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Vote For Your SAG Awards Hot Pink Favorite: Lea Michele Vs. Freida Pinto Vs. Nina Dobrev

SAG Awards: Lea Michele, Nina Dobrev, Freida Pinto

This one’s going to be a hard choice to lock down, peeps. At least it was for us, which is why we’re putting it up for a vote. It was wonderful to see pops of hot pink on the SAG Awards red carpet last night, especially on three such lovely ladies who pull off the color so well. We’ll start with Lea Michele. We’re not too keen on the ombre hair — a trend we really wish would go away — but fell for the drama that was her fuchsia Valentino Resort 2013 ball gown. It’s different from the usual super sexy, thigh-high slit Lea that we know and not-often love. So this chic, pull-back look was a welcome change. Jimmy Choo heels and Jennifer Mayer jewelry finished the outfit quite nicely. Next up, we have sartorial favorite, Freida Pinto. The actress wore a stunning flouro-pink Roland Mouret gown, that draped in a column around her like a boss. The black belt at the waist was the perfect touch, as was the soft styling of the vintage hair. Now, if you twisted our arm and forced to pick our look for the evening, then we’d have to admit that Nina Dobrev has inched ahead. This hot pink Elie Saab Spring 2013 gown with the ever-so-subtle cutouts is possibly one of the best looks the actress has ever worn, period. Take a bow, Nina. Actually, take a bow, all three of you. Now, all that’s left to be seen is your vote!


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Jessica, Kim, Rita And More: Which Star’s Been Rocking Paris Fashion Week Most? You Decide!

Celebrities: Paris Fashion Week

We’re sorry we’ve been ignoring Fashion Week this time around. The shows in Paris are in full swing and we thought mid-week would be a nice time to do a little round-up. Because where there is couture, there are celebrities. All vying for front-row, of course. We’ve gathered the top six stars visiting, because they were either, super well-dressed or, stuck out like sore thumbs. We’re talking about you, Rita Ora. That’s what the singer wore to the Chanel Spring-Summer 2012 shows. With Alexander Wang leather lace up boots. Not particularly politically correct, Rita. Kim Kardashian decided to channel a very chic Parisienne at the Stephane Rolland show, while Jessica Alba‘s chic little outfit and bright coral lipstick made us smile at Christian Dior.

Celebrities Paris Fashion Week

Rounding up this sartorial crew are Salma Hayek, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike. We’re in love with Salma’s Giambattista Valli Fall 2012 collection claret dress worn, where else, but to the Valli couture showing. Diane pushed the boundaries as usual at the Chanel showing, looking like a French schoolgirl, while Rosamund’s sunny smile and enviable boots were the talk of fashionistas at Dior. But who are you talking up? Whose fashion was smashin’? Let us know, folks!


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Kelly Clarkson Has The Best Inauguration Ever: Photobombed By Bill Clinton, Hangs With Beyonce!

Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce At President's Inauguration Address

If there was anyone having a good day yesterday, other than President Obama and our gorgeous First Lady, of course, it had to be Kelly Clarkson. She was at the occasion to sing My Country ‘Tis of Thee with the United States Marine Band after the Prez’s address. Her backstage time was well-spent with that other powerhouse, who blew us away with her rendition of the national anthem, Beyonce. Kelly was suitably star-struck around Bey, as you can see in the picture on the left. “Me and B just hangin’ out ….don’t worry about it. Seriously, God did good. She is so beautiful!” is what her tweet read.

kelly clakson tweet

And then it got even better. Because during the time that she was actually singing — and TV cameras picked this up everywhere — she kept getting photobombed by none other than ex-Prez Bill Clinton. Solid gold. This photograph (above right) has been doing the rounds and cracked us up completely. You go, Kelly.

