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Meet Victoria’s Secret SWIM Cover Model


Isn’t she lovely? Her name is Lindsay Ellingson, and you will be seeing much more of her if you pick up the 2010 Victoria’s Secret SWIM catalogue. The model shot a sexy photo shoot for the company on Necker Island, which she called “really an experience of a lifetime.” The blonde beauty poses in Victoria’s Secret’s latest swimwear, including, get this – a “topless” bikini! You know Coco has that page bookmarked and is already on the phone ordering it in all available fluorescent colors – before Shauna Sand beats her to it! [Source: People; Photo: Russell James]


It Smells Like Kim Is Ka$hing In Again!


After Kim Kardashian went soft-core with her Quick Trim ad, the reality starlet decided she wanted to do a little something different when she shot the ad for her latest moneymaker, her new namesake perfume. She called up her pal Snooki and borrowed one of her classy giant hoop earrings so she could pose seductively in it while pushing her new scent. That was nice of Snooki to be so generous with her luxurious jewels, although if she had her way she would have had Kimbo hit the tanning bed before such an important photo shoot and would have advised the photographer to shoot Kim from the back, so her thong was more exposed. But she gives Kim props for trying and thinks the white feathered jacket she borrowed from Tiger Woods‘ mistress #12 was a nice touch. Like Kim, we can all only aspire to the elegance and dignified style of our fave Jersey Shore cast member.


Cosmo Bashes Snooki’s Love Of Tanning


Love her or hate her, “Jersey Shore’s” Snooki is all over the place! Although her controversial style might make some people sick (i.e. her “Porn Star In Training” trucker hat and her “freakin’ poof”) some of her choices are downright unhealthy.  Cosmopolitan wrote an open letter to the reality star in their latest issue, bashing her love of tanning beds and slamming the tanorexic star for advocating a “dangerous” beauty practice. Check out the letter the mag writes to Snooki below.

Dear Snooki,

We’re not afraid to admit it: even though Jersey Shore is the latest show-you-love-to-hate, we kinda like you. Your “Porn Star in Training” trucker hat makes us laugh. Your back walkovers in a thong and mini skirt impress us. And your ability to come up with jewels like, “He shows his good side then he shows his jerk off side, that’s what I like: a good guy and a jerk off, it’s all in the same,” give us writer’s envy.

But as great as you are, there’s one thing about you that really bothers us. (And no, it’s not your “freakin’ poof.”) Our issue with you is that you bake your skin. We were willing to overlook the comments about your ideal man being “Italian, dark, muscles, juice-head, guido” since maybe you just meant a naturally dark-skinned guy (who, uh, uses Steroids?) and your ultimate dream being “to move to Jersey, find a nice juiced, hot, tanned guy and live my life” since maybe you were referring to a guy who spray-tans (and, uh, uses Steroids?).

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Kim And Khloe’s Sexy Quick Trim Ad

Although Kim Kardashian tries to keep her sex-tape past behind her, one can’t help but remember where the reality show star got her start when viewing her new Quick Trim ad. Kim face-f*cks the camera and parades around in her bikini, while sis Khloe slithers around in bed in a men’s white collared shirt. Everything in this commercial screams soft-core: from the cheesy music to Kim seductively looking into the camera and asking, “How hot can you be?” Those Kardashians know what they’re good at!


Angelina Jolie’s Mom Leaves $300,000 To Grandkids


As if they weren’t blessed enough already, with the best looking parents and privileges money can buy, three of Brangelina’s babies have a little extra moolah to look forward to. Angelina Jolie‘s late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, left $100,000 each to Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh. They can access the money when they are 25. Angelina’s mother passed away when she was 56 in January 2007.

The remaining Brangelina three: Pax, Vivienne, and Knox were left out, but only because they weren’t around when the will was written up. “Grandma’s will was last updated in 2006, before any of them came into the picture…so they lose out,” TMZ reports. We wouldn’t exactly call the jetsetting life of a Jolie-Pitt “losing out,” but hey, you can’t have it all! [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Getty Images]


Lourdes Has A Boyfriend!


Lourdes Leon has shown she has fabulous style, but now Madonna‘s 13-year-old daughter reportedly has a boyfriend! Madge’s first-born is apparently dating a guy named Carlos, and the private teen is working overtime to keep the relationship on the DL. According to a source, the singer is cool with Lola kicking off her dating life. “Actually, Madonna is totally fine with it because she knows its not that serious at the moment,” they said. “She allowed Lourdes to take him to the premiere of the movie Nine In New York last month and they have met up several times since.”

Though while Madge is reportedly down with the new beau, she and Lola often disagree on fashion. Says the insider: “Occasionally, they argue because Lourdes might like to wear something her mother doesn’t agree with. Like all mothers and daughters, they have disagreements. That’s OK with Madonna. Madonna told me, ‘I want her to learn to argue and stand up for herself. And if she can stand up to me, she can stand up to anyone.'” [Photo: Getty Images]


EXCLUSIVE: Hef’s Twins Kick Off 2010


2009 was quite a year for Karissa and Kristina Shannon. Hugh Hefner‘s 19-year-old twin girlfriends went from obscurity to running around town with the world’s most famous playboy, and his third girlfriend, Crystal Harris. TheFABlife’s Libby Keatinge joined the bubbly blondes as well as other playmates, former girlfriends, and celebrities as they celebrated the end of 2009 and ushered in 2010 with an exclusive bash at the Playboy Mansion. Check out our gallery for all the details on Hef’s fabulous New Year’s Eve party! [Photo: Elayne Lodge]

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Kevin Jonas: My Honeymoon Was “Amazing”


Kevin Jonas married Danielle Deleasa in a fairytale wedding. How could it get any better? Apparently the new couple was able to make it even better; they jetted off to the One & Only Palmilla Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for their honeymoon and the newlyweds could not stop gushing about the place!

“The honeymoon was amazing: the place, the people, and the food. All of it was a dream come true,” they said. The couple released a photo to People, showing the glowing duo taking in all Mexico has to offer. When they return from the honeymoon, Kevin and Danielle will reportedly make their home in Texas, but plan to make frequent trips to Danielle’s family in New Jersey. Although they will be settling down in their new home, don’t expect any babies yet! They will focus on a new Maltese Yorkie puppy. In the future, however, the couple plan to expand their family. “Definitely,” Kevin said, when it comes to having kids. But just how many? “Nine,” the singer joked. [Source:; Photo: Splash News Online]


Kim And Khloe Kourtside


Kim Kardashian reportedly makes $10,000 per tweet, but that doesn’t mean she should be glued to the phone when she goes to watch brother-in-law Lamar Odom play with his Lakers! Kim and Khloe sat courtside at Lakers vs. Mavericks game last night, but spent a lot of their time looking at something fascinating on Kim’s phone. Despite the fact that they weren’t focusing on the game – the Lakers clearly were. They beat the Mavericks 131-96! [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Mariah Lives Up To Her Diva Reputation


They don’t call Mariah Carey a diva for nothing! The songbird lived up to her high-maintenance reputation this weekend when she performed at the Borgata in Altantic City. Reportedly Mimi put on quite a show backstage as well. Mrs. Nick Cannon had stagehands bring out a chaise, retouch her hair and makeup and even pour her a glass of bubbly – all in front of the soldout crowd.

But Mariah isn’t ashamed – she owns her divalicious behavior! “Do they expect me to stand up for the whole show? They call me a diva…because I am,” she said. Besides the constant primping, Mariah also reportedly had “a ton of requests” for her hotel suite and needed ten carts to carry in all of her luggage! [Source: NYDN; Photo: Getty Images]