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Eva Mendes Disses J.Lo, ‘Sex Recycling’

We love Eva Mendes because she ain’t afraid to call a spade a spade — or a power-fuelled diva a power-fuelled diva, as the case may be. In an interview with ES Magazine in London, Eva lays it all on the line to try and firmly bury those comparisons to Jennifer Lopez.

“I would like to think I will have a more serious career than J-Lo. We may both be of Latino origin, but that’s where the comparisons stop. She manages her career like the head of a big corporation, whereas the only thing I care about is becoming the best actress possible.”

Whoah. And J.Lo could probably fire your ass as well — but Eva didn’t stop there!

“I would never consider going out with another actor because it’s always difficult to have two egocentric people in one relationship. It’s a smaller circle than you realize and everybody has slept with everybody. It’s this sex-recycling machine and I don’t want to be part of it.”

Quite. But we love you Eva! Come round to our house and play “Six Degrees Of Sex-eration” with us. We want to know exactly who’s been, er, “recycling” who. [Photo: Getty Images]


Peaches And Scream

Another day, another story in the UK about pointless celebrity Peaches Geldof‘s appalling behaviour. This time, the dubiously-talented daughter of Sir Bob Geldof stormed off at a personal appearance in Ireland, after deeming to turn up an hour late and stay for a whole minute. Poor Peaches, you can see why it was tough on her, no?

But those who have despaired at just how this irritating teen has managed to shrug off a litany of reported stroppy rudeness, a video scandal showing her buying some very dubious products indeed, and how she has managed to parlay being a Rock Daughter into a lucrative DJing “career” may want to keep their eyes peeled for Peaches’ new TV venture.

An upcoming documentary on MTV UK following Peaches’ latest venture in editing a vanity project magazine called Disappear Here, shows her as a “monster” according to the woman in charge. Heather Jones, MTV’s UK managing director for content and creativity, said that no amount of editing could portray the 19 year old positively.

“Bob founded Ten Alps (the production company) so he had a final say in the content. But she’s a monster! Everything that comes out of her mouth is horrendous, and that will still show through.”

Goodness gracious. When the suits are saying this, it’s something else. We can’t wait to watch it on October 19 and verify said monstrousness. [Mr Paparazzi; Photo: Getty Images]


Kate Moss Finally Runs Out Of Fashion Ideas

We don’t know about you, but when we were 10, our idea of the ultimate in a cool look was a direct copy of Olivia Newton John at the end of Grease. A cropped leather jacket with big lapels? Big, teased hair? A sulky “yeah, so what” sneer? All present and correct for the pre-teen who wants to look like they might have an ounce of rebellion in them. Grrr.

And at 34 years old, Kate Moss has discovered this look, too. No matter she’s the woman who pioneered edgy British fashion, and is held up as a natural style icon for the world to see. No, when the going gets tough, it’s good to see that even Kate digs out her old videos for inspiration. [Photo: WireImage]


Meg Ryan An Alien, Claims British Star

Meg Ryan’s ex-husband Dennis Quaid made it clear this week he’s not her greatest fan ever, and now normally mild-mannered British star Michael Parkinson has waded into the fray. The legendary chat show host had a notoriously disastrous interview with Meg in 2003, and in his new autobiography firmly lays the blame at her moody-ass door.

“She was uncooperative from the start. One reviewer said she “glided from slight frostiness to naked hostility via snooty disdain,” he writes. “There comes a point in an interview where it serves no purpose to continue. The only question left is: ‘Why did you bother turning up and then not trying?’ She seemed as if she had been beamed into the show from another universe.”

Have a look at one of the infamous clips below (and another one here) and see what you think. For the record, Meg blames Parky for her dismal reputation in the UK, saying “His chat show has a lot to answer for, the UK public loathe me thanks to him.”

Yeah. It’s all his fault, Meg. You tried, you really did!

[Photo: Getty Images]


Russell Brand Wants To Suckle Sarah Silverman’s Breasts

It’s worth bracing yourself for comedy’s newest coupling, after UK star Russell Brand made clear his intentions to seduce Sarah Silverman.

Russell’s already made somewhat of a ‘name’ for himself in Britain, after being linked to Kate Moss, Courtney Love, Kimberley Stewart and many, many more lucky ladies. (Can you tell we’re a bit biased?) And now, fresh from his MTV VMA presenting gig, he’s landed a one-off stand-up show on Comedy Central.

