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Is Simon Cowell Easing Out Of Idol?


We sure wouldn’t give up a $45 million salary, but it looks like Simon Cowell might be willing to. The American Idol judge has been toying with the idea of leaving the country’s favorite show in order to bring his other series, The X-Factor, to the U.S.  The plan is to give Cowell a smaller role on the upcoming season than we’re used to. “Expect to see less and less of Simon this season,” a source tells PopEater. “The focus is going to be back on the contestants and less on Simon’s harsh criticisms of them. They also will be spending more time focusing on Ellen [DeGeneres]once she gets through her first few weeks live from Hollywood.”

First Paula Abdul leaves, now Simon is backing away from the show, too? This show is going to be a shell of its former self, especially if it means we have to endure more Kara DioGuardi. Maybe we can petition Ellen to wear low-cut, tight cotton v-necks so that it will make the transition less harsh. [Photo: GettyImages]


One More Piece Of Junk For The Book DeposiTORI


Look, we love a good pun as much as the next guy, but we have our limits. Wanna know who doesn’t have a pun limit? Tori Spelling. The woman must be stopped! First we thought, ‘Oh, cute, her reality show about running a bed and breakfast is called “Tori And Dean: Inn Love.”‘ Then we were like, ‘Oh, look at that, Tori’s new book is called sTORItelling. That’s lucky!’ She took a break from the wordplay when she named her other book Mommywood, but brace yourself, because Tori just announced that she is writing her third book will be called Unchartered terriTORI. Come on!

Pretty soon these Tori puns are going to run out and she’s going to have to go with “Spelling Bee” or something equally terrible. Of course, it’s a genetic disease –  her mother Candy’s memoir was called  Stories From CandyLand, obvs. But the real question is: who is even reading these books? [Photo: GettyImages]


Hailey Glassman Praises Kate Gosselin’s New Look


Doesn’t it seem like Michael Lohan, Hailey Glassman, Kate Major and anyone else that has associated with Jon Gosselin in the past year (including Jon Gosselin) should just disappear? We’re sort of feeling like they’ve worn out their welcome a thousand times over. That doesn’t seem to stop them from talking to the press though. Glassman, the woman Jon claimed to love and be soulmates with, except not anymore, is actually trying to compliment Kate Gosselin‘s new long-haired look. High praise from someone who dons only her finest Old Navy stretch pants to gear up for Celebrity Boxing.

Glassman seems like she wants to win some points with Kate, because she spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Kate’s People magazine cover, saying “She’s like fine wine, she gets better over time! She looks so much better now than she did three or four years ago… I like it – a new her and all the power to her, I think she looks amazing.” We get that Hailey might want to reach out to Kate since they both had terrible taste in the same man and might want to form a club, but something tells us Kate might be busy with her kids to care about what the college pot-smoker who was screwing her husband has to say. [Photo: GettyImages]


“Wife” Of Michael Jackson Emerges, Wants Money

Michael Jackson 1996 (J9  30A)

Oy. We thought that when 2009 drew to a close that would mean the end of all the gross capitalizing off of Michael Jackson‘s death. With all the creepy ways his family tried to make a buck off him, from dad Joe Jackson’s greedy grab for MJ’s estate to his brother Jermaine Jackson‘s gig hosting a Michael-themed dance competition, we really hoped the greed would end and we could just remember him for the music. Alas, no.

2010 has brought a new lawsuit, filed by one Ms. Shellie Doreen Smith, claiming that she and Michael were secretly wed in the 1970s (not on any one date, mind you. Just…the 70’s) and she’s seeking spousal support. TMZ spoke to Smith, who alleges that she and Jackson married in a private ceremony at a hotel, with only the hotel’s employees present. What do you want to bet that none of these employees exist/are still alive? There are so many things wrong with this – the lack of details, the out-of-nowhere timing – that we are going to go out on a limb and suggest that Shellie D. was not his lover. And the kid, if there is one, is not his son. [Photo: GettyImages]


Sherlock Holmes Too Gay For Its Own Good?


Both onscreen and off, Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.‘s relationship has had people buzzing. The Sherlock Holmes co-stars claim to have had instant chemistry on the set, and Downey Jr. even joked that he was sorry he and Law couldn’t be lovers in real life, saying “Disappointingly, he is entirely heterosexual.”

