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Ice-T’s Puppy Love Gets Him Arrested


Tsk tsk, Ice-T. What would Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’s Detective Fin Tutuola say about you breaking the law not once, but twice in one day? According to TMZ, rapper-turned-actor Ice-T was arrested in New York City earlier today after he was pulled over for apparently driving without wearing a seatbelt. Allegedly police then arrested him  when they discovered he was driving with a suspended license. TMZ reports that he was taken to the city’s 10th Precinct and shortly released.

But at least the rapper-turned actor has someone to blame! Earlier this morning Ice-T tweeted that he was up early because, “@cutespartacus has to get knee surgery today.. It’s a simple operation that common for bulldogs. Still sucks. Wish him luck….” He also tweeted hours later confirming the arrest in his own way, “Some punk b*tch rookie cop named Fisher #10026 Made the arrest of his bullsh*t career today. Arresting the Notorious Ice T for no seatbelt.”

How can you not say, “Awww!” Good luck, Spartacus! And Ice-T, you’re forgiven. Just buckle up next time!

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Charice Is Gleeful For Botox

If anyone thought the epidemic of barely-adults getting plastic surgery ended with Heidi Montag’s monstrous transformation, they thought wrong: even wholesome Glee kids are going under the knife. The Associated Press is reporting that Glee‘s Charice Pempengco went in for Botox injections and a skin tightening procedure to look “fresh on camera” for her television debut. She is 18.YEARS.OLD.

The same girl who recently tweeted, “Meetings : ) wee!!!” underwent a “30-minute Thermage skin-tightening procedure along with Botox” because according to celebrity plastic surgeon Vicki Belo, she allegedly wanted to make her round face more narrow. Contrarily, Charice’s rep is disputing the claims to US Weekly, saying that the Botox wasn’t to change her appearance but to “relieve a jaw problem similar to TMJ.” You’re kidding, right?

Only a celebrity would be able to come up with a “TMJ-like condition” to excuse her obsessive need for her skin to be tightened and expect us to believe it. That’s like saying Heidi got her non-existent back fat scooped out because she was experiencing chronic back pain. We may not be doctors, but we could play ones on TV. Diagnosis: dumb move.


Is The Jersey Shore Cast Greedy?

Jersey Shore

Hold your fist pumps! MTV’s Jersey Shore cast is on strike and refusing to shoot footage for a future third season of their hit show. Sources tell TMZ that the cast,  Snooki, Mike “The Situation,” JWOWW and those other cheeseballs, feels like they are getting royally screwed over by producers when it comes to their moolah. Apparently, the guido crew claims that their $10,000 per episode contracts, let us repeat, $10,000 per episode, were only supposed to cover season two’s escapades in Miami.

Sounds greedy, but is it really? According to, MTV’s The Hills cast made bundles of money, Kristin Cavallari was paid $90,000 an episode when she joined the cast while Lauren Conrad bagged $125,000 an episode for her five seasons. When the Speidi duo was sane enough to appear on television Heidi made $100,000 and Spencer $65,000 per episode. Other networks’ reality shows aren’t any different in their paychecks, the Real Housewives stars are said to make $30,000 an episode while the now divorced Jon and Kate Gosselin made $75,000 per episode.

These salaries make it seem like the Jersey Shore cast may actually have a point. We’re not sure having a GTL lifestyle is insanely expensive, but what do you think?

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Brody Jenner-Avril Lavigne Reality Show Is, Like, So Necessary


Countless rumors are circulating that Brody Jenner and his girlfriend Avril Lavigne are getting their own reality. But is Bravril ready for prime time? According to In Touch Weekly, Avril’s “pal” revealed that Brody allegedly came up with the idea and is now trying to convince the “Sk8ter Boi” singer that televising their romance is an excellent idea, something we totes agree with.

Awkward-no-pictures-please Avril on reality television? How delightfully perfect! But plausible? Recently we’ve come to know Brody as a bit more serious and private about his blossoming relationship (except for the blatant matching tattoos, of course).  Avril, too, has been locked up tighter than a Katy Perry outfit about her love life, so suddenly going public is doing a complete 180, but never say never.

Brody is known as the lady’s man from Laguna Beach, The Hills and Bromance. In fact, we’re guessing that maybe Brody has been called a reality television wh*re more than twice. No? Oops. Anyway, with The Hills admittedly being completely fake it would be pure, raw fascination to watch a real relationship unfold on TV. After witnessing the recent Hills love drama with Kristin Cavallari, Brody owes us a honest to goodness relationship show.

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MIA Loves – And Hates – Justin Bieber…Of Course

With MIA‘s comments made a few months ago about how Justin Bieber‘s music videos are more “offensive” than her’s still fresh in our minds we were more than surprised to hear MIA tell MTV that she loves Justin. But then we remembered this is MIA we’re talking about…she of the truffle fries and the opinions.

M.I.A.’s flip-flopping opinions regarding Justin Bieber wouldn’t normally be even remotely relevant except for the fact that this is Justin Bieber, the Justin Bieber. The same 16 year-old that is seemingly everywhere, rubbing elbows with other celebrities who are also everywhere (ahem, Kim Kardashian) and whose mere mention causes “Bieber Fever,” which then induces a hysterical stampede.

