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Twilight Hunk And Potter Star To Walk Down Aisle?


Try not to scream for one second, kids. Harry Potter heroine Ginny Weasley and Twilight‘s Caius are reportedly engaged. Bonnie Wright, who plays the flame-haired key to Harry’s heart, and Jaime Campbell Bower – icy, cruel Caius to Twi-hards –  have been the epicenter of  rumors ever since witnesses overheard them talking about wedding plans at a Gucci party in London last week.

The news is a tad incestuous too, since Jamie is slated to play Gellert Grindelwald in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” It’s a match made in franchise heaven! Oh, and Ms. Wright was also trying to hide a really big rock on her left hand all evening.  You may resume screaming now.

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Rapper DMX Sues For Royalties


He may be in jail, but that hasn’t stopped rapper DMX from suing Rich Kid Entertainment for $ 1 million. The company has apparently ripped him off in royalties. The charges are that Rich Kid took 100% of the funds from a contract that was signed a decade ago. They were apparently only supposed to take a 10% cut. D’oh!

The suit, filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court under his real name Earl Simmons,  says, “DMX has sold over 30 million albums worldwide and has had No. 1 singles and albums on the Billboard charts, which in turn have generated a great amount of revenue for Defendants, but has left [DMX] with nothing.” DMX has got into trouble with the law numerous times for drugs, theft, animal cruelty and refusing to put his safety belt on while in a plane.

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Randy And Evi Quaid Finally Arrested

Randy and Evi Quaid were jailed for a short while on Monday after showing up to court two weeks late for a criminal case. The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department said in a news release that they were let go after posting $100,000 bail each. The couple was told to return for a court hearing on Wednesday.

The Quaids  have been on the run for a while now after repeatedly failing to show up for their felony case hearings. It has been alleged that  they defrauded an inn – the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito – out of more than $10,000 using an invalid credit card, and they’ve also have been charged with burglary and conspiracy and have pleaded not guilty. The Quaids spent less than four hours in custody.

Their attorney, Robert Sanger, has said the money has been repaid and the Quaids hope to resolve the case without a trial. Sanger on Monday declined to comment on the case or say why the couple didn’t appear as scheduled earlier this month. The case has been ongoing since September.

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Michael Jackson’s Mom Kicks Grandkids Out Of Her House


Grandma Jackson is cutting down on the grandkid numbers in her San Fernando Valley mansion, TMZ reports. Last month’s stun gun incident was the trigger for here family downsizing, after Jermaine Jackson‘s son 13-year-old Jaafar brought the gun home and apparently fired it in the house.

Either way, it’s all too much for 79-year-old Katherine to handle. She’s told Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza — who is living at the estate, along with two of her kids by Randy Jackson and two others by Jermaine Jackson — that she must take the kids and move out of the estate next week. Supervising seven children is just too much. She’s not kicking them out at all though….she’s just moving Alejandra and kids  Jaafar, Jermajesty, Donte and Randy Jr. to a San Fernando Valley condo owned by the estate.

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Britney Glee Episode Might Really Happen


Never underestimate the power of Twitter, folks. After the mega success of Madonna‘s episode on the hit show, Glee, Britney Spears’s manager tweeted about how she would love to see an episode revolving around the pop star’s music.

Now, series creator Ryan Murphy has said that it actually might be an option: “I’m interested in the Britney Spears idea. I’ve always loved her. I’m entertaining it. I think young kids would like that.” And that’s not all. He added that they might do similar tributes to Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin and Courtney Love saying, “I actually ran into Courtney Love the other day and talked to her. She’s interested. I would love to have the kids do a Courtney Love episode one day.”

In the end, Madonna apparently loved her Glee episode despite differing reports. According to Murphy, “She thought it was brilliant and she’s so pleased. Her daughter got to watch it with her and loved it. [Madonna’s] a smart cookie. I mean, that introduced her music to an entire new generation.”

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Double-Trouble Lindsay: Axed From Film, Throws Drink At Ex


“The Other Side” stars Woody Harrelson, Giovanni Ribisi, Dave Matthews and Alanis Morissette — and it almost starred Lindsay Lohan as a grad student working on a deserted island. But as TMZ reported Friday, Lindsay was dumped from the roster because she’s not “bankable” enough. Writer/director David Michaels said, “Our team simply chose to move on from Lindsay and we’ll soon be announcing a replacement.

