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Cam’s Man Lost Hair Through Coke Abuse

Would Cameron Diaz be so lovey-dovey with her fit new boyfriend Paul Sculfor if he was totally bald? That’s the question we’re asking ourselves this morning, after the British model (also an ex of Jen Aniston and [agh!] Lisa Snowdon, who in turn once dated George Clooney as if she would ever not stop reminding us. My goodness, Eva Mendes knew what she was talking about with that “sex recycling” business) talked about how bad his coke addiction got a few years ago.

“I bitterly regret using cocaine. Apart from anything else, it made my hair fall out. It started falling out in my partying years, because excessive cocaine abuse affects the adrenal system and halts hair growth. I’m lucky it grew back.”

Too right, Paul! Otherwise, you would just be your average slapheaded ex-model knocking 40, rather than Hollywood’s resident A-list-squiring-swordsman. And that would be just tragic.

P.S. Is that just us or is Cameron getting a bit rock’n’roll on us in that finger gesture? Must be that naughty Paul’s influence. [Now Magazine; Photo: Getty Images]


Lily Allen Threatens America With A Good Time

Good morning America! You thought you were safe, but no longer — Lily Allen‘s got a visa and she’s not afraid to use it. The outspoken, feisty London singer (favourite hobbies: kicking paparazzi photogs and being carried out of awards ceremonies having had one too many shandies was banned from the US after being held at LAX airport and questioned over her alleged paparazzo attack last year. The stroppy miss was so p*ssed off at the state of affairs that she later ripped into President Bush, calling him a “F****** C***” (a “Flipping Card”? We’re not sure) and saying: “I’ve been banned from America. That’s nice. Oh well, that means I can’t go back there. Good,” at the V Festival in 2007.

But that’s all water under the bridge now, and we’re sure you and party-hard Lily are going to be the best of friends now. Speaking at the Saatchi gallery in London, Lily said, “Yeah, I got my visa today so I’m allowed back. I can go out there and finish off what I started, which is something that I really wanted to do for a very long time. I’m so happy.”

Finish off what she started? Is this a threat or a promise? We can only wait to find out. [thisislondon; Photo: Getty Images]


Wowing UK With Total Lack Of Charisma, Zac Efron Shows Terror At Prospect Of HSM 4

The High School Musical 3 juggernaut has hit the UK with a bang, sparking the predictable hordes of hyperventilating teenage girls, who stormed the premiere in London’s Leicester Square last night. And Zac Efron and compay have been on the PR trail selling their soul plugging the latest Disney movie. But the strain’s starting to show on Z-Ef (as absolutely no-one is calling him) after a hugely lackluster interview on breakfast show GM:TV below, some “choice” cuts.

What do you think of the British fans are they more excitable over here? [Monosyllabic] “Yeah, we’re really excited to see so many fans come out.” [Rubs arm furiously].

Are you enjoying all the attention? “Er…yes” [more frantic arm rubbing].

Surely it’s better than if no-one recognized you?! ” Er … yes.”

What’s been your favorite scene to film? “Specifically? Oh, man …” [rescued at last minute by Corbin Bleu interjection].

We were momentarily roused from our doze during this scintillating interview (can’t wait to see Zac on In The Actors’ Studio at this rate!) by the frankly hilarious look of horror on his face when the subject of HSM 4 came up.

[In panicked tone] “Well, er, I don’t know, we’re promoting 3, man! Our characters have graduated!”

It’s OK, Zac, calm down. We’re sure you have a choice in this matter. Or do you? We just don’t know what kind of blood-tight contract they made you sign back in the day. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Bond Girl Born With 12 Fingers

You might have thought actresses who play Bond girls are physical specimens of perfection Halle Berry, Famke Jannsen and Eva Green don’t exactly shout “freakish body parts!” when you think of them. But the latest Bond girl, British actress Gemma Arterton, has revealed she was born with six fingers on each hand.

“It’s my little oddity that I’m really proud of,” she told Esquire magazine. “It makes me different.”

Apparently, if you look closely, you can see some little lumps on each hand, where the “tied” fingers eventually dropped off. Thereby kickstarting hundreds of Quantum of Solace websites to start up “Gemma FingerWatch” pages. …

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Rumor Alert: Katie, Tom Living Apart in NY?

They’ve been snapped out and about in NY loads while Katie Holmes prepares for her Broadway debut, but a British magazine has claimed that she and Tom Cruise are actually living separate lives in the city. Reputed fashion weekly Grazia magazine reports that whereas Katie is staying at the East Village’s American Felt Building, in a condo estimated to be over 3,000 sq ft large, there’s no room for Tom. Instead, he’s been holed up at the Carlyle Hotel more than 63 blocks away on his own.

A hotel employee tells the mag, “Tom is a guest here. He’s been coming here for years and knows he will be well looked after by the staff.” They also allege that he often dines alone in his room or holds business meetings in the plush hotel. Meanwhile, Katie, who’s been prepping her role in All My Sons since August (it’s due to officially open October 16), has opted to live alone during the run of the play. “The story is she thought that if they were living together, Tom would diminish her focus and prove too much of a distraction,” the mag quotes a theatre source as saying.

