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Katie Price Goes Back To The Jungle

If you don’t think Katie Price knows her reputation has taken a hammering in the last few months, well, you do now. The professional Peter Andre-basher is to return as a contestant to “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!” The jungle-set reality show was the scene of her first reinvention back in 2004, when the glamor model met her ex-husband Pete on set and began her transformation into a legitimate business uber-brand.

Now everyone’s of the opinion she’s a nasty, venomous so-and-so once more, she’s headed back to Australia to appear on the forthcoming series. She’ll be the first contestant to ever appear twice and the other celebs appearing are said to be annoyed she’s pocketing $585k rather than their more modest $100k. And the people of Britain are mourning the fact there simple is no escape from this fame-obsessed publicity harpy.


Rock And Roll Hasn’t Died With Nicole Scherzinger…


…It’s just taking a very long nap. In the latest issue of UK Cosmo, the erstwhile Pussycat Dolls front woman Nicole Scherzinger admirably ‘fesses up about the “lot of effort” it takes to maintain her fierce shape (and we like her honesty rather than pretend oh-I-just-run-around-after-my-kids-and-have-a-fast-metabolism shtick that often gets spouted). But poor Nicole, with her unrelenting exercise and healthy lifestyle regime, her idea of vices are pretty lame.

“My weakness is my sweet tooth – I love Haribo sweets. I’ll have an occasional glass of red wine if I eat out, or a glass of rosé with friends. And a vodka, lime and soda is refreshing on a hot day. But my favourite drink in the world is water. Honestly! I swear by it. And if I want to go really crazy, I’ll add a Berocca tablet for a hit of vitamin C!” Yep, that’s a Berocca tablet to let your hair down. Sigh. With this crazy lifestyle. t’s a wonder she and Keith Richard haven’t palled up yet! [Photo: Getty Images]


Lindsay Was Dating Heath Ledger, Claims Latest Phone Tapes


Michael Lohan seems to be on one twisted mission to make sure there is nothing we don’t think, or think we know about Lindsay Lohan left. Ever. His latest phone call recordings have Lindsay’s mom Dina claiming that Lindsay was dating tragic actor Heath Ledger when he died in 2008, and that his death “f*cked her up.”

“Lindsay was dating Heath when he died. I don’t know if you know that, but I know ’cause I would drop her off and they were friends very, very close, ok? When she’s drunk or takes an Adderall with it she will do something like Heath Ledger did in a second without thinking. His death f***ed her up,” Dina reportedly says.

For her part, Dina has slated Michael’s actions, saying, “The tapes were from a long time ago, and for a father to stoop this low is unforgivable.” Yes, yes, we know. And if Lindsay was never to pick the phone up to her dad again it would be understandable. This whole saga is beyond sad. [Photos: Getty Images, WireImage]


Romantic Russell Brand Pledges No More Threesomes

It’s not the most hearts-and-flowers thing you’d expect your new beau to say, but when it comes to legendary shagger Russell Brand, this is about as committed as they come. Speaking at his sell-out stand-up gig in London, Katy Perry‘s new boyfriend Russell said, “I’ve taken a pledge. I can’t break it now. There will be no more threesomes.” So, salacious stories like this one are going  to no longer be a regular read in the British tabloids. Shame.

What’s more, Katy pulled out of an appearance on a British chat show to spend more uh, time, with her boyfriend before she had to fly back to L.A. Russell called UK DJ and presenter Chris Moyles to tell him, “Katy wouldn’t be appearing as they wanted to spend the evening together. Chris was a bit annoyed but thinks Katy is hot as well – and if she was his girlfriend he would probably do the same!”

Aw. They really are love’s young and wildly over-experienced dream. [Photo:  ]


Paris Hilton Loses Sense Of Humor

Hey Paris Hilton – lighten up! The eternal celebutante has openly said her ditzy airhead reputation was an “act,” so she should actually be impressed by this billboard which pokes fun at her persona. Media5 agency in New Zealand used a photo of Paris, plus the succinct caption “Vacant” to promote some spare ad space.

We think it’s inspired, but Hilton’s manager Jamie Freed has failed to see the joke, and is planning on settling the matter in court because they don’t have permission to use the picture.  “Paris has a proven ability to laugh at herself. We’re not trying to offend anyone,” says Adam Freeland of Media 5 .