The controversial singer’s bipolar stance on Biebs is a dangerous one to take even for the outspoken celeb that is known for her rants against The New York Times and even Twilight and Lady Gaga. You’re not fooling anyone, MIA, especially Bieber’s extremely devoted fans. Needless to say, take a chill pill or get ready for the wrath of an angry Bieber Nation.

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Sean Kingston Sleepless In Seattle After Alleged Assault Accusation

We’re guessing Sean Kingston isn’t going to be singing “Beautiful Girls” for a while, or at least not to the unnamed women accusing him of sexual assault. TMZ reports that Sean was  partying at Seattle’s Crowne Plaza Hotel Sunday night when, according to police, two intoxicated women showed up at the same hotel room Sean was in.

Apparently after one of the women made “aggressive” advances toward Sean so he left the room, and the two women continued their friskiness with other men at the party. But both the manager at the Crowne Plaza and the fire department confirmed to TMZ that an incident happened that caused the two women to be transported to the hospital where they were tested for Rufinol and had rape tests conducted.

Sources told TMZ that police are not interested in talking to Sean anymore because they don’t believe the accusations have any credibility, but at least one of the women is still threatening to file a civil suit against him. The truth – or an utter fabrication?


The Hills Cast’s Sexy (And Scary) Transformation From Plastic To Plastic-er


Try not to use up all of your available tissues either from tears of joy or sadness that tonight marks the end of MTV’s reality series The Hills. At (most) times the antics that took place on The Hills have been nothing short of a baffling clusterf*ck, which is precisely why we want to pay homage to drama-filled show.

Nothing says “you’ve come a long way, crazies!” like remembering The Hills cast at the start of the show. You know, back when they were innocent, fresh-faced, somewhat civil and free from breast implants. Oh, the good ol’ days. Check out the gallery below to peep their transformations from Season 1 to tonight’s series finale. Where will they end up once MTV pulls the plug on their scripted fantasy world? Only time – and rehab – will tell.

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It’s Official: Glee To Do Britney Spears Episode


Yay: it’s been confirmed: Glee wants a piece of Britney Spears! Nay: unfortunately, the pop star may not be making an appearance on the Emmy-nominated show.

The anticipation of whether or not she would have her own episode like Lady Gaga and Madonna has been eating at us for months, back in April, Britney’s manager campaigned on Twitter saying that she would love to see Brit appear on Glee which series creator Ryan Murphy responded to with definite interest. Murphy appeared on Entertainment Tonight recently saying, “We are writing a Britney Spears episode.”

Due to conflicting sources, we just have to wait and see if the “…Baby One More Time” singer will actually go on the show or if it will be a tribute episode like Lady Gaga and Madonna had. Maybe if  the boisterous YouTube star and avid Britney fan Chris Crocker makes another one of his passionate pleas Britney will appear on the show (Hint! Hint!).

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Tila Tequila Says ‘No’ To Rehab


It’s a sad day in the world of reality television when notorious reality show celeb Tila Tequila avoids doing one. Even though she was allegedly the first to sign on for the next season of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew: RadarOnline reports Tila has withdrawn from the show.

Tila was by far the second best candidate for Dr. Drew’s drug rehabilitation show, behind Lindsay Lohan of course, and we’re woefully devastated that she won’t be healing herself on VH1 anytime soon. Tila exemplified the three important qualities necessary to be on the addictive (pun intended) show: deranged, delusional and very clearly drugged-up. Remember, Tila announced at the time of signing on for the show that she wanted to get over her prescription drug addiction, so the girl clearly needs help.

Even Tila’s reps gave no reasoning for suddenly backing out, simply saying “no” when RadarOnline asked if the Shot At Love star was still signed on. Hmmmm…maybe “Jane,” Tila’s alter-ego told her not to do the show. Jane, afterall, was the one who was behind the Tila’s terrible suicide hoax.

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Someone Feed LeBron James A Slice Of Humble Pie STAT

As if the saga surrounding which team NBA star LeBron James will join couldn’t get anymore disgustingly reminiscent of Brett Favre’s yearly antics, ESPN revealed LeBron will conduct his own show on their channel in a one hour special airing at 9PM tonight. Oh, sorry did we make a wrong turn down egotistical lane? Who does he think he is? The president?

It was cute when Betty White made a plea for Lebron to stay in Cleveland and it was even worth a chuckle when Rachel Ray begged LeBron to come to New York, but taking it to the extreme and being given his own hour-long segment called “The Decision” (how horribly dramatic and Jersey Shore-esque, no?) is basically like wrapping the entire NBA up and tying it in a big, shiny, golden bow for him.

Let’s break it down together: a one-sentence announcement should only take ten seconds, right? We thought so, but hey, we could be wrong so let’s practice: “After much thought, I have decided to join the [insert team].” Oops! We were wrong, it took less than ten seconds! So what the #$%*&@! does he need his own one hour show for?!

Dearest LeBron (no, we will not call you “King”), we don’t care how great of an athlete you are. After you make “The Decision” just stick to basketball games, press conferences and interviews. Oh, and don’t even think about doing a reality show, leave those to Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens.