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J. Lo And Marc Anthony To Start Their Own Singing Competition

Jennifer Lopez must really love her job on American Idol (and not just because of all the kissing), because she’s branching out and turning the gig into a family business. Lopez and Marc Anthony have created a new reality competition tentatively called Que Viva, where they will seek out the best Latin American music stars from south of the border.

The show will be produced by Simon Fuller and XIX Entertainment, the same producers of Idol, and it’s expected that Lopez will stay on board at Idol for at least one more season. We’ve said it before, but we do love Lopez on the show, she has the maternal warmth that Paula Abdul sort of had, but with a lot less crazy and a lot less palm-clapping. Doing this new show and searching for an artist with roots close to her own is a great fit.

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Glee‘s Chris Colfer Wrote A TV Pilot For Disney

Chris Colfer knows how to keep busy. The Glee star not only won our Ultimate FAB Icon award in March, he also wrote and stars in the upcoming film Struck By Lightning, and in addition to that, Colfer sold a television pilot to the Disney Channel. The Disney show will be based on the children’s book The Little Leftover Witch written by Florence Laughlin about a witch who falls out of the sky when her broom breaks and is then taken in by a new family.

Colfer was named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the world in addition to everything else. Some of his fellow influentials are Vice President Joe Biden, Justin Bieber, and Amy Poehler. Not bad company to keep, and just one more reason Colfer is the most fab of them all.

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Newcomer Willow Shields Cast As Prim In The Hunger Games

One more actor down in the race to cast The Hunger Games! The Hollywood Reporter writes that the pivotal role of Katniss’s sister Primrose Everdeen will be played by Willow Shields. Newcomer Shields only has two credits to her name, but one of them, a TV movie called Beyond The Blackboard, will air this Sunday on CBS if you want to acquaint yourself with her. The role of Prim isn’t huge, but it’s certainly one of the most important characters in the story.

News of Shields’ casting comes a day after the announcement that Elizabeth Banks may play Effie Trinket in the film, and that District 1 tributes Marvel and Glimmer will be played by Jack Quaid and Leven Rambin.

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Emma Roberts And Chord Overstreet Reportedly Smooching At Coachella

Scream 4 star Emma Roberts was at the Coachella music festival this weekend and it’s been reported that the music was not the only thing she was into while she was there. Us Magazine reports that Roberts was spotted making out with Chord Overstreet while they both attended the A/X and 944 Magazine carnival on Saturday. A witness said “They couldn’t keep their hands off each other!” They were then seen at Coachella the following day together, where another witness says Roberts was “leaning into him,” but that the Glee actor “seemed way more interested in his food.” Well, the way to his heart is through his stomach.

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The Mob Wives Hit Up Good Morning America

If you happened to catch the premiere episode of Mob Wives on VH1 this past Sunday, you may be familiar with the four women on the show. For those of you who missed it, allow us to introduce you to Renee Graziano, Karen Gravano, Carla Facciolo, and Drita D’Avanzo (who’s not pictured here, but she’s in our gallery below), seen here after their Good Morning America interview this morning. Gravano, pictured front and center, is the daughter of Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, the mobster who took down John Gotti. Graziano (left) is the daughter of Anthony Graziano, who’s currently serving time in federal prison for his stint in La Cosa Nostra. D’Avanzo and Facciolo’s husbands are both in prison as well (it’s a trend with these ladies). It’s amazing to us that in next week’s episode we can expect to see these women in a knock down, drag out fight, and yet they look so nice and civil here.

And unlike Chris Brown, when these women leave the set of a morning talk show, they don’t have to smash windows or rip off their shirts to prove that they’re not to be messed with.

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Jersey Shore Cast Not Allowed To Booze It Up In Florence

Unfortunate news for people who were looking forward to The Situation and Snooki drunkenly jumping off the Ponte Vecchio and trying to sneak into the Duomo during the upcoming Italy season of Jersey Shore. The mayor of Florence, Italy, has banned the Jersey Shore cast from drinking in public, and has actually created quite a restrictive list of dos and don’ts for the cast while they’re in his fair city.

