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NBA Player’s Head Makes Way-Too-Perfect Cake

If there’s one thing we here on the internet can’t get enough of, it’s THINGS turned into OTHER THINGS. For example: Office Space…Laser rice? DONE. Photo. Internet. We all have some laughs.

Today’s excellent “thing as a thing” is a birthday cake made in the shape of Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden’s head, and it’s great:

James Harden Head Cake

Is it bad luck to turn your face into a cake in the middle of the playoffs, or am I thinking of pies? Never mind, I’m thinking of pies. I’m always thinking of pies. I want some pie.

(via Ball Don’t Lie)


The Most Passionate IMDB Review Of “A Kid In King Arthur’s Court” You’ll Ever See

Kid In King Arthurs Court Poster

Our friend @ryeisenberg brought our attention to this extremely random but extremely entertaining IMDB User review of the unforgettable Disney / Thomas Ian Nicholas 1995 film A Kid In King Arthur’s Court.

Take it away, nowhozdisiz (Click For Full Size):

Best IMDB Review Ever

All valid points, especially the part about plugging in your stereo in a middle age castle. You have eloquently stated your case against the 1995 Disney film A Kid In King Arthur’s Court, nowhozdisiz. Also, were you perchance the same person who wrote this passionate Batman & Robin Soundtrack review?

Also, the tagline for the movie was JOUST DO IT, obviously.

(via Never Sarcastic)


Baz Luhrmann Great Gatsby Trailer Looks Like Baz Luhrmann Directed A Great Gatsby Movie

Great Gatsby Trailer HDHere’s the trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, starring Leo DiCaprio and Care-o Mullgs (I’m on nickname terms with both). Remember when you first heard that Baz Luhrmann was directing a Great Gatsby movie, and you immediately pictured in your head an exaggerated version of what that would look like? Well, the movie is that.

BEST LINE: “You always look so cool. The man in the cool beautiful suits.”

SECOND-BEST LINE: “You just think you’re so great…GATSBY.”

Finally, this landmark achievement in American literature can be experienced THE WAY IT WAS MEANT TO BE:

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Nintendo Versions Of Radiohead Albums Are The Internet’s First Good Thing

Here are the Radiohead albums Kid A and OK Computer re-created as 8-bit Nintendo versions of themselves. It’s both albums in their complete entirety and you can skip between songs, and it’s pretty much the best thing you’ll hear all life.

I knew if we kept coming back to this virtual flaming garbage heap that we call “Intranet”, eventually it would generate something amazing; it’s like that old adage about a million monkeys working at a million typewriters then killing time from those typewriters by looking at the monkey internet – eventually, they’ll produce a remix of Hamlet shouting Big Lebowski quotes at Admiral Ackbar.

8-Bit Kid A:

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Condoms Or Diapers Sign Is Amusing And Oddly Meaningful

A Reddit user spotted this sign at a gas station – it’s both an amusing throwaway gag from messing-around employees, as well as an oddly succinct rumination on humanity as a whole:

If you think this sign encapsulates the internal dilemma of human existence better than any hastily-scribbled gas station gag sign ever could, then you won’t want to even IMAGINE the sign next to the different flavors of Doritos…


10 Sad Cookies Mourning The Death Of “Mr. Oreo”

Sam J. Porcello, the Nabisco scientist credited with inventing Oreo filling and earning himself the nickname “Mr. Oreo”, has passed away at his home in New Jersey at the age of 76. Needless to say, we owe this man more personal gratitude than, give or take, just about every other human who’s ever lived (is that an exaggeration? He’s at least Top-5).

In honor of Porcello’s passing, here are 10 sad cookies paying their respects to Mr. Oreo for his immeasurable contribution to cookie-dom:


Sad Cookie Black And White


Three Sad Cookies


Sad Cookie Dots

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Three-Headed Giraffe Hopefully Involved In Game Of Thrones Finale

Egads, the LEGENDS WERE TRUE – behold, the mythical THREE-HEADED GIRAFFE:

Three Headed Giraffe


It’s just like the movie Congo! Wasn’t there a three-headed giraffe in Congo? No? That movie was so haphazard I probably wouldn’t have noticed when I watched it on HBO seven times every afternoon during summer vacation. “Stop eating my sesame cake, three-headed-giraffe!” is a line from the movie that was cut.

Anyway: Three giraffes, almost as cool. Also they all have snakes for tails, you just can’t see it in this pic.

(pic via Splash News)


Gotye Only Exists So We Can Watch Videos Of Babies Dancing To Gotye

Baby Dancing To GotyeThe internet seems to be aflush with “kid-ized” Gotye videos these days (if ‘aflush’ isn’t a word, then pretend I said ‘fullerino’), where parents keep filming their kids singing or dancing to “Somebody That I Used To Know” in the hopes of sharing their hilariously spontaneous love of synthy breakup songs for the internet’s welcoming amusement.

It’s basically at the point now where I’m preeetty sure Gotye only ever existed to give kids an opportunity to be filmed dancing to Gotye, marking the most forward-thinking viral-marketing moment in music history (or at least, ever since Rick Astley foresaw the internet existing eventually and recording that hilarious psyche-out in the late 80s and being like, “You’ll understand this in 20 years…”)

My point is, let’s all watch this adorable and great video of a baby dancing to Gotye:

Check out two more videos proving the above thesis over at Strollerderby.


WANT: Carl’s Jr. Ice Cream Burger

Orange County area Carl’s Juniors have begun circulating a new test item – a hamburger-shaped combination of ice cream ‘meat’, sugar cookie ‘buns’, and ‘ketchup and mustard’ icing, known as the “Brrrger”, which is either a pun on the coldness of the burger or it’s just Fabio from Top Chef saying “burger”:

Carls Jr Ice Cream Burger

Well, obviously I want one of these, but I also want every burger and/or every ice cream thing in my field of vision at all times, so I’m not sure that counts as an endorsement so much as just ‘seeing a thing’.

On second thought, the concept is maybe a little gross? On third thought, I want it again.

(Foodbeast, via HuffPo)