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T.I. Walks Down The Aisle Three Times


Why have just one “happiest day of my life” when you can have three?  Rapper T.I and his girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle have been dating since 2001, weathering his long incarceration last year for illegally trying to buy firearms. Closing in on a decade of being together, the rapper and his girl quietly got married in a Miami courthouse right before the weekend.

They must’ve decided not to keep things on a down low for long, because they had a second wedding over the weekend, in Miami again. For Wedding #2, T.1. put on a custom-made Prada tux to exchange “I Do’s” with his bride, who wore a Valentino gown. Not to be outdone, wedding number three is in the works – this time in Vegas!

The couple celebrated their honeymoon before they got hitched, jetting to Europe before they were officially husband and wife. Uhhh, but doesn’t three weddings mean three honeymoons?

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Khloe Kardashian’s Back Taxes Come To Bite Her On Her Famous Butt

Explain something to us: Do celebrities feel that taxes are an optional activity? That if their crazy schedules cause them to “forget” one year, the government will magically make them disappear? Plus, with all the gazillion dollars they make, would it not be wise to give a teeny tiny amount of that cash to an accountant to sort out their finances so they don’t have to sweat their famous brows? Apparently, not.

Khloe Kardashian obviously thought that IRS were fans of Keeping up with the Kardashians or something, because she decided to stop paying taxes in 2007, when the show debuted on E!. Khloe owes a grand total of $18,490.74 to the state of California. Come on KK, that’s like pocket change to you! You and your sisters can’t “take Miami” if you’re stuck in a Kourthouse! Learn something from the likes these famous tax evaders (photos). They’re celebrities too and – newsflash! – the government doesn’t care.

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Dennis Rodman Walks Away Unscathed From Massive Car Wreck

It’s times like these when you gotta look up at the sky and thank whoever has your back. Dennis Rodman was in a nasty car accident this weekend, and should be extremely thankful for the way things turned out. He was driving with a friend in a Range Rover in Fort Lauderdale when one of the tires burst. We don’t know what speed they were traveling at, but the SUV ended up flipping over THREE times and naturally got quite bashed up.

People who saw the accident stopped to help them, and scarily, had to pull Rodman out of the wreck. Luckily, he walked away with just a scratch on his finger. His friend wasn’t so lucky; he had to be taken to the hospital for head injuries. Sure it was nice for people to stop and help, but the aura of celebrity tends to blind even the best of them. The good samaritans actually asked Rodman for his autograph after pulling him out of the car wreckage.


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Major American Idol Shake Ups: DeGeneres and DioGuardi Out, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler In!

new-idol-550rnrnWe knew that Simon Cowell’s departure as the face of American Idol would cause some serious waves, but not even seasoned industry insiders predicted this would get this crazy! Things began sliding downhill quickly for the fading franchise last night when Ellen DeGeneres unexpectedly quit as a judge on the show, a message that she delivered via Twitter: “Dim the lights…I’ve voted myself off American Idol.” Considering the rocky way her first season went — reports that Ellen was “not comfortable,” “not happy” and that her stint was “not fun” — we’re not exactly shocked by her decision, but this leaves the show with a serious personality gap.rnrnOr does it? Right on the heels of this bombshell announcement came word that Jennifer Lopez would replace DeGeneres as one of the show’s judges! The Internet had been blindly (and annoyingly) speculating about Simon’s replacement for months, but after all the Elton John/Justin Timberlake/Jessica Simpson talk, J.Lo swooped in at the last moment to grab the spot. This gig couldn’t have come at a better time for Jenny From The Block, as her movie and music career have been in a serious rut of late.rnrnBut that’s not all! Returning Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe is on record as wanting to return the show to its original three judge format, which means that … wait for it … Kara DioGuardi has gotten fired! (Yes!) So now, your new American Idol judging panel is now rumored to have Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and … Steven Tyler? Yes, that Steven Tyler, the one who just got out of rehab. rnrnPhew, we’re exhausted. Thoughts?rnrn[Photo: Getty Images]

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Dina Lohan’s Pissed Because Lindsay’s Being Treated Like Any Other Inmate


Let’s all get together and tell Dina Lohan what jail is about. Momma Lohan has her knickers in a twist because her incarcerated daughter Lindsay Lohan is being treated like “a common criminal.”

Let’s repeat slowly: She’s.In.Jail.With all this talk about Li.Lo getting special treatment in the slammer, Dina’s concerns have nothing to do with star service. She doesn’t have a pillow and ” doesn’t have cell phone privileges, that’s absurd.”  Dina added, “I talk to her through glass. There’s a phone and we put her on speaker, but I can’t even hug my daughter.” That’s just ludicrous, right?

