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Snoop Dogg Gets Denied By True Blood

Snoop Dogg really wants to visit Bon Temps. And ’cause he’s the D.O.Double G, he’s not scared of no vampire. Not Bill in any case,  because he’s got a Stackhouse rap ready. Oh Sookie serenades with outstanding lyrics like, “I’m the dog that don’t bite, woof woof. Choose a player like me, do it in the daytime with the d-oh-double-g.” And in case Sookie gets her panties in a twist he adds, “…Bill won’t know a thing.”

Yep, Snoop’s got bitten bad by the True Blood bug. So much so that he’s pimpin’ himself out for a cameo. He even broadcasted it on MTV commenting, “I love that show. I wish I could be on it. I’d be a hell of a vampire, don’t you think? So what’s happenin’? True Blood, get at me – Snoop Dogg wants to be a vampire.”

Unfortunately, he’s been D to the Double E-nied, with Sam Trammell aka Sam Merlotte being the one to shatter his hopes. He revealed that Snoop’s not going to be on the show anytime soon saying, “Apparently Snoop has wanted to be on the show from the beginning, but I don’t think [creator] Alan Ball is going to let that happen. Having such a high-profile person appear in the show, I think it would take us all out of Bon Temps. [Alan] doesn’t need to cast Snoop Dogg to get people to watch.” Hey Snoop, you go in snooping for their women (he name checks Tara in his True Blood tribute track too)… they’re never going to let you in. Try another approach!

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Rich Beautiful People Stick Together On Vacation


Naomi Campbell is such a good Samaritan. This whole pesky blood diamond-from-a-dictator business won’t stop trailing her around. And testifying is such a b***h. So what if she was hanging with ex-warlord Charles Taylor who allegedly recruited child soldiers, and abetted in the massacre of thousands? Of course she’d find it a terrible inconvenience to go testify at his trial at the Hague. She’s a supermodel…not a social worker.

After such a tiresome  event, Naomi jetted back to her life of idle luxury with gazillionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin. The poor thing. The trauma she must’ve gone through! Still, the billionaires club they’re hanging out at in Porto Cervo (northern Sardinia) is just the balm she needs to soothe those frazzled nerves. Unfortunately, the “balm” ain’t doing anything to save Naomi’s hair.

And because she tends to bash people who aren’t as perfect at her, her company in Porto Cervo inhabit the highest echelons of stardom. Leonardo DiCaprio and supermodel girlfriend Bar Rafaeli are hanging on a yacht with Vlad and Nay-Nay. The foursome have also been hitting up clubs in Sardinia together. Who knew they were BFF? Well Leo and Naomi do have a Blood Diamond connection, but quite frankly, why anyone would want to hang out around her is now beyond us. Considering the harsh treatment she doles out to younger (prettier) models (hi, Jessica White), we wonder how long Bar is going to escape her trademark brand of crazy.

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Mark Salling’s New Single Out, We’re Cringing

If you’re reading this and are a Gleek, try not bludgeon us, ok? Because we’re going to admit… we do not like Glee. At all. In all fairness, we gave it a shot but Rachel and gang got far too precious to stomach. Having said that, in the few episodes we managed to get through, Mark Salling made quite the impression. Because A. he didn’t sing much and B. he’s hot. Yes, he’s strangely called Puck, but his smolder outweighs the silly name (Noah Puckerman doesn’t hack it either) and in our book that’s the math that counts.

Unfortunately, Puck’s sexy points are being deducted as we type. It’s a sadly unexpected tale. To preempt it, can we just say that Salling has a side project called Jericho and released an album called Smoke Signals in 2008. We also heard he did a decent job singing Sweet Caroline on Glee. The dude’s even a trained musician with piano, drums, guitar (bass included) all part of his repertoire. That’s hot.

Taking all this information into consideration you’d think that the album he’s going to release in October – Pipe Dreams – could, would and should rock. If his new single Higher Power is any indicator, then we’re going with a big fat fail. It premiered for the first (and sadly, not only) time on Ryan Seacrest‘s show. We’re going to try and be polite here and say…it’s twee. Really, really twee. And trite. And…not good. We’re now going to stare at his picture and try and recover from listening to it.

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J-Woww’s Stuff, Like Her Boyfriend, Vanishes

Poor Jenni “J-Woww” Farley. She recently got the boot from her (now ex-) boyfriend Tom Lippolis. Reason being she kept misplacing her tongue, only to find it down other dude’s throats. Totally not her fault.

