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The 10 Most Monstrous Diva Mansions

You know you’ve arrived on the diva scene when you score a decked out abode to match your massive career. We’ve lined up ten of the most monstrous mansions belonging to music’s biggest lady stars for your viewing pleasure below. Go on, take a look inside. Just don’t forget to bring along a divalicious housewarming gift.

Craving more from your favorite divas? Check out the official Divas site and be sure to tune in to “VH1 Divas,” which will air live on VH1 on Sept. 17 at 9PM EST.

1. Mary J. Blige grew up in a Yonkers housing project, but after selling 50 million records world-wide she moved just a few miles away, across the Hudson to the leafy locale of Saddle River, New Jersey. Her manse cost her $12.3 million, and inside it she likes to dance to classic Aretha Franklin records. [Photo: NY Daily News]

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Oscars News: Red Carpet and Winners!

Our news team was in Hollywood Sunday night. From Sarah Jessica Parker to Anne Hathaway, here’s some of the celeb action they discovered on the Oscars red carpet.

Check out lots of Oscar photo galleries, fashion news, winner’s list, and celeb gossip.

Check our news report on Slumdog Millionaire‘s sweep, and wins by Sean Penn and Penelope Cruz.

Watch more video news clips about the Oscars, the Grammys, the Fray and other subjects.


Download Nas, Bolster African Health Care

It’s a time of activism, and it’s a time of uniting to solve problems together. Working in the spirit of such ideals, the IntraHealth group has been bringing lots of new ideas to the table regarding health care initiatives in Africa. LIke most forward thinking enterprises, they’ve gotten plenty of cooperation with artists. African bandleader and global superstar Youssou N’Dour is at the center of this community. And today, along with several other musicians, Nas has put a foot forward to assist the program.

An exclusive remix of Nas’s “Wake Up” is available to those want to participate in the IntraHealth campaign. It’s free, but you’ll also have a chance to make a donation to the cause as you’re acquiring the track. Please think about participating.


Make the jump to learn more about IntraHealth, the artists involved (such as R.E.M.’s Peter Buck and Duncan Sheik), and the ways the campaign has already helped those in need.

Listen to Nas’ music on Rhapsody.

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20 Things You Should Know About Bruce Springsteen

When he said he was born to run, he meant it. Bruce Springsteen has been creating rock ‘n’ roll for four decades, and he doesn’t show any sign of stopping. In the last few years toured the globe with the reunited E Street Band, updated Pete Seeger‘s music with a bunch of roots musicians, and bounced around the country barnstorming for Obama. His new Working On a Dream comes out this week, and we’re showing a documentary about the making of the album this Saturday night at 11 pm ET. There’s nary a secret in his closet, but we wondered if you knew about these 20 tidbits about the Boss’s life.

1. In the third grade, a nun stuffed Springsteen into a garbage can she kept under her desk, claiming that’s where he “belonged.”

2. Bruce’s family home in Freehold, New Jersey was downwind from a Nestle’s factory. During rainstorms, the singer says he smelled chocolate “all day long.”

3. Higher education wasn’t primary in the singer’s life. He attended Jersey’s Ocean County Community College for just one semester in 1968.

4. Bruce and the E Street Band played an afternoon show at New York’s Sing Sing prison in 1972. The set was full of R&B covers and included Clarence Clemons singing Buddy Miles’s “Them Changes.”

5. Before he played epic shows (without opening acts), Bruce opened for Blood Sweat & Tears, Chicago, Sha-Na-Na, Stevie Wonder, the Beach Boys, Anne Murray and Lou Reed.

6. Violinist Soozie Tyrell isn’t the first fiddler to share the stage with Springsteen. Suki Lahav, wife of engineer/studio-owner Louis Lahav, toured with the E Street Band in 1974 and ’75.

7. After a show in Memphis in 1976, Bruce went to Graceland at 3 a.m., jumped the wall, and ran to the front door, hoping to meet his idol, Elvis Presley. But security guards grabbed him before he could knock on the door. “Is Elvis home?” he asked. The King was in Lake Tahoe.