Hmmm. We’re not sure what to make of all this. If it’s true, could it be that Stepford Wife Katie is actually the deal-maker in this relationship? That the miserable-looking, scared face of Joey-from-Dawson’s-Creek is nothing but a facade for a steely, feisty woman? Our showbiz radar has just fizzled and spun on its axis. We don’t know what’s true anymore. Is nothing sacred?


Kate Moss Resigns As Party Queen, London Mourns, Bars Go Broke

Shocking news has just dropped in the UK and nightclubs, bars, late-night taxi services and paps all are reeling from the potential drop in earnings. … Kate Moss has vowed to stop partying. The British supermodel (and supercaner) has recently rekindled her romance with The Kills frontman Jamie Hince upon promising to calm down her legendary lifestyle.

“Me and Jamie are fine. He wasn’t best pleased with me going out all the time but it wasn’t a massive issue and it’s all sorted now. We’re really happy.” Kate’s quoted as saying.

Perhaps the 34-year-old style icon reckons it’s time to chill out at home with a cup of tea and an episode of The X-Factor, but frankly we think Kate should think through the ramifications of her decision. With the UK on the verge of economic collapse, we’re relying upon our hard-partying stars to keep the vastly over-priced London bar scene going. Think of the credit crunch, Kate! It’s for all our sakes! [Photo: WireImage]


Mel B Is One Spice-y Mama

Wowzers Mel B definitely has a lot of,  er, front. The Spice lady and DWTS star, who has been stripping down to her undercrackers to promote British bra range Ultimo, is definitely a good advert for the company’s uplifting qualities. On a new tour promoting the bras, Mel says:

“It’s weird seeing massive posters of me in my underwear. But it’s my body and I like it. This bra feels especially nice today. It’s not like wearing underwear — I like walking around naked so it’s perfect for me.”

Nothing like a touch of Too Much Information to really ramp up sales, eh Mel? She’s always been very in your face (sorry, we couldn’t resist). [The Sun; Photos: Splash News Online]

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The Cutest Celeb Baby Photo Ever

Sometimes in this crazy world of celebrity, it’s easy to forget just how unrealistic most of their lives are — and nothing more so when it comes to the “our baby joy” photoshoot. Over the years, we’ve become so used to being spoon-fed images of a perfectly made-up showbiz mom, with gorgeous hair and flattering lighting, we’ve forgotten what’s actually the reality of having a baby. And the rest of us with kids — who love it, don’t get us wrong — look at our uncombed hair, vomiting child and stained joggers and wonder where it all went wrong.

And this is why Minnie Driver deserves a bloody medal. The British actress and singer, who gave birth to baby Henry last month, has sideswiped the usual celeb hoo-ha and resisted signing up for the predictable photoshoot of perfection. Instead, she posted a totally adorable photo on her MySpace page of her and her four-week-old son. Naturally, Henry’s a total cutie, but Minnie looks fantastic. She’s not got a scrap of makeup on, that blue T-shirt has definitely seen better days, and her hair is crying out for some serum. But that’s why it’s perfect — Minnie looks like a real mom who actually knows what’s most important. You totally rock, Minnie!


Rumer Willis Never Friends With Lindsay Lohan

Rumer Willis is known in the UK, for, well, not doing anything but being the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. So she’s given an interview to Style mag to redress the balance somewhat, and starts off in terrific style by denying she was ever friends with Lindsay Lohan.

“We were acquaintances, like many in this business. That’s it, full stop.” Okaaaay. And do many “acquaintances” like to speak out on behalf of their “acquaintance” when they go into rehab? Or give them pap-friendly kisses like at the Cinematheque awards in 2006 (above)? Or be such good party “acquaintances” that stepdad Ashton Kutcher sat down and “warned” you off her (originally from the Chicago Sun-Times)?

Frankly, it’s a mystery. Rumer also ‘fesses the slightly disconcerting news that as a teenager, she had Ashton’s poster on her wall (“I did, amongst others. It was a bit strange, but we adapted pretty quickly.” You’d have to!) and that many people assume she’s a lesbian because of her short haircut (“I do get that. I must be a lesbian, gay, whatever, people judging me by my appearance.”) But we’re still reeling from her Lindsay slamdown. Brrr, is it cold in here or is it just us? [Photo: Getty Images]


George Clooney’s Ex Can’t Stop Talking About Him, Rates His Bedroom Skills

Only two weeks into this series of Strictly Come Dancing (that’s the UK’s original Dancing with the Stars, don’t you know) and contestant Lisa Snowdon has already played the George card. Sigh. We were hoping against hope that the model-turned-presenter would find it in her heart not to inflict her “I Used To Date George Clooney! I Did! I Did!” dreariness on us for fricking ONCE, but it seems that it was just too hard not to.

In an interview with radio station Southern FM, Lisa rated George: “Nine and a half out of ten in bed. It was a good time in my life, we had a laugh. It was a pretty normal relationship at times. Obviously when other megastars used to rock up that used to be a bit of a ‘pinch yourself’ moment.”

Yes, and you’ve clearly never had to stop dining out on it either! And have even managed to turn it into a career. Congratulations, Lisa. We know you went out with George Clooney. We’re very pleased that you did. But it’s over now. He’s moved on. Please can you? [News of the World; Photo: Getty Images]