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Jason Mraz Engaged, Can Really Enjoy That Mistletoe

The presents are wrapped and under the tree, the stockings are hung, and your normally rowdy family is in a stupor from gallons upon gallons of eggnog: sounds like the perfect perfect time to pop the question to us! At least one man doesn’t have to worry if he got the right gift now that Jason Mraz is engaged to girlfriend Tristan Prettyman, who should definitely not change her last name when they get married.

Mraz announced the engagement last night, where else, on Twitter. “SHE SAID YES.” Jason tweeted Thursday. Tristan was equally thrilled, hitting Twitter to tell the world, “For Once. I Am Speechless…..i did good! holy crap! man of my dreams!!! for the rest of my life!!!” You did real good, girl! Now they can go smugly show off the rock all their high school friends still in town. If you can’t make others jealous when you have holiday good news, then when can you?

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Justin Bieber Is The Real Santa


Spoiler alert! Sorry to ruin the fantasy, but it turns out that instead of a fat jolly immortal grandpa, Santa Claus is actually a charming teenager with zero split ends and the voice of an angel. Justin Bieber teamed up with Atlanta’s Q100 for the “Stuff Bieber’s Bus” toy drive for the kids at Children’s Healthcare. Justin parked his tour bus outside the city’s Philips Arena and rallied charitable ATLiens to drop off toys for ailing girls and boys. Who can say no to that little elf face?

Bieber used the power of  the Twitter-verse to rally support for donations. “Every child deserves a toy this holiday season. Let’s make sure these kids in the hospitals have a smile on their face. #makeachange” he tweeted. Between Bieber’s followers and the folks rallied by the radio station’s promotions, the bus ended up packed with enough toys for every patient at the children’s hospital to have one. “I think that it doesn’t really matter what you do. As long as you’re helping other people, why not do it?” said Justin. So don’t be surprised when you see Justin Bieber chowing down on cookies at 4:00am in your living room. He looks like an oatmeal raisin man to us.  [Photo: Getty Images]

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Ryan Reynolds Files For Divorce From ScarJo Two Days Before Christmas


Looks like someone wanted to give himself the gift of a single New Year’s Eve this year. Despite their recent lunch meeting and seeming amicability, Ryan Reynolds filed for divorce from Scarlett Johansson on Thursday in Los Angeles. The filing comes less than two weeks after the pair officially announced their separation, following rumors of jealousy and constant bickering. Yeah, if someone rushes to file for divorce the week before Christmas, you have to assume he or she or both of them want out of that marriage stat.

According to the filing, neither party is asking for spousal support. With Reynolds starring in the new Green Lantern and Scarlett tapped to play Black Widow in The Avengers, the last thing either of them is likely to miss is the other’s millions. Hopefully they can be civil enough to at least stuff each other’s stockings with a framed photo of themselves. Who wouldn’t want the gift of physical perfection for the holidays? [Photo: Getty Images]

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Demi Lovato Reaches Settlement With Punched Dancer

Hopefully it’ll be an even more joyous holiday for the Lovato family now that Demi Lovato settled with dancer Alex Welch, whom Lovato punched while both girls were working on the Camp Rock 2 tour. “The parties are satisfied and the dispute has been resolved amicably and completely,” said Welch’s attorney Donald Karpel, who also told Radar Online “It was confidential negotiations that ended in complete and amicable resolution. She is satisfied.” Head bruises fade, but a big fat settlement is forever!

Welch’s lawyer declined to specify the amount of the settlement, but had previously indicated that Welch was “seeking a  a settlement, an apology from Demi and a donation made to a charity of her choice.” If only Demi could have donated straight to Toys for Tots and just cut out the middleman. Lovato will be spending the holidays and New Year’s Eve in rehab, where she’s been receiving treatment since November 1. At least now there’s nothing distracting Demi from her recovery. Besides 24 hours of A Christmas Story, of course.

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Jennifer Aniston Denies Needing 20-Foot Buffer Zone From Other Humans


Every time a bell rings, a diva gets her wings: while filming the upcoming Wanderlust, Jennifer Aniston allegedly refused to mingle with the common folk. “It was an unspoken thing that you couldn’t get within 20 feet of Jennifer. She surrounded herself with a ring of buffers at all times. She traveled with them from her trailer to the set and back,” the source claimed. If this is true, it explains a lot about Aniston’s dating life. Talking to someone is hard enough in a bar. Now imagine you have to scream at them across four parking spaces. No one can throw a ring on your hand from ten paces, Jen. Think about it.

Aniston’s reps have already denied the rumor, claiming “It is 100% false. More than any other film Jennifer had an absolutely wonderful time filming Wanderlust.” Given that Aniston has busted her Pilates-toned butt for the last fifteen years to prove that she’s one of the nicest celebs around, we’re inclined to agree. Though we wouldn’t be surprised if that “anonymous source” sounded an awful lot like Chelsea Handler talking through a kazoo… [Photo: Getty Images]

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Kelly’s Just Being Miley


If you had told us that slapping on some Barbie-pink matte lipstick, slipping into an old Beyonce wig from 2008 and making serial killer eyes would make Kelly Osbourne look like Miley Cyrus, we might not have believed you. But the proof is in the TwitPic! While on set for their movie So Undercover, Kelly was morphed into a mini-Miley. “I’m just being Miley!!!!,” tweeted Osbourne, though we’re going to have to check with Miley’s best friend Leslie to see if that is correct.