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President Obama’s Inaugural Ball Fierceness: Michelle Obama Vs. Alicia Keys

Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys: Inaugural Ball Fashion

Damn — these two need to take a bow. Y’all know our immense love for Michelle Obama. This writer even shares her birthday with the FLOTUS — bragging rights, holler. We’ve all been so stoked for the historic occasion of President Obama‘s inauguration, which went down yesterday, and we have to admit, one of the reasons we were so excited was to see what Michelle would wear. Best-dressed First Lady, ever. Can we just say, Mrs. Obama did not disappoint at all. She rocked it in the stunning red chiffon and velvet Jason Wu gown you see on the left. We literally broke into rapturous applause when we saw her. Kimberly McDonald custom jewelry and Jimmy Choo’s complete the look. But the first lady wasn’t the onlylady in red at the evening. The fabulous Ms. Alicia Keys also performed at the ball wearing a red crystal embellished Michael Kors Fall 2012 gown with that gorgeous bare-back adding that necessary hint of sexy. Terrific looks, so you know we’re going to have to put this to a vote, right? Come on, hit an option and let us know what you’re thinking!


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Chris Brown Latest Victim Of Swatting Prank Call

Chris Brown Victim Of Swatting Prank

Not funny, people. Especially not funny for the policeman who have to jump into action everytime this happens. It’s so unbelievably callous and disrespectful to them. We’ve mentioned a number of these “swatting” prank incidents before. It’s when someone makes a fake emergency phone call to 911 and gets a team to show up at a celebrity’s home as a joke. They always use some sort of false story to get the police to show up asap, like a case of domestic violence, home invasion or something akin to that. It’s happened before to Miley Cyrus, Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber. And now it’s Chris Brown‘s turn! These unknown, idiotic pranksters got the cops to show up at Chris’ Hollywood Hills home yesterday afternoon. TMZ writes that sources told them that the fake story that was fed to the police was that a couple were in a fight and the man had a gun. Obviously the dude hung up after feeding 911 the story, not saying the address was actually Chris Brown’s address. No couple. No fighting. No gun. Just one very confounded housekeeping lot, probably, because Chris wasn’t even home at the time. That’s the whole point of swatting. We’re hoping they catch the guys responsible soon. It’s a massive waste of resources and time.

We’re not even going to discuss any ironic overtones of the fact that the joke was related to domestic violence, and Chris is, well, linked to domestic violence as well. It doesn’t make “swatting” any less of a stupid exercise. Like we said … it’s the police and SWAT teams who end up making all the effort for nothing, and that makes us angry.

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Is Selena Gomez Singing “Cry Me A River” For Justin Bieber?

Woah! Is this a reference to ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber? Selena Gomez has us all in a loop! She performed “Cry Me a River” — which is like the poster song for breakups — at a UNICEF Benefit Concert at the Best Buy theater in New York and looked lovely, we might add. But before singing the song, she told the audience, “I’ve been through a lot the past few months. It’s been weird and sad and cool.” And then right before she started she added, “This song definitely speaks to me.”  Was that a subliminal message about the Biebs? The thing is, for such a poignant song to sing, she looked totally happy afterwards. Flowers and her hair, et al. We’d like you to take a look at this and tell us what you think. Is this just one of those songs that you sing when you’re making a statement — it was done acoustically. Or was this a message specifically about Bieber? Vote and let us know.

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When Bad Makeup Happens To Good People: Teresa Palmer, Fire Your Stylist, Stat

Teresa Palmer Bad Makeup, Warm Bodies Photocall

So, we’ve been fangirling a fair amount over whatever bits of Warm Bodies we can get. That sentence sounds pervy, but you know we mean the movie, right? Anyhoo, most of out focus has been trained on the film’s star, Nicholas Hoult. For very good reason, because, the now ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Lawrence, is nothing short of adorable, even in zombie form. We’d like to shift the focus a tiny bit onto the object of Hoult’s zombie’s affections in the film — Teresa Palmer. Lovely girl, and we’re hoping a fair amount of you have been crushing on the Aussie actress in her past films like I Am Number Four and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. We like her because she seems so darn likeable. Which is why her makeup artist should be given the axe. Nay, they should be thrown out of the industry, period. Why are we being so vicious, you ask? Well … take a look at the pictures above and see why. Would any professional makeup artist worth their salt let a celebrity (or anyone) walk out with that much white powder under their eyes? This was taken at a photo call in London for Warm Bodies and we’re wondering … did no one in her team actually look at her face? It’s just ridiculous. Sorry, Teresa. You didn’t deserve this.

