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Here’s the first behind-the-scenes footage of Breaking Bad Season 5, slated to air sometime this summer. It’s exciting to see the characters off-camera, plus the video is LOADED with Season 5 spoilers, such as:

- Walt is probably in Season 5.

– Jesse is probably in Season 5.

– There’s a scene in or near Walt’s house.

– Umbrellas.

CRAZY!!! Cannot wait:

You can catch up on Season 4 of BB with our Breaking Bad Recaps. Though this video already explains everything.


“Grand Piano” Is The Speed-Like Elijah Wood Piano Thriller You’ve Been Waiting For

Grand Piano Movie Poster Elijah Wood

Before we criticize this forthcoming thriller about Elijah Wood being forced to play piano to save his family’s life, take one second to honestly answer the question: How much would you obviously watch a thriller about Elijah Wood being forced to play piano to save his family’s life? (If your answer drops under fifty “Yes!”es a minute, you explode with lies.)

THR’s synopsis of the upcoming Elijah Wood thriller, Grand Piano:

The story concerns a once-great concert pianist who suffers from stage fright and comes back to perform after a five-year hiatus. Just when he’s about to play the first bar, he notices somebody has written a threatening note on his music sheet. He’s now forced to play his best concert ever to save his life as well as his wife’s. Think Speed at a piano.

Can Elijah Wood’s character stay alive by hitting the same note rapidly, like in the song “Raw Power”? Or can the bomb recognize musical quality? Is there a bomb? I assume the movie involves a bomb with discerning musical tastes, played by Gale from Breaking Bad.

Either way, it’s about time we unofficially got a second Speed movie. What, there was an actual Speed sequel on a boat? I think I’d recall such a thing if I watched it on HBO three times in 1998. Are you sure you’re not thinking of Speed Reading?

(via Gawker)


Drunken Kickstarter Video Is The Only Honest Kickstarter Video

Drunk Kickstarter VideoHere’s a Kickstarter video from Brendan McLoughlin and Jenn Dodd, in which a drunken finance-seeking individual desperately attempts to raise money for his ambiguously artistic cause.

It is, without a doubt, the most accurate Kickstarter video ever recorded.

Unfortunately, this Kickstarter-parody does not itself have a Kickstarter donations-link, so I just smeared a wad of hundreds into the embed on my screen:

(via Jenn Dodd)


Man Travels To Dubai Solely To Eat A Pizza Hut Cheeseburger Pizza

Here’s a video of Jon Gabrus, improver extraordinaire and MTV’s The Substitute, traveling almost 7,000 miles to Dubai just to sample one of the new Pizza Hut “Crown Crust” Cheeseburger-Stuffed Pizzas, which are currently only available in the Middle East. It seems counterproductive to leave the U.S. in search of cartoonishly fattening food, but on the other hand, one could argue that the pointlessly-indulgent trip itself mirrors the pointless indulgence of the crown-shaped pizza in question, so in a way it makes perfect sense.

The whole experience calls to mind the immortal words of one Lionel Hutz: “Homer, I don’t use the word ‘hero’ very often. But you…are the greatest hero…in American history.”

(via Jeff Rubin)


So This Is What LSD For Cats Looks Like

Julie Klausner Tweeted this photo of a particularly intriguing bag of cat snacks called “Temptations Mix-Ups: Catnip Fever”, which, judging by this AMAZING package design, is apparently the alley-name for “Cat LSD” (aka “Catcid”):

Temptations Mix Ups Cat LSD

Next week on Meowed Men, Cat Roger Sterling eats two of these and has a total meowpiphany.

(via @julieklausner)


An Utterly Necessary Supercut Of Val Kilmer Taking Off His Glasses

Val Kilmer Glasses Supercut

Us: How much more specific can these Supercuts possibly get?

Internet: Here’s one of Val Kilmer taking off his glasses over and over again in movies!

Us: That was a rhetorical question, Internet, you didn’t have to answer.

Internet: Oh. Well. Here’s one of Val Kilmer taking off his glasses over and over again in movies!

Us: Uh, thanks. [Instantly Watch 4 Times]:

(via Videogum)


Richard Branson Ice Cubes Beg The Question: Does This Man Have A Bit Of An Ego?

Virgina Atlantic just unveiled a hyper-luxurious new Upper-Class Cabin, complete with its own cocktail bar, full-sized beds, and of course, ice cubes shaped like Richard Branson’s head:

We know Richard Branson loves throwing his face out there, but custom-face ice cubes? That’s some sh*t a cartoony supervillain would do. Not even like Mr. Freeze, he’s too reserved, more like, Dr. Chillo Icingstein from some 1930s pulp magazine, “Tales Of Slayings Most Fiendish!” There’s one panel when the detective visits him at Icingstein Manor and he’s drinking absinthe out of a cursed Mandarin ice-goblet then plops in two ice cubes shaped exactly like his face, and that made up thing is Richard Branson now.

You can check out more pics of the ice cubes and a more detailed explanation at (though my pulp-supervillain assessment was probably more accurate.)

(Thanks, @Caissie!)


Amar’e Stoudemire’s Glass-Punching Injury Re-Enacted As A True Lies GIF

New York Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudamire injured himself when he punched through a glass fire extinguisher case after New York’s Game 2 loss to Miami, and could miss the remainder of his team’s playoff series after suffering severe lacerations on his hand.

Sadly, no video exists of the actual Stoudamire glass-punching incident, but through the magic of ‘deciding to make a dumb internet thing,’ we’ve re-enacted Stoudamire’s injury using a GIF-ized version of our favorite True Lies clip:

Yep, that is EXACTLY how it went down. Stoudamire even screamed in a Schwarzenegger voice, “Geev me the goddamn DEFENSE!” while punching. And the actual Tom Arnold was standing there and just looked at Stoudamire calmly.

Related note – was anyone else bothered by the fact that Last Action Hero had a joke about Schwarzenegger always punching through glass without injury, then one year later True Lies had a scene where he did exactly that? ME TOOOOOO!!!!!!!

This concludes our Exclusive NBA Playoff coverage for the day. TONS more tomorrow.

(GIF courtesy of resident GIF-izer @laurenkaye!)