Joss Stone Riffs On Drugs, Amy And Being A “Diva B*tch”

Joss Stone has opinions, people, and don’t we know it. The singer opened fire on Lily Allen last week and has now made that ill-advised dis look tame. In a journalist’s dream interview – it’s stuffed full of fantastic quotes – Joss holds forth on just about everything. Including Amy Winehouse (as if she doesn’t want to make any more friends, thanks).

  • On avoiding the drugs trap: “You’ve got to have a lack of intelligence to do that to yourself. I think it’s stupid. Amy’s music is beautiful, her lyrics are f**king great, but she has to start loving the music more than she loves herself and the drugs.”
  • On, er, taking drugs herself: “I smoke weed, but I don’t think it’s really a drug. It’s more of a herb. I don’t regret saying that at all. I think everyone smokes weed and people who say they don’t are lying! Weed has been given this evil stamp, but how is it dangerous? It’s going to make you laugh your arse off? You might go to sleep? I think alcohol is much more harmful.”
  • On her ex-boyfriend, Beau Dozier: “He was a bad choice. I was 16, just a kid. It makes me angry because he wasn’t a kid, he was 25. It strikes me as weird that a 25-year-old man would even find a 16 year old attractive. I was a child.”
  • On her public persona: “[People] say: ‘Joss Stone – isn’t she that horrible diva bitch?’ Kenny, my guitar player, goes around and does surveys about me and people say: ‘Isn’t she crazy?’ But when he asks them why, they don’t really know.”

Actually, whatever we think of Joss’s pronouncements (where do we even start?), it’s sort of refreshing to see another star refuse to join the media-trained-into-oblivion ranks of certain other celebs.  Long may she talk herself into trouble! [Photo:  ]


Justin Timberlake Wins Restraining Order

A good day for Justin Timberlake – he’s won a three-year restraining order against “mentally unstable” stalker Karen McNeil, all without having to turn up in court himself. The singer had originally been called to appear in person, but Timberlake’s lawyer’s explained that’s duh, what she wanted all along. McNeil was arrested on his property last month after turning up with a cab full of clothes and “personal items.”

She’d previously been arrested in the 1990s for stalking Axl Rose. In an affadavit, Timberlake called her an “obsessed and mentally unstable stalker” whom he “does not personally know or have any relationship with.”


Robert Pattinson Tries To Put World Off Him, Fails


Robert Pattinson may do his best to convince every single girl and woman on the planet that he’s just an average schmo, but it’s so not working.  In a(nother) new interview to promote New Moon, Rob claims that “if the fans were to talk to me for five minutes – the illusion would be gone!” Yes, because they would have passed out in a quivering heap and not be able to see their beloved “illusion.”

In the interview with New! magazine, Rob also addresses those rumors and admits he is a bit shy with a bar of soap: “it gets to the point where even I can’t stand the air around me. I don’t know, my personal hygiene – it’s so disgusting!” and that I’m-a-loser-with-ladies thing: “Any girl I’ve wanted to go out with in the past, I’ve lost to someone else.” You can do everything in your power to put us off you Rob, but, hey, everyone can’t get enough of your dull, stinky, hopeless self. [Photo: FilmMagic]


Russell and Katy Reunited


Katy Perry has had a busy week hosting the MTV EMAs, but she reunited with lover Russell Brand this weekend to spend some time together in his London neighbourhood. The lookalike pair (tousled brown hair, sunnies, leggy figures, dressing in black…we could go on) spent some downtime at Tinseltown cafe in Hampstead and stepped out from his home loved up to the max.

It may have been a surprise when these two hooked up, but aw, we just can’t get ourselves enough of K-Brand. Hmmm. Rusty? Brerry? Kassell? We’re going to have to work a bit more on this.  [Photo: Splash News Online]


Fergie Shows Josh What He’s Missing

Fergie Ferg’s had a rough old time dealing with reports that hubby Josh Duhamel was enjoying his “extra meat” with stripper Nicole Forrester. But soon after stepping out on their “everything’s fine, people” dinner date in Atlanta , Fergie’s been over in the UK this weekend keeping the show going with the Black Eyed Peas.

Super-fit Ferg firstly performed at the BBC Switch concert in London, looking sexy in all black. The group then dashed across town to sing at the “X-Factor,” where Fergie had to borrow Cheryl Cole’s shoes for her performance , despite being a size bigger than the tiny star. What a trooper!