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Larry King Says Adios To CNN


It’s the end of an era! After 25 years of Larry King Live, Larry King is leaving his CNN show in the fall. In a statement the veteran host explained, “I’m looking forward to the future and what my next chapter will bring, but for now it’s time to hang up my nightly suspenders.”

CNN heaped praised on the old dude as well, stating,”Larry King defined the art of the television interview. Having conducted nearly 50,000 interviews over 50-plus years in broadcasting, Larry deserves to take some time for himself and his family.”

King’s not done completely, though, as he’ll appear on specials once in a while. It feels like a good decision, with his personal life being the way it is. His wife Shawn Southwick was recently rushed to hospital due to an apparent OD. They’re also in the midst of salvaging their marriage. So a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. So, who’s going to fill his slot? Any ideas?

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Kim’s Waxy Assets On Display At Madame Tussaud’s

Kim Kardashian‘s ass is a wonderous thing. It can even double up as pillows. And it’s given Kim K’s figure such a cachet that Madame Tussauds in NYC decided to wax eloquent about it. Literally! Not that this was totally a secret because Kim did build up to the event on Twitter (@kimkardashian), tagging posts not so mysteriously as #karwax.
When the right moment arrived Kim blogged about it on Celebuzz, writing, “I can finally reveal that I am getting my own wax figure. This is one of the greatest honors ever and I am so thrilled and excited. Now I will never have to leave NYC … I’ve officially gone bi-coastal! LOL.” One cheek on each coast – nice! Madame T’s is quite happy too. A spokesperson commented, “Kim’s wax double captures the star’s smoldering personality and flawless sense of style.”
Kim’s also been posting photos of the process over the past couple weeks. One had her with weird dots all over hers face which she explained, “No, it’s not another one of Khloe’s special beauty treatments … and I swear it’s not chicken pox! I have a big announcement coming up.” Kinda like Gwyneth Paltrow‘s cupping disaster, only smaller. Another picture showed her getting her famous Kardashian butt measured! We thought that was an everyday occurrence in Kim K’s world? Anyhoo… would you go see her wax statue? We might!
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by (@missmuttoo) Busts Criminals With Nerd Powers


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s the iPad! turned renegade crime fighter after his Bentley was burgled last week in the Hollywood Hills. The villains made off with over $10,000 of the Pea’s property including jewelry and his swanky new iPad. Bad move, because the Black Eyed Pea went hi-tech and used the gadget’s in-built tracking system to find the bad guys and forwarded the co-ordinates to the cops. The thieves are currently on the run but thanks to Will’s – well, the iPad’s – crime busting prowess, the cops are right behind them. Great job on using your superpowers for good, and not for evil – aka (alleged) Perez Hilton beat-downs.

One questions though, what the hell was he doing rolling with that much cash and jewelry anyway?

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World’s Dumbest Cop Thought LiLo’s Coke Was A Breath Mint

We rag on Lindsay Lohan all the time, but this time around, someone else deserves a Homer Simpson-esque D’oh! The police officer who arrested her after her 2007 DUI escapade. She may have got busted for coke through a urine test a couple of years later, but it’s no thanks to him! One wonders why Lohan got such little jail time – 84 minutes to be precise – after being caught pretty much red-handed, right?

It’s because Mr. Officer thought Lindsay’s cocaine was a breath mint and threw it into the trash! It’s all in the Santa Monica Police report. According to the not-so-bright cop, he “discovered a folded Clinique sun care card with an unknown substance caked on to the surface of the card in Lohan’s right rear pocket. Some of the white substance fell to the floor.  I used my foot to see what had fell but thought nothing of it.  I did not recognize the substance attached to the card and initially thought the substance was a wet crushed breath mint.”

The cop had no choice to add to his boo-boo writing, “I put the card into the jail trash can next to the booking windows.  I was looking at the floor and began to recognize the substance as resembling powder cocaine.  I then recovered the card from the trash.” Too late, because there’s a little something called evidence contamination! The coke was in the trash for approximately 2 minutes before he had his little epiphany. He put the sun care card in one evidence envelope, and managed scraping some coke off the floor to put in another one. That lucky star which doesn’t seem to shine on LL anymore, was pretty useful then. But seriously dude… a breath mint? On Lindsay Lohan?

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Swizz Beatz Gets Hit By The IRS


I.O.U’s aren’t going to work here. Swizz Beatz really should learn from his mistakes, especially now that he’s going to be a daddy with Alicia Keys. He’s being visited by the tax man who would really like him to pay up since he’s about $ 2.2 MILLION in debt.

This isn’t the first time the IRS has come a-knockin on Swizz Beatz‘ door. He was charged with a lien for $652,727 on June 3 for taxes he hadn’t bothered to pay since 2008! What’s even worse is that there’s a whole host of liens filed against the music producer and his ex-wife Mashonda. Forget being in trouble in one state, they owe money in THREE – New York, California and Georgia.

