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Justin Bieber’s Worst Ever Run Continues: Collapses Backstage During Concert


First up, we’re glad he’s okay. But secondly, we’re wondering what kind of stars Justin Bieber is under? 2013 seems to be absolutely terrible for him so far. So far it’s been, pictures of the Biebs allegedly smoking pot making their way to the internet, pictorial rumors of him fan-groping, an apparent liking (liking a lot) to Sizzurp and then having the worst birthday ever. Oh and having every teen, tween and parent in an entire city mad at him for being two hours late to his own concert. And now this — he had to be taken to hospital after collapsing backstage at his second London show at the O2 arena. Apparently, with four songs to go, Bieber started feeling not so great, made it behind the stage and crumbled. His main man, Scooter Braun went on stage and explained to the audience, “Justin’s got very light breath. The whole show he’s been complaining, He’s backstage with the EMTs and the doctor” while the singer was given oxygen backstage. But, the lil champion that the Biebs is, he went right back on after and finished the show saying he, “had to finish the show for his fans.” Justin went straight to hospital after, where the picture above was taken, instagramming, “Gettin better listening to Janice Joplin.” Way to win back some love too, champ. We have a feeling a lot of stories about his apparent pot-smoking, hard partying life are going to crop up again.

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Dreams Do Come True … If You’re Ryan Lochte! Did He Really Make Out With Carmen Electra?


Guys, if you wish hard enough of something, you can have it. That’s the moral of this story. No, you can’t, sorry. Not unless you’re Ryan Lochte, clearly. Apparently, people are talking about Ryan making out with Carmen Electra at Bootsy Bellows in Hollywood earlier this week. Says a source — and you can almost hear the glee in their voice, ” They were in a booth together and he had his arm around her and they were kissing on the lips. At one point, they were standing up and kissing and everyone saw them. They did not leave together, and I am not sure if they will see each other again. But they have been tweeting and instagraming back and forth.” They totally have been. The picture you see above is one which Carmen tweeted, writing, “So nice to meet u. JEAH!!!” Ryan also instagrammed one of him holding her tight, writing, “Me and beautiful carmenelectra my biggest crush since childhood. Finally meeting her. #jeah” Why is this not just your regular old possible Hollywood hook-up. ‘Cause Ryan really did most possibly make out with the woman he’s crushed on since he was a kid. And she’s still super fine. He’s even talked about his hots for Carmen, telling the The Daily Buzz, “Growing up, I’ve always looked at Carmen Electra.” See, some dreams do come true.

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Selena Gomez Conducts New Bazaar Cover Interview … At Hooters


A lot of interesting facts were revealed about Selena Gomez in her new Harper’s Bazaar cover interview. Topping that list is the fact that going to Hooters is a family tradition. But it’s not what you think. “My mom and dad had me when they were young, and when I was seven, my dad would go to Hooters to watch Spurs games, “she explains. “But he started noticing that when I would come, with my little pigtails, all the waitresses would be like, ‘Hey!’ So he ended up half spending time with me but with all those cute girls coming over. And that kind of became our thing.”  That’s … nice?  And then, she discusses her split with Justin Bieber, as expected, and muses about love. “… To me, love is normal. Of course, you see Jay and Beyoncé and you’re like, ‘Oh, my gosh, they’re perfect for each other,’ but at the end of the day their love is just like everybody else’s love. They have problems, I’m sure, and they solve them, like anybody else. So to make it as normal as possible—in such an abnormal lifestyle—was super important to both of us. Which was great … That’s how it should be,” she says. Read more…

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Amy Poehler Responds To Taylor Swift’s Vanity Fair Diss


Our jaws collectively dropped yesterday when we read about Taylor Swift dissing both Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, in her April cover story in Vanity Fair. When asked about the jokes Tina and Amy made about Taylor at The Golden Globes, her answer to the magazine was, “You know, Katie Couric is one of my favorite people…Because she said to me she had heard a quote that she loved, that said, ‘There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.’” Tina and Amy, going to hell? Hells to the no. But Amy’s responding to Taylor Swift’s in a manner that makes the songbird seem like a young, churlish child and we’re applauding, in awe, at the lovely Ms. Poehler for the hilarity and correctness of her answer. She responded to The Hollywood Reporter saying, “Aw, I feel bad if she was upset. I am a feminist, and she is a young and talented girl. That being said, I do agree I am going to hell. But for other reasons. Mostly boring tax stuff.” And that’s how it’s done, son. Lighten up, Taylor.

