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Sylvester Stallone Makes A Deal


Yesterday was a good day for Sylvester Stallone. The action star turned artist unloaded two of his original paintings yesterday at Art Basel in Miami – and made a whopping $90,000! An abstract piece was purchased by hotel mogul Steve Wynn for $40,000 and a self-portrait from the 70s was purchased by an art gallery for $50,000. Sylvester’s work was shown at Zurich based Gmurzynska Gallery, in the same space as Colombian legend Fernando Botero. “I’m not just painting for painting’s sake. I want to be truthful,” Sly told reporters of his work. Not bad for his first gallery show! [Photo: Splash News Online]


K-Fed Is Happy Britney Found Love Again


It looks like Kevin Federline and Britney Spears may be ending up one of those divorced couples who actually act maturely to raise their children. In a new interview, Kevin says that he is very happy Brit Brit has found love again with agent Jason Trawick. “Yeah, I’m totally happy for her. That’s all I want…you want your children’s mother to be happy. It’s great,” Kevin says.

Speaking of, how are those children doing?  “They love dancing, it’s in their blood. It’s so funny, they’ll go around the house and they try to breakdance. They imitate their mother a lot because they’ve been to the shows, it’s really funny to watch. I mean, they’re kids and they’re like a sponge, it’s interesting to watch them come into their own little characters,” Kevin said. The former backup dancer recently went on a major weight loss plan as part of his appearance on “Celebrity Fit Club.” “A couple of years ago I could tell my metabolism was slowing down and it’s just like my stomach was growing and growing on a daily basis. Gettin’ out of control. We were in Miami a couple of months ago and the paparazzi got a picture of me with my shirt off at the pool and when I saw that I was just like, WOW,” Kevin says. See, those pesky paparazzi ARE good for something!  [Source: OK!; Photo: Splash News Online]


Khloe Kardashian Wants To Lose More Weight


Kim Kardashian may be announcing that she has her ideal body, but little sis Khloe Kardashian isn’t quite where she wants to be physically. On Monday, Kim posted photos of her and Khloe in bikinis during a photo shoot for Quicktrim in Miami, but Khloe was in the dark that the photos were going public. “Honestly, I didn’t even know Kim had Twittered that photo,” Khloe says. “I was like, you didn’t even ask if you could twit-pics a bikini photo of me!”

Kim commented that she feels fit and happy with her body. “I really feel I have reached my fitness goal and now I am toned, fit, and at a healthy weight and I just need to keep it up,” she blogged. Khloe, however, feels she has more work to do. “Kim is at her weight goal. I am not,” Khloe says. Khloe admits being in love has been challenging when it comes to getting in shape. “I’ve gained a little love weight. But I know by this summer I will have my ultimate bikini body. But I’m still happy,” she says. [Source: Us Weekly; Photo:]


Michael Jackson Portrait Unveiled At Art Basel


There may be tons of celebrities rolling into Miami for Art Basel, but the late Michael Jackson is still the king of the event. An elegant portrait of the late King of Pop was debuted by 32-year-old New York artist Kehinde Wiley yesterday. The painting, titled “Equestrian Portrait of King Philip II” was actually commissioned by Michael himself, but he died before he could see it, and Kehinde finished it anyway. Kehinde is known for putting hip-hop youth in classical Royal portraiture, and apparently Michael was a big fan of his work and always wanted a portrait done of himself. Michael Jackson tributes are already emerging as a strong theme at the festival, which opens to the public today: Yvon Lambert presented two works, “Gold Bubbles” and “Silver Bubbles”  by artist Jonathan Monk.


Barbara Walters Thinks Kate Gosselin Is Fascinating


The end of the year is coming, and that means that Barbara Walters will air her annual special on the most fascinating people in the world (according to her, natch). Making the list this year is our favorite porcupine-haired mother of eight – Kate Gosselin! Although her ex-hubby Jon did not make the cut (what, Babs – Ed Hardy, cigarettes, and college parties aren’t fascinating?), other celebs including Adam Lambert, Sarah Palin, and Lady Gaga all make the exclusive list. So, who will Barbara declare the most fascinating of all? Find out when her special airs on ABC on December 9th. [Photo: Getty Images]


Pamela Anderson Steals Tools?


