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Pammy Promises Never To Stop Stripping

You gotta hand it to Pamela Anderson. She knows what she’s got, she knows what she is and we can’t help loving her crazy undressing ways. And Pammy, who’s soon to tread the boards in UK pantomime, reckons she’s not about to put her still-hot bod away, despite being in her forties.

“I don’t think there’ll be a cut-off period. Until my body starts changing in a certain way I’m sure I’ll dress like me! Sometimes I’ll be in a bikini running around with a little wrap around me to drive my kids to school. At other times it’s nice to dress conservative – although I’m not really known for that. You still want to look hot, you still want to look sexy… Why not have fun?” she said. You tell ‘em, love. 


RPattz: My Ego Can’t Cope With Success

Twilight star Robert Pattinson has already had the shock of his life, by signing up for a “really small” American film only to turn into the biggest craziest girl-obsession ever – and the poor love now admits he doesn’t know how to cope with the ever-escalating attention. After ‘fessing that he normally “stay[s] in the hotel” when he’s filming because of the teen-girl-and-snapper mob outside, RPattz admits that he’s finding it hard to come to terms with the success.

“It worries me because the whole Twilight thing keeps getting bigger and bigger and now it’s so big that even my own ego can’t cope with it. A certain amount of success you can mentally deal with, but there’s a point where you think, ‘Jesus Christ, what is this? I’m not that great!'” he told the Sunday Times magazine. But with vamp-freaks the world over drooling in anticipation of the New Moon release next week, Rob’s going to have to find some more space in that ego for further global craziness…


Will Ferrell Wants A British Bar

As Guy Ritchie’s traditional London pub is reported to be under threat, keen boozers need not worry that there’ll be a gap in the oh-I-don’t-want-to-go-to-a-celebrity-bar-I-love-drinking-in-a-real-place market for “down to earth” stars. Comedy star Will Ferrell now wants to get in on the pub act, and scarily, reckons he could turn a business venture into a new comedy film.

“I wouldn’t want a celebrity place, it would be an old-fashioned pub. I would be hands-on. I could get some great material off all the regulars. I am sure there would be a film in it,” he threatens says.  We can’t wait for the subsequent movie, where Will will depict a “typical” Brit landlord called Dick Cockney and Paul Rudd co-stars as the hilarious drunk regular Boozy McHound. Or something.


Beyonce Is The Sexiest Lady In Red


Gasp. That’s really the only sound we could make after watching Beyonce‘s super-sexy EMAs performance of “Sweet Dreams” last night. Dressed in red suspenders, a split-to-the-waist red basque and red gloves, the diva proved that there’s no-one to touch her for pure fierce hotness.  It turned out to be her night too, as she picked up the award for Best Song, for “Halo,” Best Female and Best Video, for “Single Ladies” (at least Kanye West will be happy, now). All hail Queen Bey! [Photo: Getty Images]

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Kate Moss’s Model Party For 8-Year-Olds


When we were eight, we remember our birthday party involved some rollerskates, friends round for cake and crisps and a whole lot of face-painting. But if your mum’s Kate Moss, then you can expect something far more, um “suitable”. Kate’s daughter Lila Grace went to the 8th birthday party of Jude Law and Sadie Frost’s daughter Iris, where the pre-pre-teens reportedly put on their very own modeling show, trained courtesy of supermodel Moss.

“She brought along lots of clothes for them and the girls had their hair and make-up done especially. Kate also presided over all of the accessories to make them look as catwalk-ready as possible. She was teaching them how to master her famous hip swagger and her ‘I don’t care’ look. It went down so well that Iris and Lila Grace now both want to be models like Kate,” reports the Evening Standard.

Wow, teaching young impressionable girls to be body-conscious, obsessed with how they look and aiming for a career that celebrates physical perfection – what could be better! [Photo: FilmMagic]


Katy Perry’s Raunchy EMA Cabaret


Katy Perry paid tribute to the host city of last night’s EMAs – Berlin – by opening the show with a Teutonic raunch-fest of the highest, filthiest order. Dressed in a teeny-tiny basque (complete with heart over her vay-jay-jay), host Katy performed a medley of hits including Lady Gaga‘s “Poker Face”, Beyonce‘s “Halo” and the Kings Of Leon’s “Use Somebody” in a Liza Minnelli in Cabaret style.

Once the impressive chair-humping was over with, Katy decided to remind us all that she is banging Russell Brand. “Last year I popped my MTV cherry, but this time i’m a bit more experienced if you know what I mean,” she not-too-subtly teased.  At least, we think that was what she means… [Photo: Getty Images]


Beyonce And Jay-Z Get Loved Up At EMAs

Beyonce and Jay-Z denied for yearsthat they were even dating, and their wedding was crowned the Sneakiest of ’08. But now they are open about their romance, and we love it! On winning the Best Video for “Single Ladies” at last night’s EMAs, Beyonce said in her acceptance speech, “There’s only one person I want to thank – and that’s Jay, for putting a ring on it.” The romantic couple were also snapped getting up close and huggy at the after-show parties in Berlin. Sweet!


Has Amy Winehouse Had A Lip Job ,Too?

Ye gads, has a dose of Sharon Osbourne-itis claimed its latest victim in Amy Winehouse? Hot on the heels of her much-publicised boob job, the rehabbed singer stepped out from a London doctors’ looking more than a little plump in the lip area. Amy’s already blessed with a full, sexy smacker, so we’re not sure whether this photo shows a dodgy bit of extra filler, an overdone pout for the photogs, or just a really bad shade of lipstick. What do you think – has Amy become a little too fond of the surgeon’s needle or not?


Guy Ritchie’s Pub Under Threat

Ever since Madonna split with Guy Ritchie, the film director’s been making a lot more use of his London pub The Punchbowl. In recent months, it’s attracted celeb pals of the ilk of Justin Timberlake, Leonardo diCaprio and Mickey Rourke - as well as the attendant paparazzi. And it seems that this new found popularity is causing consternation among residents of London’s Mayfair district – one of the capital’s wealthiest and fustiest.

“The W1 residents have complained about “a severe downward spiral in quality of life.” They are aghast at the “shouting and singing” and collection of chauffeurs and paparazzi,” says a report – claiming they’ve now began a petition protesting its licence. It would be a shame if they did succeed – only because it’s one of the few non-members establishments in London where you can wander in and look at A-listers making drunken fools of themselves. And we don’t want to lose that privilege.


Victoria Beckham Buys David A Micro-Pig, Apparently


In a story we’ve had to read a few times because it’s so unlikely-sounding (while also checking the date to absolutely make sure it’s not April Fool’s Day), apparently Victoria Beckham has bought a pet pig. Yes, the woman who doesn’t “do” casual, and who’s so impeccably groomed at all times we imagine her kids are terrified of getting a sticky hand on her skirt, has given a miniature pig as a present to hubby David. Mm-hmmm.

According to London’s Evening Standard, VB has purchased two nine-inch tall “micro pigs” which are currently taking up residence at their Hertfordshire mansion. “She has already reportedly nicknamed the miniature pot-bellied Gloucester Old Spot cross-breeds Elton and David, after good friends Elton John and his partner David Furnish,” it claims.

We swear we are not making this up. But until we see Posh out walking her new muddy friends, we’ll file this under “oh, really?” But wouldn’t it be great if it was true? [Photo: FilmMagic]