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Egypt Bans Elton John For Saying Jesus Was Gay


Cancel your plane ticket, Sir. He was supposed to play a private show in Egypt on May 18, but now Elton John’s gig is a no-go due to his recent controversial statements published in PARADE.

As you most likely recall, Elton started off by calling Jesus a “super-intelligent gay man”. Jesus, or Issa, is considered a prophet in Islam. He also criticized the Middle Eastern treatment of gay people stating, “I don’t know what makes people so cruel. Try being a gay woman in the Middle East – you’re as good as dead.”

In response to both the statements and the concert ban,  Mounir al-Wasimi, the head of Egypt’s Musician Union, said: “A homosexual who wants to ban religions, claimed that the prophet Issa (Jesus) was gay and calls for Middle Eastern countries to allow gays to have sexual freedom cannot perform.”

Even without making a controversial statement, Elton has made official’s feel antsy in the past.  His appearance at the Plymouth Jazz Festival in Tobago a couple of years ago got the Archdeacon of Trinidad and Tobago, Philip Isaac, all hot under the collar. He suggested the singer and anti-Aids activist should be banned because “a man should not lie with a man” and  “his visit to the island can open the country to be tempted towards pursuing his lifestyle.” [Photo: WireImage]

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Hollywood Walk Of Fame Screws Up Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Star


Julia Louis-Dreyfus beat Jerry Seinfeld in receiving a star on the Walk of Fame. Still, it could very well have turned into the Walk of Shame for the actress, because the L.A. Chamber of Commerce misspelled her julia-starname on her own square. It was spelled “Julia Luis Dreyfus,” missing the “o” in “Louis” as well as the hyphen.

CNN’s David Daniel spotted the boo-boo and called a press rep (who surely had the worst day ever!). “They were startled, and a little unsure what to do – after all, the ceremony was in four hours, and you can’t just print up a new star at the local CopyMart, ” wrote David.

But all is well that ends well. Julia thought it was hilarious and wanted them to leave it the way it was. They’ve ended up chiseling out “Luis” (they’re giving it to her as a souvenir) and replacing it with a temporary correction. Nice save! [Photos: Getty Images]

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Lindsay Lohan To Play Porn Star In New Movie


Attagirl Lindsay! This is such a fantastic way to revive your career. Playing Linda Lovelace in a film that’s the porn star featured in 1972’s infamous Deep Throat is a genius move. Forget the fact that you’re playing an adult film actress and you’ve already played a stripper once. You’re in a movie again! Your parents will be so proud (maybe this is what you and Dina were toasting at Chateau Marmont last night?). Oh wait – first you need to avoid going to jail, eh Lindsay? Then you need to get to the point where you can actually see your dad Michael Lohan without a police escort. But hey – this is progress!

This may seem like just another page in LL’s very own gossip bestseller,  Lindsay’s BFF/photographer Tyler Shields says there’s some truth to this tidbit. E Online confirmed the report after Shields told them he spoke to film’s director Matthew Wilder. He stated, “[Wilder] contacted me and asked me if I would do the promos for the movie.” Looks like La Lohan’s really going to be lovin’ up the screen with this one. It’s called, most aptly, “Inferno.”

Oh and just so you know, Lovelace eventually did leave the adult movie business and became an antipornography activist. Hear that, Lindsay?
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Johnny Depp Saves Friend From Mugger


Apparently Johnny Depp channels Captain Jack Sparrow in real life too, only without the… umm… Keith Richards-esque edge. The Sun says he reportedly saved his friend from a mugger! Depp was in a recording studio in LA after laying down a guitar solo for a new Babybird track (he’s a big fan of the band). He was leaving when he spotted his friend, Stephen Jones (Babybird’s lead singer) being threatened by a man with a broken bottle.

A source told The Sun, “Johnny looked him straight in the eyes and told him to back off.” And guess what – he did! “He looked at Johnny and said, ‘I ain’t stealing from Captain Jack’ and put the bottle down. Johnny gave him a few bucks and told him to straighten up his life.”

Bravo, Johnny, bravo. We’re swooning.

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Cameron Diaz Does The Walk Of Shame


So it’s settled. Alex Rodriguez is a player. A player player.  Look at the guy’s batting curve: Madonna, Kate Hudson and now Cameron Diaz. The NY Post’s is reporting that something’s definitely brewing between the Yankees’ MVP third baseman and the legs-that-go-on-for-miles actress. They had dinner together on Saturday night at Hotel Griffou with their newly single pal Kate Winslet, and photos of her leaving the next day reveal that she stayed the night at the baller’s NYC apartment (Score!). A source reported, “They all shared a delicious meal and several bottles of French red wine.”

Life and Style says the two “were all over each other” at the CAA Super Bowl Party and an insider close to A-Rod told the mag, “A-Rod’s with Cameron. They’ve been keeping it quiet, but they’re totally together.” When the photogs weren’t around, “Cameron had her hands all over Alex’s back, and they were dancing together. They also left the party together that night.”

