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Style Wars: Girls In Gold

On opposite sides of the Atlantic last night, two glam ladies rocked stylish gold gowns. Emmy Rossum was at Fashion Group International’s 26th annual Night Of Stars at Cipriani Wall Street, NYC, wearing a beautiful draped dress that showed off her elegant figure. While in London, the ubiquitous Mel B went for full on bling in this glittering gold number. But which hottie looked better in the jewel-like color?

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Madonna Promises Not To Act Again


Even uberstars like Madonna have to compromise sometimes. Reports that she’s been meeting influential film people (including her ex, Guy Ritchie) in order to get her latest project W.E. off the ground have been given an extra element of comedy by the claims she’s had to promise influential agents she’s not going to act in it, in order to secure top-level interest.  “She would have said if she was to be in it. It’s a game-changer. Some find it difficult to act opposite her. Ask Rupert Everett,” reports Brit gossip columnist Baz Bamigboye.

Madge is interested in directing the flick, which she co-wrote with her Truth Or Dare helmer Alex Keshishian. The film is a romantic comedy which has flashbacks to the 1930’s days of royal couple Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII. Reports that Madge has written in a scene involving a bottle blow-job are just in our head. [Photo: WireImage]


Jessica Simpson Hooks Up With Gerard Butler?

In the sex-recycling ways of Hollywood, this rumored coupling is inevitable but oh-so-uninspiring. Jessica Simpson and Gerard Butler have reportedly been hooking up at NYC’s Soho House, “laughing and flirting” together (although alongside Jess’s sidekick hairdresser Ken Paves. Awkward!).

Although the plain-speaking Scot and airheaded Texan would seem to have little in common, they’re already connected by his rumored ex Jennifer Aniston who dated John Mayer who dated Jess. So they’ve practically done it already!


Mel C Thrilled As Ever At New Spice Girls Musical News

She was the last Spice Girl to sign up to their last reunion, and from the picture above it seems that Mel C’s not exactly looking forward to the latest money-spinning project. (Oh, all right, we have no idea whether she is or not. Mel C is looking drab and dowdy above as she launches her new role in the long-running West End musical Blood Brothers.)

But as rumored, there is a top-secret new Spice project, and it’s looking to be a TV hunt to find a new generation of girls to zig-a-zig-ahh on stage. Following in the footsteps of many successful British TV talent searches of recent times, Mel C, B, Geri, Emma and Victoria would audition to find version of themselves for a new stage musical. “It’s a fantastic new way to broaden out the Spice franchise and cash in on their personalities, their story and their songs,” reports The Sun.  You don’t say. Ker-chinnnngg! [Photo:


Freida Pinto Saves A Fan’s Life

Freida Pinto has had a life-changing year, going from Indian model to international film star, L’Oreal ambassador, one-half of the cutest celebrity couple going and now, life saver. Freida was out shopping in central London with her Slumdog Millionaire co-star and boyfriend Dev Patel when fan ran up behind them. She accidentally knocked the stranger into the road by turning around, but – shazam! -  then turned into SuperFreida and leapt in front of an oncoming car to pull the woman to safety.

“Afterwards, Freida made sure the woman was okay. It was quite a shock for all, especially Freida and the fan,” an eyewitness reported. What a star! Next time, Freida rescues some adorable puppies from a fur-coat loving witch and stops some evil developers from knocking down the kids’ favorite local club. We think.


Amy’s Dad Confirms Boob Job, Turns A Little Joe Simpson


Amy Winehouse‘s brilliant dad Mitch has been doing his bit for drug treatment research in the UK this week by addressing Parliament about the issues around it   – and he’s also managed to confirm the rumors his daughter’s had a bit of a boost. We recently reported the claims that Amy’s spent an incredible $56k on getting a new rack, and speaking to daytime show “This Morning,” Mitch confirms the op did happen.

“[Amy’s] Fantastic, fantastic. Her boobs are great as well. I shouldn’t have said that should I? She looks absolutely fantastic,” he said. OK, so it’s not of the haunting calibre of Joe Simpson’s now-legendary quip about daughter Jessica’s assets (“She’s got double-D’s! You can’t cover those suckers up!”), but we think there should be a blanket rule. Dads should never be allowed to speak about their daughter’s breasts, ever. Actually, they shouldn’t even be aware that they exist.  [Photo: Splash News Online]


Katie Price’s Boyfriend Drags Up For Her Book Launch

Just when we thought she couldn’t shock us anymore – for once, Katie Price has done so, but actually made us laugh while doing it. In between the sour slanging match between her and ex-husband Peter Andre that seems INTERMINABLE, Katie has of course acquired herself a new boyfriend, cage fighter Alex Reid. The initial controversy about him starring in a rape fantasy video dissipated once it was usurped by the news he was a cross-dresser with an alter-ego called Roxanne.

But far from ignoring her new man’s peccadilloes, Katie indulged them in classic attention-seeking style, at the launch of her new book. Accompanied by four male friends in drag representing different Jordan “looks,” Katie launched her style guide (no, really) yesterday at Selfridges in London with a dose of humor. But which one above, is Katie, and which is Alex? Heh heh.

(FYI, he’s the one on the far left. Of course.)


Lily Allen Stalks Sir Elton John In New Video

We thought she was supposed to be retiring from music, but we really hope Lily Allen doesn’t mean it when she puts together brilliant videos like this one. For her forthcoming single “Who’d Have Known,” Lily depicts herself as an obsessive stalker of Sir Elton John, kidnapping him from his limo and tying him to a chair in her apartment. It’s pretty funny, and the only disappointing thing about it is Elton’s played by a lookalike and not the musical legend himself.

We’re not quite sure what’s behind this visual love-letter from Lily – perhaps a long-delayed apology for the legendary GQ awards spat? But we love it regardless. [Video: YouTube ]


Renee Won’t Be Gaining Weight For Bridget Jones 3

Contrary to recent reports, there’s to be no third sequel to the Bridget Jones films, according to the movies’ star, Renee Zellweger. “I get asked every single day, and I don’t know anything. It’s a rumor,” she told E! News.

The teeny-weeny star had previously complained about the damage to her health caused by putting on (and then losing) the amounts of weight required for the normal-sized singleton, so we doubt she’s shedding many tears into her egg-white omelette. And we’re not either – the prospect of yet another unnecessary sequel where they squeeze out even thinner plot-lines to pump out the movie dollars (hello, SATC 2!) doesn’t exactly thrill us.


Report: Colin Farrell Has Second Son

Colin Farrell has reportedly become a dad for the second time. Although we only recently discovered his girlfriend Alicja Bachleda-Curus was expecting a baby, reports in her homeland of Poland claim the couple had a son last week. In an interview, her brother said, “I am delighted my little sister has given birth. I hope that before the end of the year, I can fly out to see my new nephew.”

There’s no confirmation from Colin’s rep yet, but we’ll offer a tentative congratulations to Daddy Farrell!