Dina, listen to us. She’s in JAIL. She’s going to be treated like an inmate. We should be grateful that she graciously admitted that the “service” at the correctional centre  has been passable saying, “I have to say that the people inside have been pretty cool to her…the guards and the inmates.”

We don’t know why because Star magazine reports that Lindsay’s been driving everyone crazy. A released inmate griped about how Linds’ list of demands are…loud. She explained, “The other day Lindsay was freaking out because she wanted another blanket. She kept yelling out, ‘Hello! I asked for a blanket like two hours ago! I’m getting sick!’ It went on for hours.” Another source said that she’s been hollering for bottled water. Repeatedly. And a fan. Again, repeatedly. She got neither. Because, as we’ve been trying to tell Dina… for the last time… she’s in jail.

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Bristol Palin Reacts To Levi Johnston’s Latest Babydaddy Mess


News recently broke about how Levi Johnston is becoming a serial baby daddy. He Who Can’t Keep It in His Pants may or may not have knocked up old flame Lanesia Garcia. They were getting it on while Johnston and Bristol Palin were on a break. But Lanesia was doing the rounds at the same time, as a source revealed, “Levi is one of three possible fathers who were with Lanesia during the probable week of conception.” Let’s repeat this: during the WEEK of conception. Seven days, three possible, virile Alaskan studs.

Bristol’s camp say she’s “heartbroken” and completely devastated by the news. Because obvs, an upright (pun kinda intended) gentleman like Levi would never! A source reiterates, “Levi insists the baby isn’t his, but no one really knows for sure.” He’s screwed (pun, again, kinda intended) things up because now Bristol’s rethinking their re-engagement, but the Palin camp state that “no official decision has been made.” They’re only communicating through text message. Aww, full circle! They got back together because of a lovey-Levi text! Who thinks they’ll stay together because of their new TV show? And could someone please send Levi a pack of Trojans so he can familiarize himself with the concept?

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Hilary Duff And Her Pre-Wedding Plastic Surgery Tweaking

Someone needs to tell Hilary Duff that her genes aren’t going to quit on her at age 22. In Touch says that’s junior Duff’s got the jitters before her wedding. Not about her fiance Mike Comrie, but because of the pressure of looking fab! Apparently this whole “best day of her life’ rhetoric has her so stressed, that she’s supposedly gone and got herself a boob job! And because at 22, her skin doesn’t cut the mustard… she’s getting Botoxed up as well ! Someone also needs to tell her that her smile on D-Day is going to look Nicole Kidman-ish.

A source revealed, “Hilary is obsessed with looking her best on her wedding day. She recently got her boobs done and has been getting Botox and fillers to make her face look as good as possible. She is determined to work out six days a week, and she brings Mike along so they can motivate each other. She’s lost 10 pounds already!”

The latter we’re on board with, even though we type this sitting far far away from a gym. This whole botoxing when barely legal thing… Charice much?

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Selena Gomez Loses Voice, Still Manages To Diss The Bieber


Some Disney stars are in jail (hi Lindsay Lohan), some are going to strip clubs (hi Zac Efron), and some are right on track. That would be newly minted 18-year-old Selena Gomez.

The Ramona and Beezus star was scheduled to appear on Lopez Tonight. Problem is Selena lost her voice that morning. Not that it deterred her in anyway at all. George Lopez got her a dynavox and that’s how she “spoke” to him (you type in a response and it converts the words to automated speech). And it made for a hilarious interview partly because perky Gomez sounded like the female version of Marvin the Paranoid Android.

The other part was that she managed to Dynavocally diss her buddy Justin Bieber! She told Lopez about a performance which they were going to duet in. Biebs frantically got to her backstage and asked her to take her heels off. He didn’t want her taller than him. Selena’s response?  “[I told him] ‘I’m not going to take off my heels. You’re short, embrace it.”

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Lindsay Lohan’s Hair-Raising Jail Time


Jailbird Lindsay Lohan‘s stylists, who are on standby, have caught a lucky break! They don’t have to start from scratch to make her look good when Lindz makes her grand exit for rehab a couple of days from now! Considering her face and lips are a Botox-Collagen commercial, make-up and skin care isn’t going to be an issue (although she needs to take it easy on the Twizzlers).

It’s the hair that’s causing a commotion. While the stylists don’t need to worry about her follicular condition because she’s still got her extensions on, Lindsay’s fellow inmates aren’t too happy because they’ve been told to remove theirs.  But the jail staffers insist they haven’t touched the hair because her extensions are pretty much bonded right at her scalp and thus immovable. Yes, the debate over Lindsay’s hair rages on.

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