I mean we all know Pamela Anderson likes a good screw, but do you really need to steal to get one? The Baywatch babe has been ordered to appear in Small Claims Court to respond to allegations that she has not returned tools and other supplies to one of the contractors who worked on her Malibu estate. Pam, who ironically kick started her television career with her role as the “Tool Time Girl” on Home Improvement has been sued by Condey Construction group for $5,000.

This is not Pammy’s first brush with legal troubles this year: she was sued by five other contractors this year. Just give back the power drill and stop causing so much trouble! [Source: RadarOnline; Photo: Getty Images]


Tori And Candy Spelling Make Up?


Tori Spelling and mom Candy Spelling have reportedly mended their broken relationship, and Candy has even been spending time with her grandchildren! The feuding pair reportedly “began talking again in September, when they were both in the hospital,” reveals a source. “Tori was being treated for a stomach ailment, while mama Spelling underwent back surgery.”

Things are apparently going so well that the reconciled family has even been having some playdates. “Candy finally met Tori and hubby Dean McDermott‘s 18-month old daughter Stella. She has also spent time with grandson Liam, 2, who she apparently hadn’t seen in over a year,” a source claims. Let’s hope these two don’t have any more petty feuds! [Source: E! Online; Photo: Getty Images]


Kim and Khloe Kardashian Take Miami


Khloe Kardashian’s married life looks like it is treating her very well, and her big sister Kim ain’t doin’ so bad either! The notoriously sexy brunettes headed down to Miami and slipped on some sexy bikinis to film a Quicktrim commercial, an experience Kim just had to blog about.

“The beach was so beautiful and we were having such a great time enjoying the sand and sun,” Kim writes. “I really feel like I have reached my fitness goal and now I am toned, fit, and at a healthy weight and I just need to keep it up!”

Yes, definitely keep it up girls. Looking good! [Source, Photos:]

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EXCLUSIVE: Alex Reid: Getting Dumped On National TV Was “Horrible”


Cage fighter Alex Reid is moving on with his life after being dumped on national TV by his former girlfriend, glamour model Katie Price. “It was hard at first,” Alex tells The FABlife, “I am on the front page of the papers in the UK every day, they call me everything from a loser to a cross dresser. I was dumped on national TV. It was horrible!” Katie split from husband Peter Andre in May and quickly made the athletic Alex her new beau, even allowing him to take care of her children, which angered her former husband.

Alex, however, is picking up the pieces and moving on with his career. “I am producing a movie about cage fighters and UFC, and it’s going really well,” Alex told TheFABlife at the Beverly Hills Hotel last night, where he was spotted with a cute blond. A pal affectionately said of his apparent “upgrade” in women, “You had McDonalds and now you have filet mignon.” It looks like Alex is moving on with his career – AND love life! [Photo: Getty Images]


EXCLUSIVE: White House Crasher Faked Being A Washington Redskins Cheerleader


White House crasher Michaele Salahi is apparently a repeat offender. According to a source, she once tried to fake being an NFL cheerleader. Jen Sibley, a former cheerleader who worked with the blonde poser at Nordstroms in McClean, VA from 1989 to 1994, says she was shocked to see Michaele at a 2005 Redskins Cheerleader Alumni reunion. The source says she had no idea that Michaele, who worked at the makeup counter and was always “dressed in Chanel suits,” had been a cheerleader.

But the reunion wasn’t the first time Michaele posed as a cheerleader. She actually tried to fake it in 1994 at a Nordstrom employee store event. “One day we had an early morning pep rally before the Nordstrom anniversary sale, and Michaele requested to borrow my pom poms. I was very nervous about this as NFL cheerleaders have strict rules not to lend their uniforms to anyone under any circumstances. As all of our outfits were one-of-a-kind originals, and not anyone could borrow them – if they did we could get cut from the team. I figured they were just pom poms, so it should be ok,” Sibley exclusively tells The FABlife.

Michaele then showed up to the performance, and although she looked the part with her borrowed pom poms, she could not fake her way through the dance routine. “She could not dance at all,” Sibley laughs. “It became apparent she was trying to fake her way into looking like a cheerleader, in order to position herself as a social gem in society.” Our source confirms what many suspect, “Micahele is a con artist on every level.” [Photo: Getty Images]