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Beyonce’s Dad Will Gladly Submit To DNA Test


Looks like Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé‘s father and manager, seems to be going a little John Edwards on us. First he admitted to being engaged in an extramarital affair, and now his mistress has just given birth and claims the child is his, which he denies. If this plays out like the Edwards scandal, eventually the truth will come out and Knowles will have yet another child’s career to manage. For now though, he’s denying paternity and has offered to take a DNA to prove it.

Knowles told E! News that, despite the lengthy affair (which we assume was a cause of Knowles’ divorce from wife Tina last year) and despite all the, you know, doin’ it, he has no idea what’s going on with this kid. “I know about as much as you do,” he told the news outlet. “Last week, they said it was a girl; this week they said it was a boy. We do have a court date, but none of that means anything until DNA testing is done.” E! News actually appears to know more than Knowles, confirming that the child is a boy. The child’s mother, Alexsandra Wright, is seeking someone who can pay her for her telephone bills, automobills, and child-supportamobills.

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Hollywood Week: “Don’t Be Boring, Don’t Be Nervous, And Don’t Forget The Words”


After last night’s episode of American Idol (which was brought to you by Vitamin Water Zero, conveniently served in cups painted to look like heady beer), we think every week should be Hollywood Week. We got the first appearance of Ellen DeGeneres, who was stern and helpful but never cross, a la Mary Poppins. We learned who coasted through the early auditions based solely on their quirky charms, sad family stories and/or split pants, but we also got a chance to see who could hold their own, and some of these folks held up beautifully. Also, there was quite the abundance of guitars, huh? We approve!
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Chloë Sevigny Makes Bowling Attire Hot


When one thinks of bowling shoes and bowling shirts, stylish isn’t usually what comes to mind. Punny-named teams and embroidered two-toned nightmares, yes. Stylish, no. Leave it to Chloe Sevigny though to boost the hipness factor at a charity bowling event where everyone had to wear the same ugly uniform.  Last night at the Second Stage Theater Company All-Star Bowling Classic, plenty of celebs showed up to support the New York theater, but only Chloe managed to make the mandated look her own. We’ve highlighted her outfit here, but check out some of the less sartorially creative participants below. [Photos: Getty Images]

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Gabby Sidibe Wants Justin On Her Arm For The Oscars


Now that she’s been nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for Precious, Gabourey Sidibe has started thinking about what to wear and how, or rather with whom, to accessorize. The actress has clearly stated in the past her love and lust for all things ‘Nsync and during an interview with the Canadian talk show eTalk, she went so far as to ask Justin Timberlake to be her date at the Academy Awards – Jessica Biel be damned!

After explaining that she’d also consider The Hurt Locker star Anthony Mackie as her date, she put the invite out there to JT, saying “Justin, if you’re not doing anything on that night, maybe you could be my date or something. It’s fine. No pressure!”  This might be the greatest coupling ever, so with that in mind let us just say the ball’s in your court, Timberlake!

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Warren Sapp Arrested For Domestic Violence


Dancing With The Stars finalist and former NFL player Warren Sapp was arrested Saturday in Miami for allegedly choking his girlfriend of two years. He was released from jail on a $1,500 bond on Sunday – the lucky duck was sprung just in time to watch the Superbowl.

Sapp was in Miami to cover the game for the NFL Network. The victim claims that after a night of partying, she went back to the hotel room she shared with Sapp and when he arrived hours later, he forcibly tried to pull her out of the room and threw her down. She claims she was choked, thrown to the ground and sustained a leg injury as a result. Dancing With The Stars has become a breeding ground these days for celebs with a penchant for crime. Fellow NFL alum Michael Irvin is being sued for raping a woman, and Lawrence Taylor was arrested after a traffic accident in 2009.  Dear ABC, may we suggest a theme for your next show, Dancing Behind Bars?

