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Okay Okay Okay Okay Kanye West Might Be A Tiny Bit Of A Douche

kanye_west_douche.jpgAs I’ve mentioned before, I don’t think Kanye West is a douchebag. His arrogant, childish ways don’t bug me all that much (I’m amused rather than irritated) – and his music entertains me. Now! Having said all that. After his performance this weekend on Saturday Night Live…do I stand corrected? Because there’s no argument here: it totally BLEW. I don’t know if his autotune machine broke, or if he just phoned that sh*t in, but the man sounded like poo. (Let’s be honest though, everybody would hate on him if he had lip synced it, so I’m not sure he could win either way.) REGARDLESS. This was just embarrassing:

I guess the real question (for me) is: does this poor performance alone qualify Kanye West as a douche?

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CAPTION THIS: Katy Perry Ruined Christmas

Why does Katy Perry always look like she “must kill the Queen”?


Michelle Pfeiffer did it better in Grease 2. p.s. – What is that picture of a little kid doing in her crotch region?


The Best Worst MIDI File Videos!

Earlier this week, we brought you the best worst MIDI file ever, Bryan Adam’s “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You”. I summoned the masses to create their own videos using this amazing track, and you answered. THANK YOU, INTERNET GNOMES. I am forever grateful for these. Our favorite so far is by Jess Rotter and Zach Cowie (who also created the Walrus “Baker Street” Mashup).

See the rest, after the jump!

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The Top 10 Unsexiest Movies Of All Time

In response to Entertainment Weekly’s Top 10 Sexiest Movies Of All Time, I started wondering which movies are the LEAST sexy and should probably be avoided on a romantic date, or any time you’re trying to get a boner. This list could also be used as a litmus test to see if you’re a perv or not:

10. Driving Miss Daisy

9. Monster’s Ball
18820213_w434_h_q80.jpgHalle Barry might be hot, but in this movie, the sex scene is so depressing (“I want somebody to make me feeeeeyeeel goyyooood”), it’s hard to find it appealing.
And it’s Billy Bob Thornton. Eww.

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Christmas Card Photo Booth: Amazing

If you don’t have time to go to Sears for your annual Christmas card photo this year, DON’T WORRY! There’s a website called Pho Ho Ho Hoto Booth that allows you to insert yourself into some REALLY CLASSY Christmas card motifs!!! The results: INCREDIBLE. Here are some of the ones from the website, that are just so hilarious, they’ve inspired me to spend the rest of December making a million of these.


See the one I did of myself, and some others, after the jump!!! Thanks to our friends at Urlesque for discovering this.

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Michael Ian Black Returns To The Michael Showalter Showalter

The Michael Showalter Showalter has long been a favorite of mine, and this week there’s a new one with Michael Ian Black. This is MIB’s second appearance. In the first one, Showalter was the more pathetic one (asking MIB for money), but, this time around, the tables seem to have turned. The juxtaposition between the actual interview and the “off the record” conversation is what makes this series so hilarious, and this time it’s no different. Plus, MIB is in a chicken suit.

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While You Were Strangling Your Chocolate Head


  • Grace Jones had some chocolate busts made of her own head to promote her new album. Is there anything that this woman does that isn’t simultaneously awesome and terrifying? No word yet on who gets to eat the heads.
  • Private Practice star Kate Walsh is getting a divorce. The reasons cited are “irreconcilable differences” but we’re pretty sure it has something to do with that incredibly annoying Cadillac commercial she did. You know, the one where the car turns her on?
  • Legendary pin-up girl Bettie Page has died at the age of 85. Classy ladies everywhere mourn the loss of what being a tasteful sex-pot was all about. All that’s left now are pictures of Carmen Electra wearing the nip-vag-kini.
  • Kinks frontman, Ray Davies, says he totally predicted the current economic meltdown. Oh we are fortune’s fool! We should have listened to him!!! Just like we should have listened to him about that lady named Lola!
  • Britain’s oldest human brain was discovered during an excavation at York University. Scientists claim the brain is over 2,000 years old. Wow. I had no idea Larry King was British! BOOM! Ahem. Sorry…happy Friday.


When Certain Stars Align, We Know The End Is Near

Oh no no no no no no no no. Now hold up just a goddamn second here. This isn’t supposed to happen! These two fub-faces aren’t supposed to be in the same photo. I demand an explanation, Satan! You know how when you’re cleaning the bathroom you’re not supposed to mix different types of cleaners because, when combined, they can create a toxic fume? It hurts. It hurts so much.


Tori Spelling and Audrina Partridge attended some VIP reception for the premiere of some movie called Waiting In Beijing. Hmmm. Sounds like an amazing film.


A Sampling Of Some Of The Best Viral Videos Of 2008

Videogum put together this reel of some of their favorite viral videos of 2008. As with all retrospectives and year-end lists, I’m sure your immediate reaction will be to point out which stuff they missed, i.e. WHERE IS ROOMBA CAT, but as Gabe says, “There were plenty of great videos out there that didn’t make it into this montage…[but] I feel confident that you will still find this to be a captivating, thorough, and most of all HEARTBREAKING tribute to this year in internet.”

Heart = broken.


THE SPEIDI CHRONICLES: Christmas Tree Shopping!

Since the pictures of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt just keep coming, let’s make it official, shall we? I hereby start The Speidi Chronicles, a regular feature that you can totally NOT read if you don’t want to. For the rest of us, it’s time to take another ride on the Tw*twaffle Cruise Line!


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