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Suri Cruise’s Top 20 Cutest and Craziest Outfits


It’s very common for us to be jealous of a celebrity’s wardrobe. They have millions to spend on endless Christian Louboutins stilettos, Alexander McQueen dresses, and Jimmy Choo purses. There’s no shame in that. But when we’re jealous of a four-year-old’s wardrobe, then there’s a little shame.

Suri Cruise has been known to rock some looks that would make the fashion greats proud. Lately she has been spotted in NYC with her mom, Katie Holmes, walking around in shoes that would make Carrie Bradshaw proud and accessories that would cause Suri’s muse Blair Waldorf to glean with jealousy.

But she is only four, so her fashion sense isn’t perfect yet (See: pig slippers). Here’s a look into Suri’s adorably wild outfits.

1) Channeling Blair Waldorf

2) Green Queen

3) Polka Dot Princess

4) Cotton Candy Explosion

5) Ice Cream Cutie

6) Sephora Shopper

7) XOXO, Gossip Girl

8 ) Ball Gown Gorgeous

9) Embroidered and Adorable

10) Pretty in Pink

11) Little Red Riding Hood

12) Pastel Perfect

13) Bakery Beautiful

14) Still Celebrating Easter

15) Bangs and Bags

16) Moping in the Park

17) Runway Runner

18) Build-a-Bear Beauty

19) Pink and Printed

20) Picking a Winner

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Robert Downey Jr.’s Top 20 Craziest Outfits


It’s hard to think that in 10 years Robert Downey Jr. has gone from being a jailed heroin addict to one of Hollywood’s most wanted actors. It’s also just as hard to believe that he’s been walking red carpet events for 30 years and has yet to pick up a single fashion tip along the way. How is it that someone with such a GQ face always looks like he walked straight out of the K-Mart bargain bin? With the sequel to last summer’s blockbuster Iron Man coming out this Friday, we thought we’d take a look at RDJ’s worst fashion choices.

1. Disco Dreadful

2. Zipper Issues

3. Denim Dud

4. Satin Sexy

5. The Undershirt Protest Phase

6. Pretty in Pink

7. Partying in Plaid

8. Straight out of the Laundry Hamper

9. Clash of the Patterns

10. Mustache Mistake

11. Blond Ambition

12. Bringing Back Prison Colors

13. Masculine in Mink

14. Over Accessorized and Painfully Pinstriped

15. Ready for the 1985 Prom

16. Channeling Samuel L. Jackson

17. Purple Passion

18. The Bucket List

19. The Opposite of Business Socks

20. Floundering in Fuchsia

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