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Madonna Felt Suicidal During Divorce

At the time she seemed the usual iconic hard-ass she’s always been, but Madonna now wants us to know she actually got properly upset over her divorce, like, you know, a normal person. The Material cougar tells Rolling Stone mag that splitting from Guy Ritchie (almost exactly a year ago… ) led to her feeling suicidal. But thank God work as an international megastar came along to save the day!

“It was a challenging year. I may have thrown myself off a building. I think work saved me. I’m very grateful I had work,” she says. But when in the last 30 years has Madge not had work? Still, glad to hear she still allows herself a small amount of human weakness.


Nicolas Cage Loses Last Castle

Seriously, how does Nicolas Cage do it? A few months ago, we reported he had to offload his Bavarian castle due to the “difficult economic situation.”  Yep, hard times when you earn around $20m a movie – we can relate, Nic. Now he’s had to trade in all of those King Nicolas dreams of his by getting rid of his remaining English pile, Midford Castle in Somerset, because he owes millions in back taxes.

Despite getting into country life (and even looking at local schools for his son), the actor’s said to have had a tax lien placed on him by LA authorities and is having to offload much of his property portfolio. “The castle is being sold in a trust sale – so it is not technically in Nicolas’s name – which may suggest a trust has been set up to sell several of his properties,” says a source. The castle’s been sold for $5.5m, a fair whack less than the $8m Nicolas paid for it. Hard times. Inexplicably so.


Amy’s Boobs – Real Or Not?

Amy Winehouse has spent much of the last week denying she’s had a boob enlargement, and whereas we initially thought it was a rubbish tabloid rumor, we’re now not so sure. Although the papers reckoned La Winehouse has spent an amazing $55k on some new knockers (what’s inserted into them, liquid platinum?), we’ve gotta admit that something’s, um, up.

Going out to buy some candy (ahh, the more things change, the more they stay the same) Mrs. Civil sported some impressive cleavage of the type that we’re calling the ‘Victoria Beckham Orb’. Just compare this current pic of Amy (on the right) with one from 2008 (left) and wonder just how much of that  is down to a “good bra” (once again, thanks Posh).


Britney Spears Named Best Mom In Ridiculous Poll

We really don’t want to be mean-spirited. We really, really don’t. But when Britney Spears is voted the best celebrity mom in a new poll (which clearly asked mostly morons) , you really have to wonder a whole lot of “whaaa?” Let’s face it – this is a woman who lost custody of her kids two years ago due to a drug-induced mental breakdown, was forced to undergo parental counseling and has only recently managed to acquire a 50% custody share with her ex. Yep, that’s just about perfect as far as an ideal parent goes!

Don’t get us wrong, we are thrilled to bits that Brit-Brit seems to have sorted herself mostly out, her hair looks nice again and our hearts melt a little bit when we see snaps of her with her picture-perfect sons. But come on, people! FFS. 


January Jones Poses For Raunchy GQ Cover, Disses Ashton Kutcher


We love Mad Men very, very much – and especially January Jones as Betty Draper, whose quiet, devastating portrayal is one of the show’s most brilliant assets. (Of course, January also has some incredible physical assets, which she is also showing off on the cover of GQ magazine, above).  So we were surprised to hear that her ex-boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher, had tried to dissuade her in a pretty undermining fashion.

“He was like, I don’t think you’re going to be good at this. So – f*** you! He only has nice things to say now-if anything, I should thank him. Because the minute you tell me I can’t do something, that’s when I’m most motivated,” she said.

Yes, and remember success is the best revenge, too. And in the great annals of TV shows, January’s Mad Men vs. Great Thespian Ashton’s: That 70’s Show – well, we think we know which one would be considered “good.” [Photos: GQ, WireImage]


Bridget Marquardt Set For UK Reality Fame

She’s recently been eclipsed by the baby-making antics of her fellow former Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson, but you can’t keep a Playboy bunny down for long, y’know. Bridget Marquardt is reportedly in talks to appear in the forthcoming series of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! in the UK – and we for one think it’s a brilliant idea.

The show’s been kind to its US competitors over the years, making stars and giving spin-off TV series to former jungle denizens David Gest and Janice Dickinson. Well, before we forgot about them again, that is. Anyhow, Bridget + bikini + gross Bushtucker Trials + British tabloids = gossip gold. Do it, Bridget, do it!


We’re Still Worried About Amy

Proof that all is still not well in Amy Winehouse’s world (apart from that underwhelming performance at the weekend). 1) She’s wearing a cheesy ‘Pink Ladies’-style top that says “Blake’s Girl”. 2) She’s still drawing freckles on her nose. 3) That’s probably enough evidence, isn’t it?


Zach Braff Is Not Dead, And Funny Too

Zach Braff was supposed to be dead? We must have missed that rumor along with most of the world, but it’s pissed off the actor so much that he made a YouTube video to, er, prove he’s not. The Scrubs star filmed the half angry half amused tirade from the set of the hit TV show to dispel the hoax news that he’d committed suicide, which started when a Twitter feed linked to a fake CNN page.

Zach’s not-dead performance is pretty funny, as he says: “If I was going to do it myself, it do it the way that everyone else would – with pots and pans. He said I died in my 32,000 square foot home in Beverly Hills… I’m not Oprah.” Even better, it ends with Donald Faison singing an R’n’B version of Wing Beneath My Wings.  Moving!

“To the douchebag that started this, you win my first ever ‘Douche of the Day’ award for making my mom upset,” Zach adds. What’s more, that “douchebag” has gone on the original page to defend his actions, explaining it was something to fool his friends back in 2007, and wasn’t meant for public consumption, only something happened with the bandwidth etc etc.  He ends by optimistically reaching out to Zach via Twitter and Facebook. Got a feeling those friend requests won’t be OK’d, though!


Ozzy: I’ll Be Sad If Kelly Marries


As if marrying into the Osbourne clan wasn’t intimidating enough, Kelly Osbourne’s lookalike fiancé Luke Worrall has to win over the approval of her dad, Ozzy. But clearly, the normal procedures of calling him “Sir” and “mistaking” Sharon for Kelly’s sister need to be ramped up a bit. In an interview with Star magazine, Ozzy hardly showers him with paternal love.

“I quite like Luke, I don’t know about him being my son-in-law right now, but he’s a nice kid.  Kelly adores him. If she gets married, it will be a sad day for me, and if they break up, Kelly will be terribly sad,” he said.

Talk about damning with faint praise! Maybe if Luke lost that Mr Hudson hair and instead grew it long, and swapped those specs for some round Lennon-style ones, Daddy O might be more favorable? [Photos: WireImage]


Rihanna “Mad” At Justin Rumors

Call off the hottest gossip story ever! To our eternal disappointment, it’s being claimed that not only is the Justin Timberlake/Rihanna rumored hookup not true, but that Ri is spitting nails over the allegation, and has texted Justin to make clear her annoyance. Bet Jessica Biel loves that (but of course, she’s not his girlfriend, is she Grandma?).

“Rihanna’s upset, mad and plain pissed off over it. It’s not just that it’s untrue; her reputation is at  stake here. It makes her look like some home-wrecker. And Jessica isn’t some stranger. They know each other, and she likes Jessica a lot,” says UK’s Star mag.

Anyway, our head hurts because of the amount of white gossip noise around the Bermuda triangle of these three – “TimbeRiel?” – means we’re totally confused from day to day. Surely the only way to settle this is if one of them spoke publicly to confirm or deny the breakup/hookup. But that would of course be far too simple. [Photos: , WireImage]