Considering Lindsay’s a suspect in the theft of a Rolex and allegedly has some hardcore financial problems, Lindsay should seriously be re-examining her priorities, right? Wrong. Because hurling a drink at your ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson is such a step in the right direction.

“Just got a glass thrown at my head. … Hmmm – wonder who did it?” Ronson posted on her Twitter page this weekend during one of her gigs at Trousdale in L.A.

A partying witness confirms, “It was ridiculous. Sam was sitting at a table, and Lindsay came up from behind and tossed an entire drink at her. Sam looked livid but just let it go. Why people even let Lindsay inside their establishments anymore is beyond me.” Well, Lindsay was seen downing drinks at the Chateau Marmont earlier that evening. Perhaps she was drowning her sorrows at the lost opportunity to actually act in a film? [Photo: Getty Images]

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Snooki Gets A Drink Thrown In Her Face


Look at the bright side… at least it wasn’t a punch, right?  The newly single Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was doing shots with Jenni “JWOWW” Farley at Ocean’s 10 bar in Miami when a man approached her. One thing led to another and it ended with Snooki getting a drink thrown in her face.

Said a witness: “She was in a good mood, but this particular guy was obviously interested and she wasn’t. She told him, ‘Don’t f— with me’ so he snatched her drink and walked off. I guess he provoked her by wanting an apology and she flipped out.” She threw food from her table at the guy, and then slapped him and tossed a plastic cup at him.

The guy then threw a drink all over Snooki. JWOWW ran over screaming “What the f—happened?” as security threw him out. But all’s well that ends well. After re-doing her hair pouf, the party was back on! Watch a video of the action at Radar Online. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Michael Douglas Seduced At 16 By His Mom’s Friends


Hello, Mrs. Robinson! Michael Douglas had his way with two of you, apparently. Two of his mother’s friends taught him everything he knows about sex, according to an upcoming interview with Elle. The 65-year-old actor says the women were both 30 at the time, while he was 16.  We’re starting to think Michael helped spark the sexual revolution.

According to the New York Daily News, the actor will not reveal their names because his mother Diana Dill still doesn’t know. “I wouldn’t want to get any of them in trouble,” he said. “Though they’re probably dead now.” Happily married to the gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael also revealed that if he ever was given the opportunity to have a one night stand…he would pick Tina Turner! [Photo: Getty Images]

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Casey Johnson’s Rehab Bills Still Unpaid

Casey Johnson

This doesn’t sound good. Renaissance Malibu, an exclusive Malibu rehab facility has filed a claim against the late heiress Casey Johnson‘s estate. Johnson went to rehab there in August, 2009, and they’re claiming the $74, 750 bill hasn’t been paid. Legal documents state that she spent 30 days at the facility and then received additional days of therapy. Johnson tragically died late last year and Los Angeles Coroner’s Office officially announced diabetic ketoacidosis as the cause of death.

Her entire estate was apparently valued at around $75,000. This would leave a total of $250 if the claim is paid in full, and would almost completely wipe out all of her assets. Shouldn’t her widow Tila Tequila step in and help her deceased “wife” pay up?

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Paris Hilton Is Like So Over Doug Reinhardt


Sigh. Heartbreak’s a bitch, but Paris Hilton seems to be dealing quite alright after her recent split with Doug Reinhardt, insisting that she’s “better off.” Hilton dated the former “The Hills” star for a total of 14 months, although they split briefly last summer before reuniting. A representative for the hotel heiress confirmed rumors the couple had parted ways earlier this month, admitting the break-up happened “weeks ago.” Hilton was denying the claims just days before. Either way, she’s so over it, saying, “I am like, so past that — I don’t even care! I don’t even remember that time in my life. I am over it!”

Forever erudite, she added, “I just realized that I’m better off without him. So I ended it because I deserve something much better! He wasn’t right for me and I will eventually find somebody who loves me for who I am.” Hilton’s planning to enjoy being a single gal again, and intends to stay away from a relationship for a few months at the very least, adding, “I love it (single life)! I am having so much fun. A lot of guys have obviously hit on me and I am getting thousands of calls, but I’m not ready to be with anyone. (I want to) stay focused on myself and my family and my work. Then, maybe in six months or a year … but for right now, I’m just too busy for a relationship.” Wait and watch.

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