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Rihanna Gets Special Dual Cover For Elle, Yes, She’s Wearing Clothes


Here’s why we’re rejoicing over Rihanna‘s special dual cover for Elle‘s April issue. They’re both very fashion focused where, “Rihanna shows off pieces from her spring/summer 2013 collection for River Island on both: a black, zip-through River Island skirt paired with a Louis Vuitton monochrome top on one and on the other, a striped bra from the same collection peeking out from Prada’s silk and satin stole.” But apart from all of that, we’re just happy she’s clothed. And not being — exceedingly Rihanna. We love her, you guys know that. But between her mostly naked GQ cover, her hyper-sexy Complex covers and her her many, many half-naked Twitter pictures, covers and editorials, we’re used to seing the songbird not just cross the line, but erase it completely. Then there are the even more controversial photographs of Rih blazing up which are a whole ‘nother ball game. So, thank you, Elle. We’re really enjoying see Rihanna look sharp, gorgeous, gamine while covered up because she can totally rock that avatar too.

[Photos via Elle]

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Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless For His Birthday, And Almost Pantless Too


Today marks the hallowed day that Justin Bieber was gifted unto us, 19 years ago. The world must rejoice — as he clearly is. Behold the sculpted and tattooed manscaping that is the Biebs returning to his hotel in London, post his Birmingham gig. Don’t let the shirtlessness fool you — it is freezing right now, across the pond. But reports suggest that he was partying it up with a large group of girls — or as the Daily Mail called them, “a bevy of beauties” — so temperatures were undoubtedly raised. The shirtlessness was also temporary as the singer popped into his hotel to change his clothes so he could usher in 19 with style. Apparently, a circus-themed party is on the cards, where sources say, “Justin wants to celebrate in style and he loves clubbing in London. It’s no accident that there’s a break in his UK tour which coincides with his birthday. He’s been looking for the perfect venue and finally settled on Cirque Du Soir as he loves the kitsch theme. The venue is all ready for him, with clowns, goblins, aerial acts and some fire-eaters.” His reported new flame, Brit model Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke will be the hostess with the mostest. While we’re quite intrigued by all these plans, what we’re the most intrigued by are his pants. How are they staying up? A prayer? Does he not know we can see most of his underpants? Or is that all part of the plan? Now we feel old and weary.

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Before Anne Hathaway Was An Oscar Winner, She Was A Teen Doing Phone Commercials


Let’s for a second forget that Anne Hathaway took home the Oscar for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ this weekend. Because her beginnings were just as humble as anyone else. By that we mean that she had to start in the biz just like anyone else. Only, Jezebel threw some light on that start in the form of a phone landline commercial. Anne was cast by Northlich, a Cincinnati marketing agency, while she was a teen for a commercial for the Cincinnati Bell Telephone which aired from the mid- to late- 90s. And it’s a positively scintillating advertisement. The picture you see above is Anne nervously facing her teen date — oh you know the guy, we’ve all dated that guy — at the end of the evening.  Read more…

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Whose Grandmother Is This? The Answer May Surprise You


So this celebrity just tweeted this photographer of his — or her, we’re not giving it away that easily — grandmother. Is there a resemblance between grandparent and their celebrity grandchild? We think so, yes. More specifically in the hair department. If you want another hint, look at the lettering on the car. Got it yet?  Read more…

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Bobby Brown Is Heading To Jail For DUI


Remember that DUI Bobby Brown was arrested for back in October? It was in L.A and his second drink-related mess-up of 2012 alone, and his third public DUI that we know of. The law isn’t being forgiving with him at all because he has been sentenced to 55 days in jail after pleading no contest in court yesterday. Apart from his forthcoming jailtime, he also has to go through a four year probation period and an 18-month alcohol program. The singer has to turn himself in by March 20, which is just around the corner. Yikes! On top of all that he also has to go for AA meetings until he is incarcerated. They’re not messing around! But he clearly, has screwed up multiple times so this is a sobering wake-up call if anything for Bobby.

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Hand Us Some Tissue: Michelle Williams And Jason Segel Have Reportedly Split


We really, really thought these two were the real deal. Like apple pie and vanilla ice-cream — adorable, wholesome and perfectly matched. So you can imagine our dismay when we read about the reported split between Michelle Williams and Jason Segel. Sources say the break-up happened earlier this month, very quietly. We want to know why! Actually, do we really want to know? It would only make us extremely sad. They had been dating for a year and Jason was quoted as saying lovely things like, “I think we would just very much like to be happy. That’s all I’m going to say about it.” The famously private Michelle even told In Style, “I didn’t realize [boyfriend Jason Segel] was so tall [6’4”]. I thought, Hey, man, you’re cramping my style! I tried wearing wedge heels for a while to compensate, but it wasn’t me and I just gave up.” See … sad. We’re going to shut up now and hope for a reconciliation.

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Becomes The Best Oscar Night Photobomber Ever


These photographs made us crack up so incredibly hard! Taken at the fancypants Vanity Fair Oscar Party, it features the equally fancypants couple comprising Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. They look so statuesque — her in Valentino couture and him, trendy, with his skinny tie — that it is the funniest thing ever that they’re so oblivious to the fact that Jesse Tyler Ferguson is totally stealing their thunder. How is leaping so high? He’s positively airborne. And manic. He gets our vote for best Oscar night photobomb of all time.

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Kim Kardashian Talks Everything Kanye (Of Course) To Cosmopolitan


We actually really like Kim Kardashian‘s April cover for Cosmopolitan. She may be a brunette but it has a bit of a sexy, throwback Brigitte Bardot vibe to it. Now if only her interviews would get a tad more interesting and less predictable. Of course she’s talking Kanye West and her baby with her. But we did totally giggle when she gave a sage sound byte about marriage, saying, “I saw fast marriages like Khloé and Lamar‘s and that was what seemed to work. [Now] I say give it a good six months before you commit. Feelings change, even if it seems so lustful.” Six months is all you need, folks. Courtesy the good Kardashian folk. The good news is that she says that she and Kanye are going to take the easy route to the altar, admitting,  “Sometimes you’re just not ready. A person could have it all, and you’re not ready for it all. But this is where I probably always should have been…[marriage] is something I know that we both want in our future, but I don’t have this sense of urgency about it. I have this best friend who understands me and helps me through all my tough experiences, and vice versa, you know? It just feels like this is it for me.” Cute. Dear God, let this be true. We actually really want the two to go to the distance and can’t wait till baby Kimye to get here!

[Photo via Cosmpolitan]

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Photographs Revealed, Spoiler: She Looks Stunning


What great timing on this. Not only did Jennifer Lawrence look awesome at the Oscars, and won the coveted Best Actress statue, but she’s also getting a whole lot of love — and by that we mean extra publicity — thanks to her new Dior gig. A couple of months ago, we wrote about Jennifer being named as the new face of the iconic Miss Dior bag. Which is why she’s been wearing so much Dior this season. Raf Simons, the creative director of Women’s Fashion of the brand, gushed over her, saying, “Like everyone else, I first discovered Jennifer Lawrence in the roles she played in action movies. I was, of course, struck by her incredible onscreen presence in these blockbuster films, but also impressed by her powerful interpretations of subtler, more rounded characters. Her youth and her classic beauty, but also her force of character and the complexity she’s capable of embodying at such a young age are, for me, both unique and very moving.” WWD has now revealed some of the pictures from the campaign, which will be officially break out later this month. As you can see in the photographs above, J.Law is killing it. We can’t wait to see more!

[Photos via WWD]