A lawyer for Beatz is obviously trying to do damage control commenting, “We have been discussing the issue with the government for years and are currently negotiating an amicable resolution of the dispute.” So wait, explain something to us. Do people think that the IRS are just going to forget if you don’t pay up? They don’t and they will come for you. Just ask  Nicholas Cage,  Method Man or any of these other celebrities (photos) who owe tax money. Trouble awaits!

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Carrie Underwood Has A Low-Key Bachelorette Party


Mike Fisher had his crazy bachelor bash last week, so it was only fair that fiance Carrie Underwood celebrate her bachelorette party in style. Her’s was more mellow than mad, even though it was in Sin City. She wore a ‘bride-to-be’ sash while her girlfriends all rocked feather boas. They hung out at club LAVO and danced the night away. A source reported, “They goofed around. [Carrie] did the running man.”

Her hubby-to-be had part 2 of his boys night in Nashville having drinks and dinner at Cabana, while his fiance busted a move on the dance floor in Vegas.  The whole easy-breezy vibe is going to be the atmosphere at the wedding too, Underwood revealed, “We’ll just show up. It’s mainly about family and friends and the two of us. So it’s going to be good no matter what.” No Bridezilla here. Just one pretty bride!

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Ghosts Of Divorce Past Comes Back To Haunt Michael Douglas


OMG! Michael Douglas‘s ex-wife Diandra Luker is Gordon Gekko! So they met in 1977 and divorced in 2000. And now one decade after the divorce, she’s filed a lawsuit against him because she’s gunning for half the money he made on his new film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Greed never sleeps too. Not one decade after. Not ever, as far as some people are concerned.

Diandra claims she’s entitled to Michael’s dough because her divorce pay-out allegedly states she’s supposed to get half of anything Douglas makes on his movies. And this includes spin-offs (the original Wall Street was made in 1987). So now she’s all ‘what’s yours-is-MINE-b*itch!’ Her lawyer, Nancy Chemtob, stood up for her client, telling  Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper, “It’s the same character, the same title, just years later.”

But Douglas’ attorney says no way, stating the film’s a sequel and not a spin-off, so ex-wifey should get bupkis. Okay Diandra – we’re all for paying your dues, but you got about $45 MILLION in your divorce settlement. Lay off and stop being such a mooch.

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WTF!? Naomi Campbell’s Disappearing Hairline


YIKES. What’s up with Naomi Campbell‘s hair? The super(angry)model debuted this “look” that wasn’t quite hidden beneath her glossy wig, while posing for designer Dennis Basso (look around her ear). Campbell has hair missing around her ear and along her hairline. Click on the link for the true extent and reason behind our horror.

Years of braiding, weaving, extensions, not to mention the countless color jobs and intense heat due to crimping/straightening have finally taken their toll. But the real culprit apparently are the extensions. They’re woven very tightly and can cause severe breakage to the follicles. This is not an urban legend… look at her hair and decide for yourself. The hair loss condition due to all the weaves and other hair raising escapades is apparently called traction alopecia. Ummm, all that crazy anger, vanity, disrespect too… karma works in funny ways. You make other people lose their hair… you lose yours at some point.

Lindsay Lohan - are you listening?

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Kristen Stewart’s New ‘Do: Love It Or Meh?

Do we love this? Do we? Do we? Kristen Stewart(photos) debuted this new look at a taping for the Late Show with David Letterman in New York City.  Apparently, Kristen’s new hair is for her role as MaryLou in a screen adaptation of Jack Kerouac‘s iconic novel On the Road.

Those are the facts, but they don’t help us in deciding what we think of it. It’s short, wavy, soft and strawberry-blondish. Or a light brown-tad-of-red? Or… light brown with hints of blond? GAH…we can’t even decide on a color. We’re so used to seeing our KStew rocking jet-black because she’s our fave goth-ish rockstar. But at the same time, her skin is flawless and her make-up is aces. And she’s still the same person underneath the follicles. So yes… it’s growing on us already. What say you? Comments away!

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Presenting Mr. And Mrs. Megan Fox


Do you hear that? That’s the sound of male hearts cracking across the globe, including this little guy’s. The reason for the collective heartbreak is that Megan Fox has married Brian Austin Green, in what proved to be a really short engagement! Or was it? They’ve been together since 2004, they were engaged for two years. Then they called it off in early 2009, but by 2010 were back together-engaged-married bada bing bada boom! Right, that’s not short at all.

The couple got married in the same place of their (less-than-perfect) re-engagement. Remember, Meggie lost her two-carat rock on the beach in Hawaii, after he popped the question. They still went full speed ahead, despite getting off to that rocky (pun intended) start, marrying at the Four Seasons Resort in Hawaii in a teeny-tiny ceremony. Like, six people attended. Congratulations kids! We hope the wedding lasts way longer than the second-time-around knee-pop!

P.S Where are the pictures? You know, they’re going to surface somewhere!

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