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Girls Gone Wild Staffer Arrested For Sexual Assault

Unsurprisingly, owner Joe Francis isn’t the only alleged sexual predator working at Girls Gone Wild. Matthew O’Sullivan (pictured), a crew supervisor for GWW, has been arrested for sexual assault following a wet t-shirt contest at Nubar, a club outside of Smithtown, NY. O’Sullivan is accused of holding a woman by the throat inside the company’s party bus and forcibly removing her clothing while attacking her. Thankfully, a group of her friends entered the bus during the struggle. If found guilty, O’Sullivan may be sentenced to twenty-five years in prison. Francis, meanwhile, is awaiting trial on tax evasion charges. [Newsday]

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Dixie Chick Emily Robison Divorces Husband Charlie

Emily Robison of the Dixie Chicks has divorced singer/songwriter Charlie Robison after nine years of marriage, due to “discord or conflict of personalities.” According to a representative, the Robisons “remain close friends and their family is the priority and will continue to be.” The couple have three children: Charles Augustus (age 5), and twins Julianna Tex and Henry Benjmain (age 3). Charlie was a judge on the first season of Nashville Star and his brother, Bruce Robison, wrote the Chicks’ #1 country single, “Travelin’ Soldier.” [San Antonio Express-News]

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Dita Von Teese Steamed Over David Beckham Sex-Text Gossip

Dita Von Teese, she of the burlesque, is none too pleased at gossip hounds claiming she’s being swapping blue texts with David Beckham, he of the soccer ball. “I’m friends with the Beckhams collectively as a couple, and it makes me upset that somebody would ever insinuate what they are insinuating.” When will celebrities learn? If we hear you’re using technology to converse with stars of the opposite gender, we’re going to assume you two are knocking boots—just ask Scarlett Johannson. And wait, “friends with the Beckhams collectively as a couple“? That redundancy totally has to mean “three-way,” right? Right? [Uberazzi]

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Artie Lange Finally Goes To Rehab

It looks like Artie Lange cares about his health after all. Years after inspiring a Death Watch website with his alcoholism, heroin use and morbid obesity, the Howard Stern sidekick and Beer League star has finally checked into rehab. The program is described as “intensive” but also “outpatient,” which means that Lange will still be able to appear on Stern when the show returns from its break. Despite this relative freedom, Lange has canceled a stand-up tour, as well as his planned appearance at Bob Saget’s Comedy Central Roast last Sunday, in order to focus on his recovery from…well, everything. You can do it, Artie! [E!]

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Woman Murdered At Lil Kim’s Birthday Party

A woman thrown out of Lil Kim‘s birthday party at Spotlight Live on Sunday was found beaten to death on the roof of the building early yesterday evening. Detectives searching for the missing Ingrid Rivera, 24, had visited the Times Square nightclub earlier in the day, but without checking the rooftop loft. Her body was eventually found by a maintenance worker. Lil’ Kim quickly released a press release mourning the death of Rivera and claiming no previous knowledge of the incident. While there’s no reason to assume Kim would have known anything, no one can blame the convicted perjurer for being cautious.  [NY Post]

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Citizen Scandal: 26 Teenage Cheerleaders Trapped In Elevator

How many teenage cheerleaders can you cram in a University of Texas elevator? 26. And how many minutes will it take a repairman to get the girls out of the elevator? The answer is also about 26. A group of 14-to-17-year-olds at a UT cheerleading camp found that out the hard way on Tuesday, when the doors refused to open after a whimsical full-capacity journey. Wish you’d been stuck in the middle (like Seann William Scott in the unrelated picture above), hornballs? Don’t: one girl fainted and two others had to be helped by paramedics at the scene. An elevator full of panicking high school cheerleaders is not a sexy time. [Dallas Morning News]


Flight Attendant Sues Televangelist’s Wife For Boob Bruise, Hemorrhoids

Victoria Osteen, wife of smarmy televangelist Joel Osteen, was fined $3,000 by the FAA for elbowing a flight attendant in the breast while storming to the cockpit to complain about liquid on her armrest. Osteen, who’s contesting the charges, will also have to deal with a civil suit from the flight attendant. Sharon Brown claims she’s suffered from anxiety and hemorrhoids ever since that fateful boob jab and that her “faith” has also been affected (it’s hard to believe in God when preachers’ wives run wild in first class). Naturally, she’s asking for 10% of Mrs. Osteen’s net worth in damages. Hemorrhoids hurt, yo. [AP]


Britney Spears To Play Lesbian Killer In Tarantino Movie

The Telegraph is reporting that Britney Spears is a go for Quentin Tarantino‘s planned remake of the Russ Meyer sexploitation classic Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! Some may question whether it’s a good idea for Britney to play the leader of a murderous pack of lesbian strippers on the lam. Some might also suggest Tarantino focus on that damn World War II epic he’s been promising for years instead of releasing yet another mega-derivative film about hot women driving fast and kicking people. We call these people “spoil-sports.” [The Telegraph]

Pics of Britney in Cabo San Lucas below:


Steven Tyler Scores Over $2 Million For Autobiography

Steven Tyler

It may not match Keith Richards‘ $7 million advance, but Steven Tyler shouldn’t have a hard time earning back the $2 million dollars HarperCollins is allegedly paying him for a tell-all. Some things we hope he’ll remember to tell-all about.

  • Signing guardianship papers in 1975 so he could live with his 14-year-old girlfriend.
  • How high he was when Aerosmith recorded 1982’s “Bolivian Ragamuffin.”
  • Letting his daughter Liv do a pole dance in Aerosmith’s “Crazy” video.
  • Working with Lizzie McGuire.

Not only does Tyler seem shameless enough to describe all these events in full detail, I wouldn’t put it past him to make it rhyme. [Crain’s New York Business]


U.S. Dollar Is World’s Most Coked-Out Currency

Despite the patriotic efforts of Brits like Pete Doherty, Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse, the U.S. dollar contains more cocaine than any other form of currency. A study by Spanish chemists reveals that the average dollar bill contains 2.9 to 28.8 micrograms of cocaine, though some bills from 1996 contain up to 1,300. Don’t start rubbing cash on your gums, though. You’d need at least 1,000 of those primo 1996 dollars to make a gram. And a thousand bucks will buy a lot more than that. [LiveScience]

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