If Twitter is any indication, Osbourne and Cyrus have become fast friends while working in New Orleans on the film. Though if Kelly had really wanted to be accurate, apparently she should have worn cut-off booty shorts, a stained holey t-shirt and, let’s be real here, hold a massive bong. Wow, we have next year’s Halloween costume all planned and it’s only December. [Photo: Kelly Osbourne’s Twitter]

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Who Wants To Smell Like Taylor Momsen? Anyone? Anyone?

After getting booted as a model from IMG and her future on Gossip Girls uncertain, we’re glad to see Taylor Momsen’s John Galliano Parlez-moi d’Amour chez Marionnaud perfume campaign, which we believe is French for “at least she’s getting paid.” The glamorous, brooding ad features Momsen’s rendition of her song “You.” Not only does Taylor sound amazing in it, she actually looks like she may have showered in the past month and a half. Is the raccoon-eyed singer turning over a new, slightly less greasy leaf?

Don’t go thinking that Momsen’s changing just to please us, guys. Sure, Taylor might not be buck naked, but the lingerie, thigh-highs and ancient-scroll-biting show us that Momsen’s parents are still on that incredibly long vacation they’ve been on since Taylor was 2. The only question remains, will people want to buy a scent that reeks of eau de Momsen? Based the video we’re guessing it smells like a mix of new leather, ostrich quills and perpetual frowning. Too bad we’ve finished our Christmas shopping already, or our whole family could be smelling like the back of Heart’s tour bus for New Year’s.

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Dustin Hoffman Talks About Slutting It Up On The First Date

For some it’s called the walk of shame, for others like Dustin Hoffman, it’s better known as the stride of pride. While being interviewed with Little Focker’s co-star Owen Wilson, Dustin Hoffman got hyper-specific about the tawdry details of his first time with wife Lisa. “Yes we did [sleep together on the first date]. This was going to be her first movie star, her first older man, her first ex—someone who had broken up with their wife—and the first date and she did all four.” We’re sure Mrs. Hoffman is thrilled to have their secret shame splashed all over the internet, though to be fair it’s not the first time Hoffman has let his inner slut out in public.

Lisa might not have been a Rules girl when they were dating, but it turns out love was in the air either way. “She said I ruined it by calling the next day. That probably went against every romantic advice because she told me later that her grandmother always said, ‘If you give away the milk, you have to buy the cow,’ or something.” Our new hero Owen Wilson objected to the logic of that advice, pointing out, “If you have a great glass of cold milk that’s really refreshing, you’d be even more inclined not to let that cow go.” WE KNOW, right? Man, it seems like there’s a regular U.N. summit of sleeping around over at the Fockers. We might have to go see the movie after all; us sluts have to stick together!

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Paula Abdul’s Live To Dance Looks As Crazy-Pants As We’d Hoped It Would

Aw, we didn’t realize how we much missed her beautiful crazy mug until we saw the trailer for Paula Abdul’s Live To Dance, premiering January 4. The fact her show seems to take place in the Thunderdome from Mad Max is just the cherry on top of the tap-dancing sundae! We know what you’re saying. Another dance show? Aren’t there a million of them already? Yes, and we want more! More!

Live seems like it has all the cheesy dance-show cliches that we need to survive the new year. Dancer riding a tricycle? Check. Inspiring 80-something grandma in a leotard and sequined blazer? Check. What appears to be a zombie break-dancing troupe? Check and check! The only way this show would be better is if the name was changed to Dance To Live and it actually did take place in a futuristic distopia where Paula decided whether you survived based on your “unique ability” to be a hip-hop-dancing toddler. We don’t need another  clog-dancing hero, you guys!

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Michelle Williams Opens Up About Heath Ledger’s Death

Just go open up a brand-new box of Kleenex now. You’re going to need them when you watch a teary-eyed Michelle Williams talk about Heath Ledger’s death. Normally close-lipped about her former fiancee and daughter Matilda’s father, Williams reveals that she’s wistful for the months immediately following Heath’s death in 2007. “In a strange way, I miss that year, because all those possibilities that existed then are gone,” she said. “It didn’t seem unlikely to me that he could walk through a door or could appear behind a bush. It was a year of very magical thinking, and in some ways I’m sad to be moving further and further away from it,” Williams admits. You know that thing, where you’re crying so hard you can’t breathe? That’s what we’re dealing with right now.

As for finding meaning in Ledger’s death, Williams, who’s up for a Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Blue Valentine, says she’s still at a loss. “The actual event itself…I can’t find a meaning for it. I can find meanings in things and people and relationships that have sprung up and friendships that have strengthened…but not in why.” Excuse us while we write the rest of our posts from the ladies’ room; we’re going to need a lot more paper products than we expected to handle this weeping.

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