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Cheryl Cole Hits Double Number One


Over in the UK, we couldn’t love Cheryl Cole anymore than we currently do – the “X-Factor” judge and all-round superstar has just hit a double number one with her first solo efforts. Chezza’s single “Fight For This Love” is already the fastest-selling song of 2009 in Britain so far, and now she’s cemented that achievement with her new album “3 Words” hitting the top spot at the same time.

Surely everything is so perfect in the garden at the moment, nothing could spoil this? Apart from – according to the papers – the antics of her soccer-playing husband Ashley Cole, who refused to attend a celebratory party she’d planned for her successes. Supportive! [Photo: Getty Images]


Cougar-licious British Director To Wed Teenage Boyfriend


Yes, we’d look like the cat that got the cream, too. British artist-turned-film director Sam Taylor-Wood has announced she’s marrying her actor boyfriend Aaron Johnson, 19. The 42-year-old directed him in the upcoming Beatles film Nowhere Boy, and the couple have now announced their engagement, saying they’re “very happy.”

Sam was married to art dealer Jay Jopling, and after their split last year, he briefly hooked up with Lily Allen. But Sam’s definitely trumped him in the hot, young stakes with Aaron here. Cougar-tastic! [Photo: Getty Images]


Russell Brand Is A One-Man Orgasm Machine

Russell Brand is as well known for his incorrigible womanizing than he is anything else, more or less (what, he’s a comedian and actor, too? No way!) and now he’s given us an insight into why he found it hard to stop banging the laydeez. Until he hooked up with Katy Perry, nary a day went by without spotting Russ heading back to his London love-pad in the company of some barely-attired women, and according to the man himself, he knows he’s good at it.

Why? “A requiem of screams…[the] eye-rolling ecstasy, the bacchanalian loss of self where they’re ready to tear up the trees…they become goddesses with oceanic pleasure that looks like it may never end and could devour us,” he told the Sunday Times Magazine. Rather than doubt this amazing appraisal of his bedroom antics, we’ll kindly assume that Russ is an accurate judge of his own performance. Lucky Ms. Perry. 


Elton John Seriously Ill, Cancels Tour Dates

Music legend Sir Elton John has been forced to call off a string of tour dates after being struck down with the e coli bug.  An announcement on his official website says he is suffering from a “serious case of E.coli bacterial infection and influenza,” and is currently being treated at London’s private King Edward VII hospital.

After postponing many tour dates around Britain, he’s now cancelled concerts with Billy Joel in the U.S. on doctor’s orders. His partner David Furnish says he’s “doing fine” – get better soon!


The Beckhams Demo New Hairstyles


The family that shares hair-styling products together, stays together! And the other things we thought about when seeing this very cute shot of the Beckham clan out at the Lakers game were:  a) at least they have loads of money to spend on these gravity-defying hair products and b) we hope no-one goes near them with a naked flame.

Victoria sported an all-new tousled hairstyle, while David kept it simple with a sweepy up do (and yes, we’re still loving that beard). Meanwhile their three-year-old son Cruz has challenged Maddox Jolie in the who-looks-cuter-with-a-pre-school-Mohican stakes. Adorable!  [Photo: Getty Images]


Report: Mel Gibson’s Girlfriend Gives Birth


Good times for Mel Gibson. That DUI “Sugar Tits” incident now never officially happened, and he’s become a dad for the eighth time. RadarOnline claim that the diminutive star’s girlfriend, Russian musician Oksana Grigorieva gave birth to a baby girl last Friday, a few weeks early. No official word from the Gibson camp as yet to confirm the birth, but the website claim mother and baby are already home from hospital.

Congrats to the 53-year-old on those wailing newborn nights ahead of him! [Photo: Getty Images]


Katy And Lily Rock The Suspenders Look


They may be a pair of the celeb world’s most famous enemies, but as we’ve pointed out before, we think Katy Perry and Lily Allen actually share one fashion mind between them. The brunette singers both sported sexy stockings recently – Katy in a promotional shot for the EMAs (on next week), and Lily while on stage in Berlin. (Retirement, schmetirement!). OK so Lily’s was a pair of tights masquerading as some hold-ups, and Katy’s were of a revolting stripy variety, but we seresiouly think they’ve got much more in common than they think. Sort it out ladies, then Lily can be bridesmaid at Katy’s wedding to Russell Brand, and we can die happy. [Photos:  Getty Images Entertainment/Redferns]


Dita Von Teese: Drugs Gave Me New Boobs


We’ve heard of drug use taking its toll on youthful good looks, but turning your bouncy rack into a floppy pair of spaniels’ ears is something new. But apparently that’s what happened to Dita Von Teese. The burlesque uberstar partied hard courtesy of of some pharmaceuticals back in the day, and blames that for her subsequent boob job.

“I was a bit of a party girl in the early ’90s and used LSD and Ecstasy. Eventually my weight dropped to 6stone 7lbs and I looked terrible, so I gave up drugs. My breasts never recovered, so when I was 21 I had 32D implants,” she said. While we’d never encourage popping pills en route to a replacement rack, personally, we think Dita’s plastic pair are some of the best going (take note, Victoria Beckham). [Photo: Getty Images]


Peaches Geldof Is A Scientologist

Tom Cruise and John Travolta better open the doors of that Scientology Celebrity Center to accommodate another big star – yes, world, Peaches Geldof has decided to join their ranks! In a toe-curlingly awful documentary shown last night on British TV, “Fearne Meets Peaches”, the spoilt dilettante proved that she’s exactly how we perceived her to be, i.e. rude, self-obsessed, generally unpleasant and speaking in a hilarious Transatlantic twang.

But the big reveal from this unholy televisual mess is that Peaches has been a Scientologist for like, two years now. And she explains her religious beliefs in a typically astute fashion: “It’s like, something I agree with? I felt like I needed to have a spiritual path? It’s like I always kind of felt like I was lacking something when I didn’t have a faith. It’s like pop psychology.”

Well, we’re in no doubt that if Scientology want another follower to give their PR-embattled “religion” a positive boost, they, er, had better look elsewhere. [Video: YouTube]


Madonna Officially Declared A God, Sort Of


The children of Malawi have learned what we have known for over 20 years – that Madonna is not of this earth. The age-defying, career-defying, body-defying, music chameleon is currently on a trip back to the African nation to visit the Home of Hope orphanage she adopted son David Banda from back in 2006. “You are our God. Where could we have been without you?” one orphan is quoted as saying to Her Royal Madgeness.

So she’s a God in Africa, and already a Queen of Pop. If only she’d stayed married to Guy Ritchie and lived in Britain a while longer, she may have been made a Dame. [Photo: AFP/Getty]