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Katy Perry’s Stars And Stripes Inaugural Ball Outfit: Too Cute Or Too Tacky?

Katy Perry Performs in Stars And Stripes Outfit At Kids Inaugural

How much fun this would have been to rock out at! The Kids Inaugural Concert (part of a series of events centering around President Obama’s inauguration) too place in Washington DC this weekend for children of military families. The First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters, Malia and Sasha were there and performers like Katy Perry, Usher and Nick Cannon took to stage. Our focus here, though, is Ms. Perry because it was a little hard to not focus on her! We already know Katy’s a huge Obama supporter — she’s even had him stenciled on her nails! But a group of us were taking a look at pictures from the concert and there she was, dressed in a very Wonder Woman-esque outfit comprising hot pants and a basque, patriotically festooned with the Stars and Stripes, of course. Is it cute? Kind of. Is it gimmicky? Sure. But we’re wondering if it’s tacky as well. We personally think it is. But our opinion doesn’t matter here. Yours does. Let us know what your thoughts are. Should Ms. Perry maybe decide to dress a little more appropriately now or is this something you consider all in good fun?


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Shakira’s Maternity Portrait With Gerard Pique Is Not Only Super Hot, But For A Good Cause Too!

Shakira And Gerard Pique Portrait, UNICEF Donations

There’s been sporadic news about Shakira through her pregnancy. We’ve seen adorable pictures of her baby bump, but not as many as we’d like. More, please? We’ve also been punked with a fake birth announcement by her hot footballer, babydaddy, boyfriend, Gerard Pique. Now, the beauteous couple has combined their gorgeous, soon-to-be-parental coupledom for a pre-natal portrait that is drop-dead amazo, and a call for a good cause. Shakira sent a tweet out yesterday that read, “We’d like to celebrate the imminent birth of our first child with all of you.” The picture you see of them above was attached to the tweet and the link led to a beautifully illustrated UNICEF page that said, “Join Shakira & Gerard Pique’s world baby shower to help UNICEF save children’s lives.” Donate, and you’ll receive a personalized thank you from the couple. It’s a lovely gesture, we think. The singer’s added message also reads, “To celebrate the arrival of our first child, we hope that, in his name, other less privileged children in the world can have their basic needs covered through gifts and donations. Thank you for sharing this unforgettable moment with us. Every expectant parent around the world shares all the same hopes and dreams for their children that we do,” adds Shakira. “Yet many don’t share the same opportunities. Together we know we can change that.” Anyone else want to hug Shaki, right about now? We do!

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Shocker Story: Manti Te’o’s Deceased Girlfriend Never Existed?

Manti Teo's Deceased Girlfriend, All A Hoax

Bear with us, because we’re still wrapping our heads around this story. We don’t even know how to go about this because it’s so twisted. Sports fans are obviously acquainted with the Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o and the sad saga of his recently deceased girlfriend, Lennay Kekua. Lennay had leukemia, diagnosed after being in a car accident, and Te’o was the model boyfriend and held her hand literally and figuratively in every way, until the day she passed away. It’s a story that moved a nation. Now, news has broken that — and we’re quite shocked typing this — Lennay never actually existed. We hear your WTF and raise you one. Deadspin claims that the whole story, this inspirational and heartwarming tale of love and loyalty … is a hoax. Because, according to the site, Social Security Administration records reveal that this no Lennay, so “her” whole identity, including her Twitter and Instagram account and photographs, etc, were all made up and spun into the story we all believed.

Considering she was supposed to be from Stanford, the university doesn’t have any records of her existence, either. There are no records of her death and hardly any online evidence of her at all. What’s even more weird? Those photographs that were supposedly Lennay? They’re of a completely random 22-year-old California woman who is most definitely not Manti Te’o’s girlfriend, alive or deceased. She’s never even met him. So yeah, we know how Notre Dame likes to create heroic myths about their players, but what the hell is this? It seems that, allegedly, Lennay was made up by a man (we’re going to find out more of who “he” is when more information breaks) to create more publicity for Manti Te’o’s Heisman campaign. Read more…