Mayor Matteo Renzi laid down the law with the cast, saying “I will not allow them to use the Palazzo Vecchio or other historic buildings, but I cannot ban them from using our city as a set.” Renzi’s apprehension about allowing the cast to have the run of his city may have to do with the fact that Italy only recently started to air the show and some Italians aren’t thrilled by it. In addition to the rule above, they will have to abide by the following guidelines:

No shooting in bars, clubs or any place that promotes the reckless consumption of alcohol.

The cast is prohibited from drinking in public on camera.

Florence may not be portrayed as a drinking town.

The cast must interact with authentic Italian people in authentic cultural settings—thus avoiding the city’s hordes of tourists and students.

So basically, stay at home if you plan to drink, but if you want a guided tour of the Uffizi and the best place to get some gnocchi, come on out and play. Maybe the cast can team up with Anthony Bourdain and do a season-long No Reservations-style show where they just eat constantly, we’d watch that. Filming begins on May 9.


Idol Reject Pia Toscano To Perform On Dancing With The Stars

Pia Toscano may have been eliminated early from American Idol, but she’s doing just fine for herself these days. The singer has reportedly been dating Dancing With The StarsMark Ballas and she’ll actually be performing on DWTS next week, TMZ reports. Ballas will actually be dancing to the song Pia plans to sing, but when he was asked if he was responsible for getting her the gig, he told E! “No, I have no say in these things. I show up to my rehearsals on time, where I’m meant to be. And that’s that.”

Pia will also appear on American Idol this week for a cast-off reunion, so she’s certainly keeping busy.

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Jennifer Lawrence Shows The Critics What A Little Hair And Makeup Can Do

One of the oddest criticisms about Jennifer Lawrence being cast as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games is the fact that Lawrence is a pale blonde and Katniss is an olive-skinned brunette. As the film’s director, Gary Ross, has said “I promise all the avid fans of The Hunger Games that we can easily deal with Jennifer’s hair color.” Judging from this photo of Lawrence in full Mystique makeup for the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie, she’s proving that she can easily rock out the hair and makeup transformations and that fans of the books will have nothing to worry about.

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Wax Susan Boyle Looks Just Like Real Susan Boyle

Yesterday we were a little grumpy about the fact that Robert Pattinson‘s Madame Tussaud wax figures look nothing like the real deal. Meanwhile, singing superstar Susan Boyle just got a wax figure herself and we think the likeness is uncanny. We actually had to look twice to make confirm which one was real and which one would melt into a paraffin puddle if ignited. We bet she never dreamed a dream like this.

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Kara DioGuardi Unloads A Lifetime of Bad Things In Her New Memoir

We’ve always been hard on former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi because we never found her particularly likable or insightful on the show. DioGuardi is about to make us feel terrible for every bad thing we’ve ever said about her though what with the release of her memoir A Helluva High Note, which comes out next week and reveals a lifelong history of abuse, rape and a whole lot more.

In the new book, DioGuardi reveals that she was molested by a family friend when she was just eleven years old. Later, as she was just starting her music career, she was date-raped by a “fairly known producer,” and was sexually harassed by a “hugely successful” recording artist and forced to watch strippers have sex while on a songwriting trip with this anonymous star. Sorry, was this book called A Helluva High Note, or One Low Note After Another? We’re confused and we also feel awful. To add to DioGuardi’s personal struggles, she also reveals her difficulty conceiving a child, having undergone unsuccessful IVF treatments while on Idol. She says that her desire for a family is one of the reasons she left the show, saying “I wanted a child and there was no way I could get pregnant under the stress of eighteen-hour work days and live TV.” Let’s hope she’s under less stress on her new show with Jewel called Platinum Hit, (formerly Going Platinum) which premieres in May.

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