That’s not all, folks! “Alex recently arranged to fly Cameron to Miami,” a second insider revealed, “He used to fly Kate Hudson there all the time, and no one knew they were dating for a long while. Alex is very discreet.”

So K-Hud had a positive effect on his game last summer. Will Cam-D make him an MVP?

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Justin Timberlake To Save Jamie Foxx’s Album


The suits at J Records/ RCA are apparently not too happy with Jamie Foxx‘s upcoming album, so they’ve called in music super hero Justin Timberlake for help. The Oscar-winning actor/singer’s latest musical venture has been delayed until July because the label wasn’t down with the early material and  invited Timberlake on board to work his magic.

Page Six reports, “There were some issues with Jamie’s album. Bosses at the label were not happy with the initial tracks, so Justin was asked to help co-write and perform on more songs. They added, “Timberlake has collaborated on at least three tracks — including the first release, titled ‘Winner,’ which is now getting a good reaction on radio play.”

Of Timberlake’s S.W.A.T move, they said, “There was some worry that upping Justin’s input would upset Jamie’s famous ego, but so far it has gone well. But he was a little upset the label chiefs were insisting on changing his material to ensure there were more hits.” ”

A rep for J Records said, “Jamie started working on this album last November, and Justin was involved from the start. Jamie and Justin have completed three tracks. The album has been delayed to July 20, but everyone is happy with the material.”

Timberlake’s peeps confirmed the collaboration: “Justin’s production company, The Y’s, is working on tracks for Jamie’s upcoming album, and Justin is also featured on the current single.”

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Madonna And Trainer Work Out Their Problems


Madonna and celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson haven’t exactly been BFF lately. They had a huge falling out after Anderson started dating Philippe van den Bossche, the head of Madonna’s Raising Malawi charity. Page Six reported last fall that Madge was furious when Anderson wouldn’t travel with her on the final leg of her European tour so she could be with van den Bossche.

All the drama seems to have blown over because at the Bent on Learning charity event at the Puck Building, Anderson was chatting away with the superstar, who came with daughter Lourdes. A witness reports, “Tracy and Madonna were definitely on good terms, and Tracy even escorted Lourdes to the restroom.”

Anderson’s other famous celebrity  client, Gwyneth Paltrow, sat with Lady M during dinner which was co-hosted by Alice + Olivia’s Stacey Bendet, while Kelly Bensimon, Hilary Rhoda and Heather Graham circulated. Guess things can always be worked out – Madonna career is living proof of that!

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George Clooney’s Bomb Scare


It turns out George Clooney‘s  Lake Como villa in Italy is the bomb… literally.  Italian authorities discovered hundreds of pounds of undetonated WWII era explosives in the lake next to Clooney’s mansion. The actor’s  been living there since 2002, taking his celebrity BFFs like Matt Damon and Brad Pitt out on boat rides in the lake whenever they visit. Mamma Mia!

Approximately 500 pounds of hand grenades, mortars and aircraft bombs were removed from of Lake Como  which is just roughly 50 feet from where Clooney’s crib backs up to the water. In one of the coolest statements we’ve ever heard, Clooney told TMZ, “This is not the first bomb I’ve experienced.”

Is he ever not perfect?

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Shakira Fights Arizona Immigration Law


Shakira‘s on a mission! She’s heading down to Phoenix, Arizona to campaign against the controversial new immigration law. She’s also slated to speak to the mayor, Phil Gordon who’s a strong critic of the statute, which the NY Times called “the nation’s toughest bill on illegal immigration.” The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter will also be speaking to various city officials and families who could be affected by this turn of events.

The newly enacted immigration law has come under harsh criticism from Hispanic groups, organized labor and civil liberties activists. They’re claiming that Arizona’s new law is unconstitutional and say that it will only lead to ethnic profiling. Shakira’s political adviser, Trevor Nielson, says that the Colombian singer “is deeply concerned about the impact of this law on hardworking Latino families.”

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Kendra and Kourtney’s Kids Destined To Be BFFs


Hank Baskett IV and Mason Dash Disick are headed for a baby bromance before they turn 6 months old. Kendra Wilkinson was at the Hollywood premiere of A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Us Magazine asked her which Hollywood baby she’s like her 4-month son Hank to chill with. Her immediate response: “Kourtney’s! Of course! Baby Mason.” Kourtney Kardashian‘s boy Mason was  born within days of Hank last December.

She added, “Hank Jr.  is doing great, but could use some baby company. He’s starting to lift his head and really look around…He’s so smart. He mimics. He’s starting to notice the dogs; he’s like ‘what are those?’ I really want to start to find other babies he can be around. I don’t want him thinking that he’s a dog.” Set it up, ladies!