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Now Lily Allen Quits Twitter

First Miley Cyrus, now another of our favorite celebrity Tweeters have quit sharing with us. Lily Allen signed off on her page September 28th posting, “I am a neo-Luddite, goodbye,” and hasn’t updated since. The musician/actress/we’ve lost it now had been getting lots of abuse for her stance on illegal file-sharing and now seems to have called it a day completely.

Shame! Her apparent quitting of the site comes soon after she mentioned her boyfriend Sam didn’t like her constant updating – has Lily chosen her man over milllons of strangers hanging off her every Tweet? Chuh. She needs to get her priorities straight.


World, Meet Heidi Samuel


She is quite literally about to pop out baby number four (as it’s reported she’s now checked into Cedars-Sinai hospital  ) but Heidi Klum hasn’t waited for their new arrival to cement her relationship with husband Seal. The German goddess has filed a court application to take his last name – Samuel – which is expected to be finalized on November 20.

When you’re a global brand the way Heidi is, it’s more than just a romantic gesture to take your husband’s name. But it still leaves us feeling all warm and squishy inside – and looking forward to finding out the name they’ll choose for the sixth member of the Samuel clan. [Photo: AFP]


Who’s This Little Princess?

This Hollywood toddler looked super-fashionable for fall on a shopping trip with her mom yesterday – we can’t get over the cute factor of that denim waistcoat over a cozy thick sweater. Who is it? Find out after the jump!

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Madonna Buys Jesus Million-Dollar Pad


Hooking up with Madonna sure pays dividends. Hot he may be but Jesus Luz’s modeling career has taken off into the stratosphere since becoming the ultimate cougar’s ultimate boy toy, and now she’s apparently forked out $2.5m to put him up in an apartment close to her Manhattan townhouse. So he can be close for, uh, emergencies.

“She is financing everything but Jesus will own it once it’s found and bought. She really wasn’t kidding when she told him he’ll never have to worry about money from now on,” quotes the Sun.  We think the last bit sounds a little suspect – as if Madonna, cigar in mouth, casting couch to one side, gives her young charge a wink and a nod if he continues to “play nice”. But hey, maybe that’s how it works in Sugarmommy land. [Photo: Getty Images]


Report: Nicole Proposes To Joel!

Could gorgeous couple Nicole Richie and Joel Madden be about to put a ring on it? Star magazine in the UK is claiming that the cute pair, who recently welcomed the arrival of son Sparrow, could be headed down the aisle after formerly marriage-shy Nicole popped the question. Apparently the death of her former fiancé DJ AM and arrival of their second child made her “re-think her future.”

“She asked Joel to marry her, over dinner at home. He was delighted and said yes straight away,” the mag claims a pal said. According to the mag, we should keep our eyes out for a wedding early next year on Maui at the private gated residence of a record producer friend of the couple. For any everyday parents of two children under two – they also have supercute daughter Harlow, 21 months – the idea of planning a wedding and fitting into a bridal gown would be a pipe dream. But we already know Nicole is not of this earth, so let’s hope it happens!


Kelly’s Burns Are The Pits


Yowch. Kelly Osbourne has managed to make us feel grossed out and also “aww” in one picture. “Aww” because she looks really cute with her red hair and flower, but “eww” because those burns under her arm are heinous. The “Dancing with the Stars” miss posted the shot on her Twitter page claiming use of body spray Impulse made her skin react. “Never ever use Impulse body spray from the UK. I sprayed it on myself and now have really bad burns all over my body. Gentle on skin my ass!”  she ranted.

Quite hilariously, the PR machine for Impulse – which is more often worn by 11-year-old girls trying to be cool, but we’ll let that one slide – has cranked into action, with a breathless response claiming they will “liaise with Kelly’s agent” and offer her a “personal consultation with a dermatologist, who will be able to answer any of her questions and help us understand what happened in this instance.” Yes, the serious case of the gacky body spray requires FULL and FRANK answers – we look forward to watching Kelly’s new hard-hitting chat show “Kelly And Impulse: In Conversation” to get to the bottom of this! [Photo: Twitter]


Amy Winehouse To Appear On Dance Show

Although, sadly, she won’t be rumba-ing her way back into the public’s good books like Kelly Osbourne. No, Amy Winehouse is set to appear on this Saturday’s edition of “Strictly Come Dancing” (yes, it’s “Dancing With the Stars” but the Brit version) and perform…but as a backing singer.

Amy’s signed her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield to her Lioness record label, and is going to give the 13-year-old (!)’s career a boost by lending her vocal stylings to her performance. We’re well excited about this but just hope that Amy manages to croak out a few recognisable notes. Her track record isn’t so hot, and let’s face it, all eyes are going to be on Amy rather than her adolescent protégée. We’ll report back Monday and let you know how it goes…


“Little Britain” Star’s Ex Commits Suicide

Sad news has sent shock waves across Britain with the news that comedian Matt Lucas’s ex-husband Kevin McGee has committed suicide.  32-year-old TV producer Kevin was found hanging in his Edinburgh home, after posting a haunting status update on his Facebook page, reading, “Kevin thinks death is much better than life.” He had battled a cocaine addiction, which Matt had tried to help him off by paying for stints in rehab.

The “Little Britain” star and comedian married Kevin in one of the first high-profile civil partnership ceremonies in 2006, but the relationship broke down 18 months later and they divorced last year. Matt – a big star in the UK – was currently starring in a stage production of Prick Up Your Ears which he’s now pulled out of. In a distressing stroke of art imitating life, his stage character has suicidal tendencies and ends up murdering his partner.


Matt Le Blanc In TV Comeback


Former Friends star Matt Le Blanc is to star in a new TV comedy playing….uh, himself. He’s to appear in new show Episodes which follows a British couples’ disastrous attempts to bring their successful show to US screens resulting in a dumbed-down version of the program “starring” Matt.

All sounds very meta and post-modern, and luckily for us, it’s going to be shown on both British and American screens next year. So we can all judge together whether it’s any better than Joey (and by God that shouldn’t be hard).  [Photo: WireImage]


Lauren Conrad’s Book To Become A Movie


Was leaving The Hills the best move Lauren Conrad made? We ask because it’s emerged that the movie rights to her book LA Candy have been bought. The “reality” show star released her debut “novel” in June (OK, we’re stopping the quotation marks now) and now Temple Hill Entertainment  – who produce the Twilight flicks! – have bought the rights to the thinly-fictionalized version of her story.

What’s more, she’s launched a new clothing line for Kohls’ store, after her last overpriced venture died a quick death. We’re sure LC’s new affordable venture will get more success than her last one, but couldn’t help raising our eyes somewhat when she says, “To be honest, if you are a great designer and you know what you’re doing, you don’t need to make very expensive clothing.” Yeah – stick that in your pipe Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Rodarte, Versace, Gucci and the rest of you, and smoke it! [Photo: WireImage]