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Jay Baruchel And Alison Pill Break Off Their Engagement


Jay Baruchel and Alison Pill getting engaged back in 2011 was kind of awesome. Like the perfect indie union of two slightly dorky, souls. Alison’s reaction to that embarrassing incident of tweeting her own topless picture by accident made us love her even more. Besides us being complete The Newsroom fans, of course. So two hear that these two crazy kids weren’t going to end up together, after all of that, made us really sad. Baruchel and Pill are no longer engaged, and have also split up. What an awesome wedding it was going to be too, considering the actor told US Weekly early last year that they were, “… getting married at an ice wine vineyard. Me and the groomsmen will all be wearing kilts! We’ll be welcomed in by uilleann pipers. It will be a very small, 70 person wedding, just friends and family …I’m really excited to see all the…hairy, chubby legs. I just hope my groomsmen wear underwear!” Sources say that their schedules and the long distance relationship thing took its toll, revealing, “Working and living in Canada is something that [Baruchel] is very passionate about. He wanted her up there more often, but she really likes Newsroom and the opportunities that are there for her. They were doing the long distance [thing] a lot.” Not too late for a reconciliation, guys!

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Elizabeth Banks’ Effie Trinket Marks The Start Of The “Capitol Portraits”


Why is this cool even though we realize it’s a marketing tool? Because it’s a pretty cool marketing tool and because anything to do with The Hunger Games makes us salivate. Admit it, you’re as curious about the Capitol Portraits as we are. A new “portrait” will be released intermittently until Catching Fire releases in November. And judging by the name, they will all be portraits of members of the Capitol. The series kicks off with a striking image of Elizabeth Banks‘ character, Effie Trinket and the look seems to be far more stylized than the previous film. Besides, we’re totally digging the saturated, yet vintage feel of this portrait. Any guesses to who’ll be next? Seneca Crane? Caeser Flickerman?

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The Other Spears Is Getting Married: Jamie Lynn, That Is


So, we fully admit we totally didn’t know that Jamie Lynn Spears was dating anyone, because her famous sister, Britney Spears, took up all our brain space. But Jamie has now left the dating pool behind to become engaged to her boyfriend, 30-year-old Jamie Watson. Yes, they share the same name. Jamie squared have been dating for three years proving a nine-year time different ain’t nothing. Jamie — lady Jamie, that is — excitedly tweeted out the photo you so above, writing, “Guesssss what??????” And if you’d like a close-up of the rock, you can see it right here. Britney for Maid of Honor, for the win! Congratulations to Jamie and Jamie! They look really happy!

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Modern Family Stars Tweet Up Some Fun While Stuck In An Elevator

If I ever had the misfortune to be stuck in an elevator — I’m mildly claustrophobic, so it’s my idea of hell — I’d like to be stuck with these these guys. The Modern Family cast members: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Julie Bowen. Because they actually spent an hour stuck, you guessed it, in an elevator, all together, at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel where they were headlining the Kids Night Out 2013 fundraiser during the weekend. While just typing this gives me hives, it’s worth mentioning that they were stuck with 15 other people in what is technically, a tin can. They ended up getting late for the show, getting on only at 10 pm, where they were supposed to start by 9 pm. But forget all of that. While I would be screaming for a paper bag to breathe into, the comedic trip ended up rolling with the punches and tweeting some hilarity about the situation. Stonestreet wrote, “I honestly handled being stuck in an elevator for 50min better than I thought. All jessetyler did was pass wind. That’s my mom in blue.” The picture you see above is from Bowen’s twitter account, which explained, “after a quick hour trapped in the service elevator, we were rescued by Duke and the Fire dept. here’s a photo from inside.” Of course, JTF’s post made us crack up the most. See for yourself.  Read more…

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90210 Is Cancelled, Off The Air By May


We have to admit, 90210 has been one of those shows that has always been roaming around in our consciousness, but has never really settled in. It’s too filled with pretty people, getting into trouble, sleeping with each other and driving into things. Or are we missing something? Still, it’s been popular for a reason, even though it gives most people we know face and body envy. Not so much, anymore, though. Dwindling ratings have caused the shows network — The CW — to cancel it. It’s been on the air for five years but The CW has decided the last episode will be on May 13.  The network’s president, Mark Pedowitz, has said, “The CW has had five great seasons with America’s favorite zip code, 90210. I’d like to thank the talented cast, producers, and crew for all their hard work and dedication to the series. We are very proud of the West Beverly High alumni.” So, goodbye, AnnaLynne McCordShenae GrimesMatt LanterJessica Stroup, and Jessica Lowndes and the really hot guy called … Teddy? Are we imagining that? Trevor Donovan‘s character? And all the other folks whose names we can’t remember. They’re young and gorgeous enough to find lots of other work so we’re sure they’re going to be fine.

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