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American Idol Group 2: Meet Your Contestants

Last week the first group of 12 contestants competed on Idol and only 3 were chosen to move on. Now it’s time to meet the next 12 contestants, including  Jeanine Vailes, Adam Lambert, and Allison Iraheta. Check out the gallery below and tell us who you think is going to move on!

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Jayde Nicole And Brody Jenner Don’t Need No Oscars

What are two spotlight-adoring lovebirds to do when the Academy doesn’t want them making out on its red carpet? Straddle each other on the beach, of course!

Brody Jenner and his Playmate girlfriend Jayde Nicole soaked in the sun on the beaches of Hawaii this weekend and rubbed each other down with love suntan lotion — all in plain sight of paparazzi lenses. We’re sure Brody forgot all about the sand getting down his extra long shorts when Jayde was sitting on top of him.

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The Rant: Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP

Welcome to The Rant, where we let Scandalist scribe Kate Spencer blow a gasket. In this installment, she rants about Gwyneth Paltrow‘s newsletter GOOP. Is Gwyneth delusional or what? Is she totally out of touch?! Watch Kate rant!

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Happy Hump Day!

It’s Wednesday, and that means you’ve made it halfway through the work week and halfway to the weekend. Congrats!

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A Double Shot At Love Factoids: Home Sweet Home

Time is winding down fast on A Double Shot At Love and only four contestants remain. In an attempt to get to know the final four better, Rikki and Vikki decided it was time to go and meet their families while wearing very little clothing. Between Scottie’s family doing the Hava Nagila around the coffee table after body shots with the twins and Rosie’s jealous lesbian cousin, we couldn’t have written a more dramatic episode. Here are 10 of the most entertaining quotes from the contestants’ family members:

1. “The bisexual thing is a little tough for me…I don’t think these are the kinda women I want my son to marry.” -Trevor’s dad

2. When asked about considering a bisexual lifestyle Trevor’s imagination-deprived mom replies: “I couldn’t even dream of something like that.”

3. When asked how she was handling the evening Trevor’s potential-Rock-of-Love-Contestant mom replied: “with a lot of wine.”

4. “I was very happy because they all came in like they were happy to be together.” -Rebekah’s happy mother said happily

5. “As long as there’s love that’s all that matters.”-Rebekah’s mother, who takes the show title very literally

6. Upon meeting the Ikki twins Rosie’s lesbian cousin wishfully exclaims, “Sharing is caring!” -ToniAnn

7. “Sharing is caring” is repeated by ToniAnn at least 3 more times. Either she hopes she can turn it into a spell or she thinks it’s very clever. And while it’s honestly not that clever, it certainly is entertaining.

8. ToniAnn’s jealousy finally surfaces and explodes and she says: “this is Ro’s life: she drinks…she f*cks!”

9. “He’s ready for love.” -Scottie’s Father

10. “Why cant I be like that?” asks Scottie’s Aunt who apparently admires the carefree attitudes the Ikki twins exude. Although, we can’t exactly tell if she’s talking about their attitude or their scantily clad bodies. She may be considering the purchase of a bra to be worn as clothing, preferably covered with tassles.

Check out photos from the episode below and watch the full episode here. [Photo: MTV]

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Tameka Foster Joining The Real Housewives Of Atlanta?

We’re not in the business of spreading rumors, but we’ve heard through the grapevine that Usher‘s baby mama, Tameka Foster, may be joining the second season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Nothing has been confirmed, but Scandalist hopes that some beefing between Tameka and Nene (from season one) is on our reality show horizon. [Photo: Getty Images]

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A Double Shot At Love Factoids: Licky The Ikky

Instead of the usual factoid run-down, Episode 4 of A Double Shot At Love seems to merit a different kind of episode recap. Here are ten choice quotes transcribed verbatim from Episode 4. Enjoy!

1. “Walk on water. My last name is Lord and walking on water sort of runs in the family.” -Trevor
2. “Tonight we’re going to karaoke or like we like to say…Ikki-oke!” -Ikki Twins
3. “It’s kinda bothers me that Vikki is making out with Josh so much, like I know she has a connection with him, but she’s not allowing me to build one with him myself.” -Rikki
4. “I’m just really trying to get to know everybody by talking to them, but I think Vikki is trying to connect with them by making out with them all.” -Rikki
5. “Ready, set…lick! Focus on my nipples!” -Ikki Twin
6. “I went after that boob so hard I just cut my lip open.” -Scott
7. “Rebekah kicked ass. She’s kinda a boob girl, I was the vadge guy so with our powers combined we were kicking butt.” -Josh
8. “My tongue’s just raw at this point, but we weren’t giving up. -Trevor
9. “We got the lick-it ticket!” -Xoe
10. “I speak for Rikki and I when I say I honestly think the loves of our lives are in this group.” -Vikki

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A Double Shot At Love Factoids: Boys vs Girls

A Double Shot at Love With The Ikki Twins – Episode 3:

1. Battle of the Sexes: The guys and girls compete against one another to see who is superior. (Blow-up dolls figure prominently into resolving this age-old question, obviously.)
2. Girls are better. So boys are banished to a faux “Trailer Park.”
3. Girls are rewarded with a sexy pool party, aka quality time spent with their clothing off.
4. Pool party gets dramatic, so Kali strips & dips to lighten the mood.
5. Vikki reports that she is turned on by “hard nipples.” Romantic.
6. Make out session ensues.
7. Another make out session inspired by that make out session occurs between Vikki and Rebekah.
8. Once that’s out of the way, Rebekah tells Vikki she’d rather be “besties.”
9. Contestants compete in a stamina challenge and fools get injured.
10. Trevor makes an astute observation: “It makes me think that I have a double shot at love here.” Welcome to the show Trevor, the show that you’ve been on for three episodes now. Welcome.
11. Testosterone rules during elimination, fists are thrown and tears are shed.

That’s your rundown of essential factoids. See photos below for a visual recap. And check out MTV for more on the Ikki Twins. [Photo: MTV]

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Baby Pics! Naomi Watts Carries Samuel In NYC

What’s the best present anyone could receive this holiday season? Did you say a precious newborn baby? Well Scandalist is here to provide you with a holiday bundle of joy without all of the sweat and gut wrenching pain usually required to get one. Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber welcomed their newborn Samuel Kai Schreiber into the bitter cold New York City air earlier today. Here are some exclusive photos of the perfect family.

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