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CAPTION THIS: Glenn Close Gives Her Star The Chest Bump

Glenn Close has recevied her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (with the kind of people getting stars these days, how is it POSSIBLE that this woman did not already have one?). At the ceremony, she remembered something really important: When you finally get your Hollywood star, you have to make it awesome.


I wonder if she went into a set of Jack Palance style push-ups just to show everyone she’s still got it!




  • USELESS WEBSITE ALERT: I’m not sure about Watching You Poop, but F*ck Yeah! Ryan Gosling rules. (BuzzFeed)
  • DOOGIE HOWSER ORCHESTRA: Neil Patrick Harris hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. The thing you need to hurry and watch before it gets taken down: Neil and the cast played the Doogier Howser theme song as an orchestra. (Videogum)
  • FAKED DEATH FAIL: A financial manager named Marcus Schrenker (who is under investigation for securities violations) tried to fake his own death: while flying his plane, he called in a distress signal to air traffic control. Meanwhile he secretly parachuted out, letting his plane crash into a swampy area. It almost worked…except people recognized him when he checked into a nearby motel. Damn, now he’s out an airplane too! (CNN)
  • CRINGE FEST: Ann Coulter. On The View. Smackdown!!! (Jezebel)
  • SEACRESTFALLEN: Awwww, there’s a video of Ryan Seacrest gettin’ totally denied by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. Looks like it wasn’t his fault really, but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the little fella, standing there like the nerd at school trying to get the attention of the popular kids. (WWTDD)


Personal Update: Friday Is My Last Day At

saraSchaefer.jpgEverybody: my emotions are feeling all mixed-martial-artsy when I tell you that yes, Friday will be my last day here at!!! I am leaving to go work for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, specifically: as the Head Blogger for Anybody that knows me (or anyone who has stalked me over the years – Brad Pitt, I’m talking to you) knows that I have always wanted to work on Late Night in some way, so it feels like a dream come true (like an actual dream dream – not the weird ones I have while I’m sleeping that often involve poo). Before I pack up my cubicle for 30 Rock, however, I promise to post as many photos of Heidi Montag as possible, and will try to incorporate my Cancer Walk Photo as often as I can. Because I want to do this in the least selfish way possible. Any other requests?


The Best Robot Facial Expression Ever

Secretaries of the world be warned: meet Saya, the world’s first robotic receptionist that isn’t creepy at all! Soon the Pam’s of the real world will become obsolete. Saya knows over 700 phrases and has several facial expressions to correspond with human emotions. Which emotion do you think she’s expressing here?


(A) The emotion one feels while watching The Hills.

(B) Sinus-infection-ment

(C) Deep, murderous rage

(D) All of the above

I’m going with D. All I’m saying is, if you’re going to employ Saya, better make sure that b*tch gets a lunch break, or you’ll undoubtedly find her rubbery hands around your throat, strangling you to death. (If you’re in the mood for more creepiness, check out this relatively old news clip of Saya doing some of her other facial expressions.)


Dentyne Website Tells Us To Make It Quick

In an effort to be clever, innovative, and get linked, has an interesting feature: when you arrive at the page, you’re greeted by a home page that tells you you have only THREE MINUTES to peruse their website:


Awww, it’s so cute that (1) Dentyne is thinking of our well-being and has a healthy fear of technology, and that (2) Dentyne thinks ANYONE would spend more than 3 minutes on a website for a chewing gum company. Maybe I’m biased, but really, who seeks out a website for gum? I spent my three minutes on there, and basically they have 3 features: ads, something where you enter an address and see it on a map (it’s called Google Maps), and a little “face time request” form in which you can send a friend a request to hang out and have some “face time.” OTHERWISE KNOWN AS E-MAIL.


Gay Marriage: It’s Like Trying To Put Your Screw Into The Wrong Hole

Or, it’s like trying to rub two holes together. One of my favorites, A.D. Miles (you may remember his genius series Horrible People), made this video for about gay marriage, and I’m pretty sure the people sitting around me thought this was an actual propaganda film from the 50’s. It’s THAT real. I’ve never seen a more convincing argument against gay marriage – especially the gymnastics part!

Remember: if you see two gay people trying to get married, make a lot of noise and try to make yourself look bigger. Do NOT play dead!


BWE.TV Exclusive: Our Convo With Sarah From The Real World: Brooklyn

DSC_0097.jpgEditor’s note: Michelle and Sara had the opportunity to sit down with each of the cast members of the new season of The Real World. Using their signature brand of tag-team tough-question journalism that comes from minutes of experience, the ladies dug deep into the psyches of the cast members. We will be bringing you interviews with each cast member over the coming days! The Real World: Brooklyn airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on MTV. For constant stimulation, you can also check out

Sarah is the tattoo-covered lady on the show who used to date girls, but is now with a boy. She’s simultaneously feisty and sweet – and is the self-described “mother goose” of the house.

Sarah: I’m nerrrrvous!

BWE: Don’t be nervous. This is a conversation.

Sarah: I know. I don’t know why I get nervous. I just do.

BWE: You should be more nervous about the show going on air.

Sarah: I know. Right?

BWE: Cause I have heard some things. And the editing on you is not kind. [Laughter.] Tell us some good dirt.

Sarah: What do you want to hear?

BWE: Where are you from?

Sarah: San Francisco. I love San Francisco.

BWE: Are you living there now?

Sarah: Yes.

BWE: Any plans to move here?

Sarah: No. I live with my boyfriend who I’m still with…

BWE: You made it!!

Sarah: I made it.

BWE: Wooo! Are you worried about anything on the show coming out and your family seeing it? Cringe-worthy type stuff?

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