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Olivia Wilde’s Top 20 Hottest Looks

It’s 1873 in the Old West and an alien spaceship lands. Aliens seek to take over and face the likes of rugged cowboys Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones himself) and Daniel Craig (James Bond). Enter the gorgeous and talented Olivia Wilde.
In Iron Man director Jon Favreau‘s Cowboys and Aliens, which premieres tomorrow, Olivia Wilde will work alongside Craig not just in brewing a love story, but blazing her character’s path to safety while warding off alien invaders (she even does her own stunts!) in the mysterious Arizona town of this sci-fi western mash-up. We’re not sure if it’s the aliens or a scruffy Daniel Craig who prompt her to get naked, but in honor of the highly-anticipated nude scene, take a gander at Olivia Wilde’s 20 hottest clothed looks.

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Jennifer Lopez’s 20 Most Shocking Outfits

When you have some of the most notorious curves in Hollywood and throw caution to the wind, you can produce some pretty shocking looks. Consider newly-single Jennifer Lopez, who has generated so many outrageous outfits that her wardrobe choices threaten to eclipse her singing and acting. Remember the infamous dress J-Lo wore to the 2000 Grammys, a jungle print piece that exposed maximum thigh and cleavage and almost everything in between (including her naval)? Or her twinkling body suit from New Year’s Eve in 2009, which similarly toyed with nudity?

Jennifer may have turned 42 yesterday, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the toned physique she put on display in her ultra-revealing spider web number at a recent music fest. Now that she and Mark Anthony are getting a divorce, we neither expect nor want Jenny from the Block to slow down any time soon.

Check out Jennifer’s 20 Most Shocking Outfits.

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Pam Anderson Through The Years

From Baywatch to countless boob jobs, Pamela Anderson has always had a knack for keeping us on our toes. While the sheer mass of her chest is enough to startle any living creature, the girl is a legend tried and true. Appearing on more Playboy covers than any other model, Pam’s career with the magazine spans over three decades. Just when the world thought her iconic red bathing suit and beloved slow-mo run down the beach, hair ablaze with wind, was more than anyone could possibly ask for, Pamela Anderson has given us a career rich with television genius, literary mastery, regular nudity and her very own vegan milkshake.

To celebrate Pam’s 44th birthday, check out these photos of the evolution of our favorite beach babe’s career.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Top 25 Hottest Looks

Transformers: Dark of the Moon hit theaters today, so before you escape the heat and check it out this Fourth of July weekend, let’s prepare by getting patriotic and praising two displays of real American beauty: the ancient struggle between the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, and Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Well, she’s British, but Victoria’s Secret is 100% American. In Michael Bay‘s third film of the Transformers franchise, Rosie H-W will replace Megan Fox and her outrageous Hitler comments in the role of leading lady. Along side the seasoned Shia LaBeouf, Rosie will make her acting debut as she helps the Autobots discover the secrets of a hidden spacecraft on the moon—and make the moon look prettier?

Go see Transformers 3 this weekend and decide for yourself on Rosie’s acting capabilities. In the meantime, she’s certainly been looking the part of resilient seductress in promotion for the film’s release. Check out her top 25 hottest looks—she has us convinced she could take over the moon in that white pantsuit.

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Chuck Bass Or Real Life? 24 Photos Of Ed Westwick Blurring The Line

The enigma of birthday boy Ed Westwick‘s off-the-set wardrobe choices resurfaces again and again in the shadow of hailed Gossip Girl fashion limelight. Let loose from the confines of Chuck Bass suit-dom, Mr. Westwick opts for deep, nearly belly-button baring V-necks and continues to be relentless with plaids we’ve never seen on a Scottish bagpiper. Poor Blair Waldorf is cringing. While it’d seemingly be a good idea for Ed to take a cue from his more polished Gossip Girl character, his new-found affinity for ascots may prove otherwise.

Spotted: Ed Westwick attempting (failing) to channel his TV character. To ring in Ed’s 24th b-day, check out these 24 photos of him blurring the line between real life and Chuck Bass.

24. Panama Ed

23. Brown and Yellow, Brown and Yellow

22. Puzzling Patterns

21. Is that actually an ascot?

20. Baring the Bear

19. Fine and Dandy

18. Hats off to you… Seriously

17. Rain Booties Cutie

16. Again with the ascot?

15. Head to Toe Disaster

14. Batman?

13. On-the-Go

12. Scottish Snafu

11. Funky Faux Pas

10. Fit to be Untied

9. Ed does Athlete…

8. Burgundy Bust

7. Chilly Confusion

6. Who Wears Short Shorts

5. Yes, That’s a Cane

4. Mobster Mistake

3. Purple Haze

2. Hot Mess

1. Blue Blunder

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