The film too has some pretty homoerotic undertones, and that has one important person upset. Andrea Plunket, the woman who controls the U.S. copyright to all things Sherlock Holmes, said that the gay thing doesn’t fly with her. “It would be drastic, but I would withdraw permission for more films to be made if they feel that is a theme they wish to bring out in the future,” Plunket said. “I am not hostile to homosexuals, but I am to anyone who is not true to the spirit of the books.” In a nutshell, Sherlock isn’t into guys, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Well, if they can’t make a proper sequel, at least the name makes for a punny, off-brand film title. Sherlock Homo, anyone? [Photo: GettyImages]


Jennifer Lopez Thinks She Deserved An Oscar


If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? And if an actress makes a movie that no one saw, should she get an Oscar? Jennifer Lopez thinks so. The singer-actress-sequined bodysuit lover recently spoke to Latina Magazine and said that she was disappointed that her role in El Cantante went unnoticed by the academy in 2007.

The film, which also starred real-life husband Marc Anthony, was released with little fanfare and Lopez explains to the magazine  that she was disappointed by the lack of attention it received. “I feel like I had that [Oscar worthy role] in El Cantante, but I don’t even think the academy members saw it. I feel like it’s their responsibility to do that, to see everything that’s out there, everything that could be great.”

Lopez delivered her twins, Max and Emme, in February 2008, just before the Academy Awards ceremony, and said that she fantasized about giving an acceptance speech from her hospital bed. “I was like, ‘How dope would it have been if I would’ve won the Oscar and been here in my hospital bed accepting the award?’ ‘Thank you so much! I just want to thank the academy!'” We think the academy just realized that for every El Cantante role, there’s a Maid In Manhattan, so maybe they were just punishing her for her past transgressions. [Photo: GettyImages]


Tiger Woods Located In New York!


Tiger Woods‘ whereabouts have been largely unknown lately – some reports have placed him at a friend’s estate in South Africa, others have said he’s been shacking up in Florida near Mistress #1, Rachel Uchitel. Now we have confirmation that Woods is actually staying right in TheFabLife’s own backyard in New York.

Woods has been spotted by the paparazzi at the Trump Hotel on Central Park West in Manhattan, apparently only leaving his room to booze at the hotel bar and not venturing outside. Word is, he rented out an entire floor of the hotel to maintain his privacy. We’d like to gently suggest to Tiger that he pinch his pennies and maybe downgrade to a suite, seeing as wife Elin is going to take him for everything he has. It also seems odd to us that he came to New York to keep a low profile, but then again, the guy’s judgment isn’t the best now is it? [Photo: GettyImages]


NBA Star Jayson Williams Fractures Neck, Charged With DWI


Ex-NBA star Jayson Williams hasn’t had an easy retirement. The former New Jersey Nets player faced reckless manslaughter charges for the shooting death of his limousine driver in 2002, and in November he was sentenced to 3 years in prison. In early 2009 he was tasered by the NYPD after reports that he became suicidal and violent. Now it’s reported that Williams fractured his neck in a car crash on the FDR Drive in Manhattan.

Williams will face drunk driving charges for the wreck. It was reported that authorities found Williams in the passenger seat and that he claimed someone else was driving, although witnesses report that no one else was in the car. He also refused a breathalyzer at the scene. Williams is now being held in the prison ward at Bellevue Hospital. [Photo: GettyImages]


David Beckham Snubbed By “The Simpsons”

59069098David Beckham is athletic, beautiful to look at, a style icon, happily married with adorable children, blah blah blah. It would seem that he has it all, but there’s one special famous-person privilege he is being denied: he won’t be voicing a guest role on “The Simpsons” any time soon.

Insanely, the soccer star was deemed not famous enough by the producers to warrant a guest spot on the show, despite engaging in discussions. Executive producer Al Jean said, “I had to phone David Beckham to tell him sorry. I didn’t think he was a big enough star for an American audience. I get a lot of grief about that.” Beckham has had movies named after him and is besties with Tom Cruise, what else do  “The Simpsons” want?? Actually, now that we think of it, we’ve heard the man talk and his voice is not his finest attribute. Good call. [Photo: GettyImages]


Lady Gaga To Be Turned Into Comic


The way we see it, Lady Gaga‘s life is already a fantastic work of imagination with a touch of disco sticks. (Check out Gaga’s 100 Hottest Outfits of 2009 to admire her out-of-this-world fashion sense.) However, her everyday outlandishness is not stopping her from upping the ante and turning herself into an actual comic book character.

Bluewater Productions, a publisher of unconventional comic books (previous titles include a series called “Female Force” about such women as J.K. Rowling and Michelle Obama, and “Political Power” featuring comic hero Ted Kennedy), is creating a new series called “Fame” and will be highlighting a different celeb in each installment. Gaga’s will be out in May, and other celebrities who will be immortalized in ink include Taylor Swift and David Beckham. Even though we think celebrities already lead imaginary lives worth reading about,  we can get on board with illustrated Lady Gaga (er, and shirtless David Beckham) fan fiction.

[Photos: Bluewater Productions]