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Mel B’s Fitness Regimen Scares Us


Mel B’s hot, fierce body has become a new career for her these past couple of years (burlesque show, DVD, underwear modeling, various pap shots poolside with bikini and heels – you get the picture), but unless we hadn’t already guessed, it takes fearsome work to look the way she does. The former/current/oh, who cares anymore Spice Girl is the face of International Fitness Week (apparently), so gave an interview to the UK’s New! magazine terrifying us with how hard she works at it.

  • On how she stays fit: “I like to work out with other people – we might do an army workout or hike if I’m in LA. This week I’ve been running – I ran six miles yesterday and six miles the day before.”
  • On doing 600 situps each day: “I do it at the end of my workout. I do it every ten reps so it goes quickly. I rest every 200.”
  • On being “addicted” to exercise: “Once you get into it, it’s like a drug.”
  • On her diet: “I’ve trained my body to crave clean, healthy food.”

Our whole body is crying out for a nap on the sofa and a bag of Kettle chips just reading that. Still, at least Mel gives herself a break by knocking back the wine every time she’s in London (seemingly). You can take the girl out of Britain, but you can’t take the Britain out of the girl! (Photo: WireImage]


Russell Buys Katy A Zoo

The couple that pets fake animals together, stays together! Or at least we reckon that’s what Russell Brand hopes, as he’s reportedly bought inamorata Katy Perry a visit from an animatronic zoo for her birthday.  The couple saw the attraction while at LA’s The Grove shopping center, and “Katy said she would love to have a go on everything but didn’t because she didn’t want to be photographed.

“While she was looking at a goat being unloaded Russell got the contact details of the event organizers. He has arranged for the zoo to arrive at Katy’s LA home for her birthday. She will be tickled pink,” adds a source in the preposterous and highly-amusing story.

Yep, their relationship is such front page news, there are not even any birthday surprises any more. Whoops. But hey, it’s just what every girl wants.


Mischa And Lindsay Need To Take A Break


Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much makeup, hair product and designer clothes you throw on – you’re not gonna cover up the fact that you’re not at your best. And that’s just the feeling we’re getting when we look at these photos of Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton at the Whitney gala last night in New York.

It hasn’t been a great time for either of them – Mischa’s show “The Beautiful Lifewas cancelled after a spell in rehab that she is TOTALLY over, and Lindsay is now rumored to be dating a married man after having her probation extended (she’s denying it, however). Both girls desperately need to take some time out; Mischa needs to get herself a proper stylist and Lindsay needs to eat some fruit and vegetables. And that’s just for starters. [Photos: WireImage]

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Cheryl Cole’s Hips Don’t Lie

She’s already Britain’s sweetheart as one of the “X-Factor” judges, but could Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole cut it as a solo artist? That was the question obsessing the UK’s tabloids as Chezza took to the stage this past weekend to perform her solo single “Fight For This Love.”

Wearing a red military outfit that Rihanna would be proud of, Cheryl put on a storming performance that many of her (lackluster) “X-Factor” wannabes would do well to study as Pop Performance 101. Surrounded by around 30 men in uniform (which always helps), Chery’s sexy and fierce performance put her doubters to rest. As well as creating a new sexy zone by exposing her hips rather than anything else.

“It’s really going to pain me to say this, but that was incredible,” Simon Cowell said of his co-judge’s performance. Watch the clip above and judge for yourself – we say a new star is born… [Video: YouTube]


Whitney Houston Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction on British TV

Zoinks! When we got ready with our wine and hands-in-front-of-face position to watch Whitney Houston perform on last night’s “X-Factor,” the last thing we expected was the prospect of a Whit Nip Slip. But that’s just what we got when her outfit proved not enough for the returning diva and tried to escape halfway through her barnstorming performance on the British talent show.

Whitney’s glittery silver frock had already appeared to be, er, busting at the seams before the back strap gave up entirely halfway through her song. She carried on with the performance without any career-rocking exposure, but seemed highly strung out (i.e. massively p*ssed off and ready to fire the wardrobe flunky) in the post-song interview. Actually, by looking at the floor most of the way through it and “praising” the contestants by saying, “they’re young,” we’re actually officially a bit scared of La Houston. Unsupported boobs or not. [Video: YouTube]


Katy Perry “Warned” By Russell Brand’s Ex


Their romance has already lasted most of a month, which must be some sort of record for Russell Brand, but his ex-fling has shot out a warning bow for Katy Perry. Georgina Bailie, who was at the center of a huge scandal last year when Russell and fellow broadcaster Jonathan Ross left explicit messages on her grandfather’s phone on a radio show, has spoken out about her experience with the bed-hopping Lothario.

“I don’t think he’s capable of monogamy. I was part of his conveyor belt of women coming through his door. If you go to one of those famous bars or clubs in London every second girl in there knows what Russell is like in bed from personal experience,” she “revealed” to the News of the World.

Really? We haven’t slept with Russell ourselves, but god, tell us something we don’t know. We think Katy’s a big girl and probably knows more than enough about Russell’s reputation for herself. And he dressed more like a normal person, rather than a sex-crazed pirate dandy on his way to see Katy in Los Angeles this weekend (pics below), so we think this one may have legs.  [Photo: GettyImages]


Kourtney Kardashian Burgled

Kourtney Kardashian has joined an exclusive club in Hollywood, by being the latest high-profile victim of a burglary. The pregnant star (hey – is she pregnant? Wow, that’s been kept quiet.) was out Saturday night when thieves broke into her Calabasas home and stole around $108,000 worth of jewelery, according to People.

The break-in happened the day after her sister Kim’s birthday celebrations at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas, which Kourtney had attended, although on the night in question she’d been out for dinner locally with her babydaddy Scott Disick.  


David Beckham Makes Beards Hot


We hadn’t really bought the ‘shaggy hot hipster’ look until now. (Yes, we’ve seen Away We Go. Blurgh) Actually, we hadn’t even fancied David Beckham a little bit, ever, until now (it’s the voice). But what curious alchemy has combined the beard and the Beckham and turned it into a whole heap of hotness?

Victoria’s husband played an England match in his home city of London on Wednesday night, and what better gift than to convert the last few remaining women to his charms? It’s got us! [Photo: Getty Images]


Pamela Anderson Set For Pantomime Show

My, hasn’t Pamela Anderson had a busy week? First she was busy allegedly breaking child labor laws, then she flaunted her forty-something booty in her classic Baywatch swimsuit. And to top it all off, she’s – TA-DA!! – going to be performing in a season of British pantomime!

Pammy will be taking on the role of The Genie of the Lamp in Aladdin at the New Wimbledon Theatre in south London for two weeks these coming holidays. The festive shows, which come around every Christmas season in the UK, are mostly performed for family audiences and are usually good clean fun with a cheeky streak. Sounds a lot like our Pammy – although it does make us wonder if those bankruptcy rumors may be closer to the mark than she claims.


Oh Dear God, Our Eyes

Enough people have taken a pop at Katie Price in recent times – and yeah, we have too – and it’s not nice to kick an attention-seeking fame-junkie when she’s down, is it? But it’s just too damn easy when the celebrity also known as Jordan steps out looking like this.

The too-small bustier, eye-watering boobage and bright blue stripper heels would be crimes enough on their own. But the skirt made of peacock feathers deserves some shock and awe credits of its own. And we were so drawn to the unholy creation of the skirt that we nearly missed the gravity defying hair. Gah. Someone get this woman a non-blind stylist, quick!