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Julia Stiles Is Cranky After Break-Up

Bourne bombshell Julia Stiles may not be taking her break-up with artist Jonathan Kramer very well. According to Page Six, Stiles was annoyed by a group taking photos of themselves near her at a Manhattan restaurant recently, snapping “bye, guys! – glad you got your pictures!” as they left. Stiles’ rep swears she wasn’t being sarcastic, but who would earnestly announce their joy over a fellow diner’s Flickr addition? Certainly not Kat Stratford. [Page Six]

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Citizen Scandal: The Thin Blue Latte

Chicago Police Officer Barbara Nevers has been ordered to enter counseling and suspended for 15 months after allegedly flashing her gun and badge at several Starbucks stores in order to get free pastries and coffee. Nevers claims that she was merely taking advantage of the store’s unofficial policy of giving free cups to cops in uniform. Since the desk officer was usually in plain clothes, naturally she had to whip out her piece to prove her occupation. “She was vehement about getting the free pastries,” said a manager. Nevers denies revealing her weapon, and says she only asked for “broken pastries” to feed to birds. A likely story. [Chicago Sun-Times]


Gossip Break: K-Fed Back With Babymama?

No, not Britney. Kevin Federline was seeing “acting like a couple” with his other babymama, Shar Jackson, last night. You always remember your first. [E!]

What do Rod Stewart and Perez Hilton have in common? They like to draw penises on photos. [ONTD]

The New Kids On The Block‘s new album, The Block, will include the track “Sexify My Love.” Promising! [Seriously? OMG]

Bernie Brillstein, 77, former manager of comic legends ranging from Jim Henson to John Belushi, passed away today. [Reuters]

Pineapple Express looks set to knock The Dark Knight from its #1 box office perch. [Vulture]

Insert pussy joke here: Princess Chunk has found a home.  Huhuhuh, “insert.” [Dlisted]

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Papa Don’t Beat!: Nikki Blonsky’s Dad Stuck In Prison

Carl Blonsky, father of Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky, will have to sit tight in jail until he can be tried for allegedly beating the crap out of Top Model contestant Bianca Golden‘s mom in that crazy airport brawl that went down last weekend on the Turks & Ciacos. According to TMZ, Papa Blonsky planned to argue that his kidneys require American attention, but he’ll have to wait till a bail hearing on August 19th to test that one out on a judge. Should have thought about your kidneys before pounding on a middle aged woman, Carl! [TMZ]


Jewel Marries Longtime Rodeo Beau

Rodeo star Ty Murray has finally made an honest woman out of Lilith Fair participant and Nashville Star judge Jewel Kilcher. While Jewel is reported to have worn a traditional gown, Ty chose blue jeans and a cowboy hat—possibly because he owns nothing else. Jewel recently claimed that, following ten years of unmarried cowboy bliss, she didn’t see much reason to get hitched unless kids were on the way. So does this mean she’s preggers? But no matter what’s in the oven—these wedding bands? They are her own. [People]


Brad Pitt To Soldier For Tarantino In Inglorious Bastards

Brad Pitt has signed on for Inglorious Bastards, Quentin Tarantino‘s long-planned World War II movie, with comedic actors Simon Pegg, David Krumholtz and B.J. Novak in talks to play other key roles. So where does this leave the chatter about Britney Spears‘ sapphic psychotic in Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!, the other Tarantino project everyone’s been talking about? With Inglorious finally on its way, is Faster on the sexy trash backburner along with Robert Rodriguez‘ much-awaited Sin City 2? This better be one hell of an epic, QT! [Variety]

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Update: Britney has denied any interest in the Faster Pussycat role. Sigh! It was too good to be true.


Matthew McConaughey Brings Baby Levi To Mom’s Purse Party

Well, that was fast! A little thing like a newborn child isn’t going to keep Matthew McConaughey and girlfriend Camila Alves from hitting the red carpet. Little Levi was undoubtedly throwing horns under his blanket at the launch of Alves’ new line of purses, MUXO, last night in Hollywood. As Matt told People, “everyone talked about how, oh, you have a kid, life changes, it’s like 180 degrees on a dime full stop, wow…and a lot of them had an insinuation under that like, you have to stop living your life as you live it. That hasn’t been the case.” Evidently! Mateo also took the little surfer to see a John Mellencamp concert, to help make sure Levi is “equipped to be around the sights and sounds of people.” I just hope the kid was wearing ear protection. Wouldn’t want tinnitus to drown out daddy’s bongos. [People]

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Suspect Confesses In Lil’ Kim Birthday Party Killer

Spotlight Live employee Syed Rahman has confessed to killing partygoer Ingrid Rivera during Lil’ Kim‘s birthday celebration at the club last Sunday. Rivera, who had spoken to Rahman earlier that night, had been kicked out of the club for accidentally entering the men’s bathroom. After failing to get one of Rivera’s friends to join him on the roof, Rahman told Rivera he could get her back into the party. He then took her to the roof and, following an argument, beat her in a utility shed. Rahman is being charged with second-degree murder, and if found guilty, will face up to life in prison. [AP; Photo: Splash News Online]


Citizen Scandal: Grandma Lets Toddler Ride On Car Roof

A 54-year-old woman has been charged with child abuse after driving around the parking lot of a Publix grocery store in Marathon, Florida with her 3-year-old granddaughter on top of the car. Grammy swears that she was driving at “snail-speed” and holding the child’s leg (uh…), but authorities still consider her method of giving the kid “some air” a criminal matter. Said the tot, “WHEEEEEEE!” [AP]


Kevin Smith and Seth Rogen’s “Porno” Avoids An NC-17

It’s tough to make an R-rated porno film, but Kevin Smith has pulled it off. The director successfully appealed an NC-17 rating for his Zack and Miri Make A Porno, starring Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks. The film was given the commercially crippling Rating Formerly Known As X three times before Smith was able to convince the board that parents should be able to take their kids to his heartwarming tale of two lifelong friends who fall in love while creating an amateur porn company.

While relatively few movies have been able to win an appeal from the notoriously pro-violence/anti-sex MPAA (watch the hilarious documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated to learn more about the bizarre process), this is actually the second time Kevin Smith has made the board to change its mind. Check out five of the movies Zack and Miri will be joining in the MPAA Appeals Board Hall Of Fame. [Coming Soon]