Now, similarly, J-Woww’s stuff has apparently vanished from the Journal Square, NY home that she and Lippolis shared. It’s been confirmed by the Nassau County P.D that Farley filed a complaint, but that’s all that can be revealed at the moment as the investigation is ongoing. We don’t know what’s missing, but clearly her hair products clearly haven’t gone anywhere. Lippolis is quick to deny any involvement stating, “I took nothing but my own belongings and my bed.”

She didn’t forget that she moved into someone else’s house, did she?

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Levi Johnston’s Next Move: Mayor Of Wasilla?

Apparently, Levi Johnston is running for Mayor of Wasilla. This is not a hoax (but it most certainly is a farce). Let’s see, what could the possible reasons be for this new career direction?

• He wants to piss off almost-mother-in-law (twice over) Sarah Palin?

• Bristol Palin broke up with him …again… so he has nothing better to do?

• Brittani Senser kicked him out of  her music video after their Teen Choice Awards date went horribly awry?

• He’s going to be the baby daddy of the entire new generation of Wasillans, so he figured “Why not?”

Answer: all of the above.
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Teen Choice Awards Winners: Fashion Hits And Misses


To be fair, it was mostly vamps, but not all vamps at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards. Look at the hosts: Glee studs AND Katy Perry, who visited various high-school stereotypes through the show. Cue a gazillion costume changes (we like geeky Katy the best). And watching them were young Hollywood’s finest, including  Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, approximately 3 million peeps from TwilightMegan Fox, Channing Tatum, Sandra Bullock, Selena Gomez, Leighton MeesterEllen DeGeneras, David Beckham (wtf?), and The Kardashians. And my oh my, didn’t they look pretty? And some, well, didn’t.

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Vamps Clean Up At Teen Choice Awards


The tweeny-teeny utopian 2010 Teen Choice Awards taped yesterday and were hosted by  “Prom Kings” (the dudes from Glee) and “Prom Queen” (aka, Katy Perry, who doubled as a geeky backstage nerd wearing braces and bobby socks). As expected, vamps took over the show.

Robert Pattinson (photos) scooped up four surfboard awards (sans his pale, winsome lovah Kristen Stewart, who was MIA). The toothsome star won Choice Liplock and Choice Chemistry with KStew for New Moon and also got Choice Movie Star, Male for Eclipse. In non-vampirical news, he also won Choice Actor, Drama for Remember Me. But that’s just him moonlighting as a human, so it doesn’t really count.

The vamp tally stayed ridiculously high with KStew also picking up Choice Actress, Fantasy and Choice Movie Star, Female. What’s that we hear being chanted in the background? Team Jacob? Never fear, everybody’s favorite werewolf Taylor Lautner also walked off with Choice Fantasy, Actor, Choice Male Hottie AND Red Carpet Icon, Male. *Rwar*

There was a bit of a surprise element too. In a win that must’ve been bittersweet to say the least, ousted actress Rachelle Lefevre won Choice Villian for her cut-short turn as Victoria in New Moon. Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz also scored for Choice Scene Stealer Male and Female respectively. And don’t even get us started on how many film categories New Moon and Eclipse won in. Hint: plenty.

BUT, they weren’t the only vampires (and, well, solo werewolf) who stole the show. The Vampire Diaries picked up six awards in the television category as well, making it one fangtastic night.

The winners list is long and dripping with hotties so if you’re interested, take a gander here. And look below for all the vamps risking life and limb to come out in daylight for our viewing pleasure.  The show airs tonight at 8PM EST on Fox. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Teen Choice Awards: Reason #98362516 To Love Sandra Bullock


We tend to rhapsodize about Sandra Bullock. But how could you not? We make our argument taking her appearance at  yesterdays Teen Choice Awards into account.

• No one can rock black leather pants, a grey T-shirt and high heels like she can. She didn’t walk the blue carpet (yeah, they have a smurfy blue carpet), but instead popped up, badass-like, on stage. Now that’s an entrance.

• She won four awards, which makes her, like, the female Robert Pattinson. She scored the honored surfboards for The Blind Side in the Choice Drama and  Choice Actress, Drama categories. She also won for The Proposal taking home Choice Actress, Romantic Comedy and Choice Dance with Betty White.

• Her acceptance speech had us cooing and snorting with laughter simultaneously. How does she do it (must take notes next time). “I don’t know if you should bring attention to this. Some things are better left unsaid. It’s been awhile since I was a teen…” Nice one, Sandy….nice one.

• She can bust a move with Betty White. And she showed us just how when they broke it down on stage to Lil Jon’s Get Low. That’s why Miss Sandy’s the bomb! [Photo: Getty Images]

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