Watch a playlist of Bruce’s best videos.

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Spike’s UFC Bouts Help USA Solidiers. You Can, Too

You’re down with all the action that takes place within a boxing ring? Then you were probably over at Spike last night to see the athletes who participated in the UFC’s “Fight For the Troops.” They threw plenty of punches, but they also showed their hearts. The string of battles, which placed Yoshiyuki Yoshida against Josh Koscheck, were a fund-raising event for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes program, which helps US soldiers returning from war zones with traumatic brain injuries. Good cause, right?

The matches are over, but the need to help goes on and on and on. They’ve got an auction taking place, and you can still make a donation to help those in need. Check the links below.

Make a donation to the cause

Watch fight videos

Head to the Auction page


See David Cook’s Fave Spin on “Light On”

For the last month we’ve been asking you guys to send in clips of yourselves performing David Cook‘s hit, “Light On.” We got lots of entertaining submissions. Watch them and comment on them right here. But the end date has arrived, and the “Light On” Challenge is over. David has checked out lots of the clips himself (see him assess a few right here) and he wanted to comment on one that really impressed him. Check the video above for his reaction.

Watch the “Light On” video and other clips by American Idol winners.

See a David Cook photo gallery.

Download David Cook songs on Rhapsody.

Another pop star wants to check out your creativity, too. Send Katy Perry a list of what you thought was hot and cold in 2008, and she just might comment on it.


David Cook Wants To Hear You Sing!

For the last few weeks we’ve been encouraging fans of David Cook to send us video clips of themselves singing the American Idol winner’s new “Light On.” It’s been working out well, as you can see from the submissions.

Well, David recently himself swung by to see how things were going. In the piece above, he’d tells the world that he’d love for his audience to generate few more additions – c’mon, take a chance. We’re ending the deal on December 2, so if you’re going to make a fun clip, do it now. Find out about the “Light On” challenge right here.

Also, after the jump you can watch David perusing some of the already submitted performances. Check out what he has to say.

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David Cook’s “Light On” Challenge

No way you can sing as well as David Cook, but hey, you can always give it a shot. We’re asking fans of the American Idol winner to create a video of themselves rocking a rendition of Cook’s new hit, “Light On.” It’s the first single from his upcoming CD, which is being released next Tuesday, November 18.

You can sing it with a ukulele, sing it a cappella, or sing it with a full-blown band – it’s up to you. Usually, it’s the silly or fun ones that get noticed – David’s pretty much got the serious stuff covered. It’s a great chance to show the world how down you are with with him. And guess what? He may very well comment on the submissions. (In fact, DC’s coming into our offices on Monday afternoon, so if you’re going to participate, you might want to do it over the weekend.)

Getting this done is easy. Upload your clip onto (first you’ll have to join our community) and then take the resulting embed code and place it on Cook’s official site to share it with David and his fans. Visitors to both sites will be able to view, comment on, and rate your efforts.

David encourages his fans to put a spin on his song – that’s how he rolls. Check the video above for a short musical lesson from the master himself. He’s also going to be keeping an eye on all those creative clips that wind up on his site. Don’t be shocked if he weighs in on which ones tickle him most on both his personal blog and You will be able to upload your videos through December 2.

Watch the video for “Light On” now.


Help! Bastards Stole R.E.M.’s Guitar

We thought Scandinavia was full of easy-going, lovey-dovey blondes, not guitar-stealing nogoodniks. Guess we were wrong. A couple nights ago in Helsinki, Peter Buck of R.E.M. had his trademark Rickenbacker 360 guitar lifted from the stage. Poof – no more jangle. The band is offering a reward and accepting information about the instrument’s whereabouts. Head to the R.E.M. website for the specifics.

Here are five of the band’s best Rickenbacker tunes. Do you agree? Listen to R.E.M. at Rhapsody.

  • “Sitting Still”
  • “Seven Chinese Brothers”
  • “Pretty Persuasion”
  • “Feeling Gravity’s Pull”
  • “Begin The Begin”

[Photo: Getty Images]