeding in getting the Museum to correct the error (WHO NERDS THE NERD-MEN???):

The Connecticut seventh-grader and history buff was checking out a permanent exhibit on the Byzantine Empire when he spotted the problem: A map that purported to show the empire at its height was missing Spain and a section of Africa…

After several months, he got an email from the Byzantine art curator. “You are, of course, correct,” it said.

Haha, love how the curator had to save face in her email, like “WELLOBVIOUSLY yeah we know that’s correct, must’ve been a printer mistake but obviously yeah we knew that yup” [Puffs professor pipe shaped like Byzantine Empire]

Still, way to go, kid! You successfully out-nerded the Met curators, which is no small feat. You and 13-year-old me should definitely hang out and air-guitar some Rush while correcting each other about the proper names of Mega Man enemies.

What does the future hold for young Benjamin?

He may have “the makings of a young historian,” she notes. But he has different plans: “I want to move to Greenwich and open a modern exotic car shop.”

CLASSIC teenager phase.


Watch Loki From The Avengers Perform The Sh*t Out Of A Henry V Monologue

Here’s Tom Hiddleston, aka Loki from Thor and The Avengers, appearing on Fuse’s Hoppus On Music to obligingly performing one of his favorite Shakespearean monologues, the “God for Harry, England, and Saint George” speech from Henry V.

Hiddleston starts out the monologue as if he’s politely going along with the request, then quickly gets SUPER into it; good thing he didn’t deliver this speech in The Avengers, or evil would’ve been too riled-up to be defeated. Actually, I haven’t seen The Avengers yet, so it’s very likely that this happens (it’s the 9th after-credits scene, right before they reveal the next Spider-Man after Andrew Garfield):

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This Identical “Scream” Print Can Be Yours For Just $200!

Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” – the famous century-old painting based on the mask from the Scream movies – sold at auction this week for a record $120 million, topping the previous record for most expensive painting (Picasso’s “Nude, Green Leaves, and Bust”) by more than $10 million.

If you missed out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase this iconic painting, don’t worry! We at BWE can offer you this EXCLUSIVE PRINT of “The Scream” – which is identical to the original painting in appearance, composition and texture – for just $200:

Amazing, right? Just Tweet me your money and I’ll print some of these out and mail ‘em to you. Also send another $50 for taxes. FIRST TEN THOUSAND CUSTOMERS ONLY, so RESPOND NOW and turn your boring home into a “Screamatorium!”


The Tanning Mom Speaks Out Again With An Explanation As Clear As Her Skin

Extremely tan mom Patricia Krentcil scorched the internet yesterday after her story about bringing her 5-year-old to a tanning salon went viral.

After her daughter showed up to school with a sunburn, the New Jersey mom defended herself, saying that she did bring her daughter to the tanning salon but she didn’t go into a tanning bed, and the sunburn was caused unrelatedly.

Today, the tanning mom (aka, comedian Giulia Rozzi) clarified her comments, and perfectly explained the rational story behind her daughter’s sunburn and their trip to the salon. This should clear everything up, both skin-wise and truth-wise:

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Sex Robots Will Exist By 2050, Sooner If That Federal Sexbot Grant Goes Through

Sex Robots 2050

A new report from a university in New Zealand suggests that fully-functional “Sex Robots” may be commonplace by the year 2050, thus radically changing the sex-service industry and theoretically cutting down on STD transmissions and worldwide sex slavery. But can robots ever truly grasp the nuances of human ‘making noises that sound appropriate so we can both get this over with in a reasonable amount of time?’ I guess that’ll take 38 more years to perfect.

Here’s Mashable’s report on the sexbots, including some compelling evidentiary footage from Austin Powers. I just don’t know why we have to wait 30 more years to invent something that the intro to HBO’s Perversions Of Science already perfected in the late 90s. Is this another shady “Electric Car” scenario? DON’T LET INNOVATION BE CRUSHED BY BIG HUMANSEX!!!