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5 Reasons We’ll Miss Lil’ Wayne While He’s In Prison


Lil’ Wayne will be heading to prison tomorrow to serve a one-year sentence for felony gun possession, and even though we think no crime should go unpunished, we’re sad for the void he’ll leave in our lives for twelve months. Wayne has been busy recording The Carter IV and only just released his rock album Rebirth last week, so there won’t likely be a shortage of his music in 2010, but what of the antics we’ve grown to love? We’ve come up with a few ghosts of Lil’ Wayne’s past that we plan to revisit whenever we need of healthy dose of Dwayne Carter Jr.

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Sandra Bullock Doesn’t Think She Has A Chance On Oscar Night


Sandra Bullock made a huge transformation this year from fluff film actress to serious Oscar contender, but even she is skeptical about her chances at taking home an Academy Award next month. “I’m so not winning an Oscar,” Bullock told reporters at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival last Friday. “Nine times out of ten I always pick who’s going to win and I already know who’s going to win. I’m not going to say, but nine times out of ten, I’m right.” Those are some decent odds, Sandy. We bet everyone in your Oscar party pool hates you!

We think Bullock is being a bit humble, not because we think she was that amazing in The Blind Side, but because the academy has a history of awarding beautiful women with a statue and then allowing them to go right back to making crappy movies. Halle Berry made Catwoman and Gothika after she won, and Mira Sorvino‘s best role after her Best Supporting Actress win was a guest appearance on Will and Grace. However, Bullock seems gracious and happy just to be a contender in a field of amazing performances this year and we’re already willing to forgive whatever fish-out-of-water romantic comedy she hands us next.

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Brittany Murphy Knew She Was Dying

alg_larry_king_simon_monjack_vid As tired as we are of seeing Brittany Murphy‘s husband, Simon Monjack, and mother Sharon making the news rounds with frivolous lawsuits and the like, their appearance on Larry King Live last Friday made us feel for them.

Sharon Murphy tearfully explained that her 32-year-old daughter told her “Mom, I’m dying,” on the morning of December 20, hours before she passed away. Monjack also said that Brittany wasn’t acting normally that day. “Her eyes were not right. They were darting off left and right and center,” he told King. The recent release of the coroner’s report cited Murphy’s cause of death as pneumonia coupled with over-the-counter medication, in contrast to the denials that Monjack made about Murphy’s drug use as a contributing factor to her death. Even on the show, Monjack maintained that stance, telling King “My wife had not taken any drugs that could harm her that morning.” The elder Murphy gripped Monjack’s hand tearfully during the interview and seemed to cling to him for support, contrary to claims that they have been at odds with one another since Brittany’s death.

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Anne Hathaway Shakes Her Hasty Pudding


Proving she’s come quite a long way since The Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway was this year’s recipient of the Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year award. Hathaway was in Cambridge yesterday to accept the honor, which came complete with a roast at her expense and a parade full of drag queens. Sounds like the best award ever! And from the photos, it looks like Anne had the time of her life accepting it.

The drag queens, dressed like Liza Minelli, Julie Andrews and Hathaway’s Devil Wears Prada co-star Meryl Streep roasted her and mocked her onstage after the parade, and Hathaway later read a rhyming acceptance speech where she told the theater-folk “I feel warm and gooey inside / My rump is swollen with pride/Let us proceed with this day full of cheer /Thank you for making me your Hasty Pudding this year.” If you really love Anne Hathaway, the entire roast and speech can be viewed here.

Justin Timberlake is the theater group’s Man of the Year and will accept his award next week. Hopefully he’ll get a roast filled with Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz drag queens. [Photos: Getty Images]

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Will Smith Wants To Be President


Will Smith already tried to save the White House in Independence Day but in the real world, his wife Jada Pinkett Smith says he has set his sights on living in it too.

“Will is thinking about going into politics. He once said he could imagine becoming a US president. He wasn’t joking, he was quite serious about it,” Pinkett Smith said in a recent interview. She explained that she and Will have big dreams for making a difference in the world. “Will and I want to leave traces on this planet – and with that I mean more important traces than just films.” We’re hoping this is just what Pinkett Smith says when she realized she’s already exhausted the “Will and I have sex a lot!” route. It’s not that we don’t like Will Smith, it’s just that everyone knows that Fresh Princes are born into a monarchy and have no actual authority over their subjects these  days. [Photo: Getty Images]