“Comedy Central is home to South Park, The Daily Show, and The Sarah Silverman Program,” Russell said. “I’m thrilled to have such esteemed neighbors. Particularly Sarah Silverman, whom I shall be troubling for cups of sugar and milk breast milk.”

You’ll agree, it’s not your average, common or garden chat-up line, but you never know, it may just work. We’re getting ready for the inevitable ‘I’m F*cking [insert A-list star name here]’ videos, although in Russ’s case they may go on very long indeed. [The Sun; Photo: Getty Images]


Rick Astley: King of the World!

Has the Rickrolling craze just gone way too far or is this the best, funniest news ever? We can’t decide but on hearing that Rick Astley is up for Best Act Ever at the forthcoming MTV Europe Music Awards, we’re stunned, either way!

The British pop star, who experienced a second wave of fame this year when an online meme viral linked to his 1987 hit Never Gonna Give You Up, is competing against Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, Tokio Hotel and U2 to win the award.

This is Rick Astley, people! Who last had a proper chart hit in the UK in 1991. Seriously. Actually, it would be amazing if he won. Could you imagine the Bono rage? Probably worth it for that alone. …

We’ll find out at the MTV Europe awards from Liverpool on November 6.

Editor’s Note (and total non sequitur): Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sex tape hits Internet!

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Sharon Stone Nearly Botox-ed Her Baby

There’s a tipping point where eccentric Hollywood diva-ness goes totally bonkers, and Sharon Stone has crossed it. Actually, she’s crossed it so far that she can’t remember what the point even looked like, it was so long ago.

Court papers have revealed that Shazza wanted to Botox her son Roan’s feet to get rid of an odor problem. Let’s just let that sink in, shall we? Small child, smelly feet. Injecting them with a paralyzing toxin is the first thing that crosses any parent’s mind, really.

Sharon last week lost custody of Roan, 8, to ex-husband Phil ‘Komodo Dragon’ Bronstein and the court’s statement of decision reveals the eccentric demand. The documents say:

“Mother suggested that Roan should have Botox injections in his feet to resolve a problem he had with foot odor. As father appropriately noted, the simple and common sense approach of making sure Roan wore socks with his shoes and used foot deodorant corrected the odor problem without the need for any invasive procedure on this young child.”

Mehhhh. We’re scared. If you’re in the LA area, start washing and spraying liberally, because Sharon could be round that next corner, brandishing a syringe with your stinky name on it.  [Daily Mail; Photo: Getty Images]


Pam Anderson Talks Playboy, Boobs, Bad Boys

Maybe it’s just us, but every time we see an interview with Pammy Anderson, we read it with the wide-eyed hope of an innocent child. Maybe she’ll tell us about what it feels like to be an aging sex symbol? Dish the dirt on working with David Hasselhoff? Reveal that she’s really shacked up with Liz Hurley in a Lindsay‘n’Sam style love-in? Anything but the same old crap she’s been peddling for more than 15 tedious years.

“I don’t think I’ll be doing Playboy at 60 but I’m doing it again later this year for sure,” Pam told Closer magazine in an interview. What a stunner!

And: “I guess Tommy is the love of my life.” Wow!

Followed by: “I’m sure there will be something else [surgery-wise] when it comes to my boobs. There will be something going on there sometime.” Amazing!

We don’t know about you, but we’re reeling from those shocking revelations. Or maybe we’ve just fallen asleep standing up. — [Closer magazine; Photo: Getty Images]


How To Get Pink To Do You

She’s a single gal now — gentlemen, please form an orderly queue. Singer Pink has revealed that all you need to do to seduce her is hang out at a gas station and perhaps step in some dog crap on the way over. The smells that send the peroxide singer totally batshit horny are idiosyncratic, to say the least.

“Diesel fuel and canine,” she dribbled on the Paul O’Grady show in the UK, while sniffing the exhaust of a tractor. (True!) “It’s so good. And diesel is cheaper than regular.”

In these cash-strapped credit crunch times, it’s good to know that even millionaire pop stars will think about their beau’s budgets. Thanks, Pink!

Of course, anyone planning a Pink party will have to get used to the presence of her ex husband Cary Hart, who’s still very much a part of her life even though she bashed him in her latest single, “So What.”

“We are really friends, and really yummy, and confuse the hell out of everybody.” Ain’t ex-love grand? [Photo: Getty Images]