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Jessica Simpson Goes To Jail!


Jessica Simpson is dating Billy Corgan, but she had to take a little time away from her man when she went to the slammer last night! But not for long! The VH1 reality star showed up at the L.A. Country Sheriff’s Department in West Hollywood to try to bail out her pal and makeup artist Mary Phillips, who had been arrested for being drunk in public, but sadly Jessica had to leave without her friend.

“She was arrested for being drunk in public, and she was not released to Jessica because you can’t release someone who has not sobered up,” Deputy Aura Sierra said. “They’re going to release her a little later when she’s sobered up. I don’t know what time that will be. It could be a minimum of 6 to probably 8 hours.” Looks like we will see Jessica at the Jailhouse Part 2 this afternoon! [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Getty Images]


Khloe Kardashian Thinks Sister Kourtney Is “Brainwashed”


Khloe Kardashian slapped Scott Disick already, but the youngest Kardashian is not quite yet done with her sister’s babydaddy. “He’s brainwashing you!” Khloe says of Kourtney Kardashian‘s boyfriend in the new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. When Scott tells Khloe that her slapping him was out of line, Khloe responds, “You are disgusting, and you are going way too overboard.” Scott then challenges Khloe to a rematch! “Why don’t you get mad again? Go hitting somebody!” he says as Khloe walks away. Check out the drama-filled video of their fight after the jump! [Photo: Getty Images]

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Hanukkah Hotties: The Top Jewish Hollywood Beauties


Tonight is the eighth crazy night of Hanukkah, and we’ve got some sexy Jewish hotties for you to celebrate with! Whether they are spinning their dreidels or firing up their menorahs, these girls always look fine. Check out our gallery of the top Jewish Hollywood beauties. Mazel tov! [Photo: Maxim, Marie Claire Magazine, Stuff Magazine]

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Stephanie Pratt: Smokin’ Hot!


Rehab-bound Stephanie Pratt lights up while posing for the new issue of Maxim and talks about how she really feels about big brother Spencer Pratt, her sister-in-law Heidi Montag, and dating in Los Angeles.

On appearing in Maxim: “When I bought Heidi’s Maxim, I was like, ‘She made it.’ Maxim has always been the one magazine to me that, if you’re in it, you can die happy. If you think about who’s been in Maxim, it’s everybody I’ve ever had a poster of on my wall. Growing up all my idols were women. I didn’t have the Backstreet Boys on my walls; it was always women. My parents probably thought I was a lesbian!”

On whether The Hills is fake: “None of us have studied acting. We can’t cry on the spot. My brother really didn’t talk to me for eight months because I went to Lauren Conrad’s birthday party! I think all of us have had the feeling that it would be easier to be on a scripted show.”

On having her life be an open book:
“I love every door it’s opened, but it is hard. You need a thick skin.”

On if being on TV has helped a love life?
“Ugh. The guys in L.A. are so awful. I feel like I know half of them, and the other half I don’t want to know. They’re all wearing Ed Hardy shirts and trucker hats that say female body inspector. But I’m not looking for someone. I do not want to find my Mr. Right at 23.”

Although Stephanie  may look good now, she won’t for long if she keeps up that nasty nicotine habit! This reality star is not alone, however. There are many other celebrities who like to smoke. Check them out in our celebrity smokers gallery! [Source: Maxim, Photo: Chris Fortuna]

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Pamela Anderson: Champagne To Go!


Pamela Anderson reportedly stole some tools and is she now stealing booze? No, no, no – no thievery this time, just taking her liquor to go!  Last night the former Baywatch babe was spotted exiting Panto at the Wimbledon Theater in London clutching a bottle of Veuve Clicquot before heading out to a party. Pam is a busy girl – no wonder she needs to party on the go! [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Kevin Jonas To Marry This Weekend


One Jonas will be officially off the market after this weekend – reportedly Kevin Jonas will be tying the knot in Long Island on Saturday! The eldest Jonas will wed former hairdresser Danielle Deleasa after a five month engagement. The couple met in the Bahamas in 2007 when they were both on vacation with their families. The wedding rehearsal will reportedly have a roller skating rink and guests at the Saturday nuptials, including rumored Joe Jonas squeeze Demi Lovato, will dine on filet mignon, sea bass, chicken, and vegetable tart.  Sounds fun! Congrats! [Source: RadarOnline; Photo: Getty Images]


Dita Von Teese “Shocked” Americans Think Burlesque Is So Taboo


Dita Von Teese is considered a burlesque goddess in Europe, but the queen of stripping down feels people in the U.S. don’t quite understand her art. “I don’t mean to America bash, but it is interesting that burlesque is an American invention. Burlesque as we know it and the great burlesque that was prevalent in America in the 30s and 40s in big theaters with big stars that were in the movies and on TV and wrote books. It’s shocking to imagine it is now 75 years later and people are still saying, ‘I don’t get it, she’s a stripper'” the former bride of Marilyn Manson says.

“I don’t mind being called that because that is what I do, but I don’t understand why there is such a taboo attached to it. Basically what I do is like an actress that has nude scenes in a movie, it’s part of my role and its part of what my show is. It’s not really any different. I think it’s just too easy for people to criticize,” she says. [Source:; Photo: Getty Images]


Words Of Wisdom From 50 Cent


Everybody seems to have an opinion on Tiger Woods and his cheating scandal, but 50 Cent has some words of advice. According to the rapper, Tiger wouldn’t have been caught had he behaved in a more “gangster” way. 50 says, “Tiger, it’s interesting. Fear factor – you need a little fear there, a woman need to feel that maybe he’s going to snap, ‘So I ain’t going to say that'”

“With Tiger there’s no fear there. They be like, ‘He left a message on my phone, he say he love me. He was going to leave her.”

“And he says, “Hey it’s Tiger baby I was trying to get my freak on a little later – if you could call me back. ”

“Damn, he’s been tried and convicted when his wife hears that.”

The best advice that 50 gave however, was that Tiger should have used condoms. “Thirteen women and no condoms – you’re a gambling man ain’t you Tiger?” [Source: Mirror; Photo: Getty Images]


Happy Holidays From The Kardashians…And Ryan Seacrest?


Kourtney Kardashian giving birth to baby Mason Dash Disick got those Kardashians all in a tizzy and they went and printed and mailed hundreds of copies of their Christmas cards without noticing that a non-family member had slithered his way in. “What is Ryan Seacrest doing in the pic!!?” Kim Kardashian wrote on her blog. “Hahaha I love you to death Ryan, but it’s a bit of a stretch to call you a member of the Kardashian family, don’t you think?”

Maybe this was all a carefully calculated scheme plotted by Khloe, to keep Scott Disick out of the photo? Just look at her face in this photo. Khloe definitely looks like she is up to something. We all know she doesn’t much care for him and likes to slap Kourtney’s babydaddy around. Or maybe she was seeking revenge for a holiday card of years past, where her name was spelled incorrectly. Oops! Check it out in our gallery!

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Coco Pumps Iron


Now this is how you work it out. The bride of Ice-T shows us a thing or two about how to pump iron. The class act known as Coco posted this photo on her Twitter and said, “This is how you do squats in the gym! With stripper heels! Haha – Coco’s workout secrets!” Giving Shauna Sand a run for her money!