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Red Pandas Hugging Because LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR NOT THIS

Here are some photos of a mother red panda hugging her red panda cub, because this is one of the few permutations of animal cuteness I’ve never seen on the internet, and because holy crap it is immensely adorable (Click For Full Size):

Two more pics of the mother and baby red panda from the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, U.K. are after the jump. The panda cub is all, “I am not vewwwy wed yet but I wove popping my head out fwom holes!” (For the rest of my thrilling red panda fanfiction, though, you’ll have to buy the Audiobook.)

Take it away, other adorable red panda pics:

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TBS Developing Norm MacDonald Talk Show That Better Not Get Instantly Canceled

Norm MacDonald Talk Show TBS

TBS held their network upfronts this week, and if you don’t know the term “upfronts,” that’s when the network unveils its potential new shows for a roomful of advertisers then the William Morris Agency sends over 400 prostitutes to the Yum Brands hotel suite and everyone’s like “I love this town!” and they go down on champagne bottles and that’s how art is made.

Anyway, one of TBS’s new projects caught our attention, because we’re huge Norm MacDonald fans and constantly want him to be doing more things (even if tv apparently does not want him to be doing more things):

“Norm MacDonald is Trending”

The network has ordered a pilot presentation for a talk show centered on MacDonald. SNL’s former “Weekend Update” anchor and his team of correspondents will sort through the churning mass of pop culture and social media. (THR)

So basically, it’d be a very general talk show on basic cable allowing MacDonald free reign to talk about all sorts of topics? That sounds great, but should we just skip the “Pick up this show, TBS!” phase and go straight to the “Don’t cancel this show, TBS!” phase four weeks after the show’s inception? Seems like a sadly practical approach.

In the meantime, let’s all watch the Norm MacDonald 1998 ESPYs monologue then stream “Me Doing Standup” on Netflix and hopefully miss the impending announcement that the show hasn’t been greenlit.


Illinois May Allow Mini Horses As Helper Animals In Honor Of Li’l Sebastian

RIP Lil Sebastian

The Illinois state senate just voted to add miniature horses to the list of ‘helper animals’ for people with disabilities, a move that is already being referred to on this blog and nowhere else as “The Li’l Sebastian Amendment,” in honor of Pawnee’s most beloved deceased miniature horse.

Sure, on one hand, Li’l Sebastian was technically from Indiana and is fictional and has nothing to do with any of this, but on the other hand, who’s to say this new law isn’t entirely because of Li’l Sebastian? The truth is probably somewhere in between.

Proponents of the law argue that miniature horses are ideal alternatives for people in need of helper animals who have severe allergies or phobias to dogs, plus they live longer, but critics have cited the potential sanitary drawbacks to having horses walking around in indoor spaces. I haven’t studied this issue long enough to have an opinion other than “Miniature horses are completely hilarious and I’m in favor of them doing whatever,” so feel free to use this sentence I just typed in your debates or whatever, senators who are reading this.

In closing, let’s just use this as an excuse to re-watch Tom’s touching Li’l Sebastian In Memoriam:

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Anchorman 2 Teaser Poster Is Quite Pungent

Here’s the first teaser poster for the forthcoming Anchorman 2, with director Adam McKay confirming, “We’re either going to shoot the movie in 3-D or 1/2 D”:

The poster comes Exclusively via Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide, so who knows if it’s even real, but who’s to say what’s real anymore in this crazy rat race dot gov we call an internet? Unless the thing deviates from George R.R. Martin’s books slightly, in which case it is definitively FAKE.

(via Pop Culture Brain)


Penis Pants Are Perfect For Your Job’s VERY Casual Friday

Were you looking for pants with a stylish design of penises on them? Here they are! (NSFW, meaning, it is not safe for you to wear these to work):

Penis Pants

This looks like something that would’ve shown up on an HBO Real Sex episode that you were trying to masturbate to in high school, when you look at the clock and you’re like “Ok, only one segment left, it better be good…” and the show’s like “Penis pants? You better believe it! We take you to the Penis Pants Pantsotorium in Grand Rapids Michigan to see how penis clothing is made!” and you’re like “Aahhhhh dammit, now I just have to think about that one ok looking person from that segment twenty minutes ago, then wake up for school in ONE HOUR.”

I had a tough life.

(via Dlisted and several fashionable readers)


Peter Berg Gives The Most Hilariously Off-Topic Battleship Interview Possible

Here’s Battleship director Peter Berg giving an interview on an Israeli tv station, and it is amazing; yes, every trailer for Battleship looks terrible (despite its heavy Friday Night Lights crossoverage), but every interview with Peter Berg is awesome, so something had to give here, and the winner was “Berg interview awesomeness.”

This perfectly out-of-context clip begins with Berg musing on the prospects of Israel attacking Iran versus waiting for potential nuclear disaster, before swiftly moving to compliment Rihanna’s acting abilities, and finishing by making fun of the interviewer for somehow dodging the Israeli military service.

I wager dollars to Berg-donuts that this clip is more entertaining than the actual movie Battleship:

(via Film Drunk)


Kids Re-Enact “Sabotage” Video For Most Adorable MCA Tribute Yet

Sabotage Kids Video

We’ll never get tired of the internet’s Adam Yauch tributes, but we especially won’t get tired of videos where three kids in wigs and mustaches re-enact the “Sabotage” music video scene-for-scene.

The title of “Most Adorable Musician Tribute Ever” has officially been claimed. No offense, Coldplay, but you are not three kids in wigs and mustaches re-enacting the “Sabotage” music video scene-for-scene:

(via The High Definite)


You Will BELIEVE What Happens To This Drunk Woman Sitting On A Flimsy Window

Drunk Woman WindowHere’s the first video on the internet.

It’s a drunk lady sitting on a window awning and being like “I’m drunk bet this’ll never fall” and the person filming it (because of course you’d film your friend just sitting there) is like “Oh I hope you don’t fall” and then… I won’t tell you what happens after that! WINK! WIIIIINK!!!! WINKWINWKWINWKNWK!!!

I just can BELIEVE what happens!

I’m not saying this video was clearly staged, I’m just saying, I can’t think of a joke way to just say it was staged to complete this sentence, because it’s too staged. It’ll make sense tomorrow when we find out this was all viral marketing for new Dasani Windows.



The Most Awesomely 90s Back Tattoo Of All Time

Anyone been watching the NBA Playoffs? Have you been “cheering” for your team, like some fairweather bandwagoner who only uses their voice and hands to cheer for things, instead of getting a massive tattoo of two players across your entire back?

Behold, this giant Michael Jordan / Dennis Rodman back tattoo, which may be the most impressively 90s tattoo of all time:

Yup, that’s the coolest back in 90s history. Unless you can find me a tattoo of Sonic the Hedgehog wearing a Charlotte Hornets Starter Jacket skateboarding up the Double Dare Sundae Slide, in which case, that would take the crown and also start putting that on my flesh asap.

(via Ball Don’t Lie)


MIT Student Creates Real Life MarioKart, Sustains Critical Shell Injury

Real Life MarioKart

An MIT grad student named Charles Guan has built a working “Chibikart”, a tiny motorized go kart with four-wheel drive designed to look ever-so-slightly like a real life MarioKart cart. The Kart is 30 inches long, can reach speeds of up to 26 MPH, and comes equipped with a cup holder full of the 4,500 condoms which you’ll need immediately after getting off this thing.

Here’s a video of Guan’s kart in action. He really seems to have the hang of the thing, until the very end of the video when the computer lightning-bolts him right as he’s going over a jump and he falls into lava and ends up fifth but it was total BS:

(via The Daily What Geek News)